20 Questions with Dr Ferox #15

Here’s 20 more questions and comments you Vetlings have sent me. It’s a bit of a mixed bag this time, including topics about harness trained cats and getting work in a vet clinic. I’ve tried to tag everyone who identified themselves when asking questions, but if you were on Anon you’ll have to look through yourself for an answer.

Anonymous said: What is black ice? You mentioned it when talking about cold days in Australia. Tax - my headcannon about you is that you used to have many pets as a child.

Black ice is actually transparent ice which has frozen over a road, looking black. It’s when it’s cold enough to snow, but without anything fun. It often occurs at night and results in many accidents because it looks like a normal road, but is of course very slippery.

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whoops my hand slipped and I made a bunch of transparent, circle Elsa icons. There are no watermarks, so if you use them or like them please reblog/like (reblogs are most appreciated) xoxo :) enjoy!!

anonymous asked:

Yes, please tell us about the lovely details you noticed in the movie

NO WHY DID YOU… Okay, there’s no turning back now. I warned you not to ask but you did.

Anyhow this post ended up being way to long so under the read more there are 108 details from Frozen I’ve noticed and love (and I’m 99% sure I’m missing more and I’ll probably edit the post later and add them)

Edit: added 2 more

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Princess Anna of Arendelle || Then and Now