Tsuyu’s quirk makes her weaker in the cold weather… Keep her warm Ochako!!!


Here’s a lighter transparent version minus some effects.

anonymous asked:

Hello Victora! I've been practicing backgrounds and you're one of my biggest inspirations and motivation to get better. Though, I'm curious to that one textured brush you seem to always use. I just can't seem to get that clear cut textures to chip away at my colours. Which one of the default brushes is that, if you don't mind sharing?

Unfortunately, I think the brushes you’re alluding to were given to me for an art test and I’ve been asked not to redistribute them. But you can make similar brushes pretty easily, albeit they won’t have the same pattern. Here are a few adapted from Kyle Webster brushes (you’ll have to adjust the settings a bit):

You can create your own base as well using the lasso tool/ default solid brush- just make sure to check that the texture is a solid black (no transparency/lighter color) to get a clean cut.

Have fun!



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legisaskerator  asked:

Hi Luna! I've got a question about a crystal that I just bought. I was told the name of it, but I can't remember for the life of me. It's a milky but transparent white, on the lighter side for its size, with the optical effect of raising whatever image is underneath, to the surface. It wasn't expensive, and I'd put it similar to Icelandic Spar, with the visual effect thing. Would photos be of any help? Thanks in advance!


@glorianasims4 ;-;

Calling all testers! I need to make sure these appear as lovely in my game as they do yours. 

There are heavy transparency issues with the lighter colours, so please do not swear at me for this LOL. They look amazing in black and dark brown though.

If you’d like to test this for me and you are available to do so today, then drop me an ask and I will send it to you <33