anonymous asked:

What are your views on American gun laws?

I think gun laws in American are woefully insufficient.

Culturally and constitutionally I think we’re stuck with guns in this country, however, I am continually frustrated and angered (though unfortunately not surprised) by the lack of any real progress on gun control in the United States. One would think that staggering rates of firearm homicides and suicides (which might actually be the best gun control argument) compared with virtually any of our peer nations and the unrelenting news of mass shootings, there might be some room to make compromises and find common ground in the name of collective safety. But partisan politics, the lobbying of the NRA, and the political unpopularity of gun control mean nothing gets done even in the face of tragedies like Pulse, Sandy Hook, or the recent police shootings in Dallas.

I think we need to lift the restrictions on research into firearms and public health, to increase scrutiny/background checks/restrictions on gun purchasers, require more licensing around gun ownership (as we do for automobiles), restrict certain categories of weapons, ammunition, magazine sizes, etc., and then take the next necessary step of addressing some of the root causes behind violence in our nation (ie. issues of racism, inequality, economic opportunity, mental healthcare, etc., etc.). Gun control is not a single fix for all of the issues in the US, but I think it is an important piece that cannot be continually allowed to stagnate. I hope that responsible gun owners (and there are plenty!) can come together and help to make compromises that can move us all forward.