More pngs. Stop me if I’ve shared some of these before.

I kinda bullshitted with the MGS2 ration’s texture since I could never get a good look of it, so nearly all the text there’s just a direct reading of that rapping rhino Froot Loops commercial that Whelt made youtube poops of way back when. Not that you can tell given how small the png is, but hey.

Also I’d like to thank chaofanatic for providing the smash bros ice block model.

Philosophy Day (Because philosophy is also about passion and love) :)

I want Love.
I want to find it. That Love falls on me, that it pierces me or that I cross his path by chance, I want Love.
I want Love to share the contemplation of the stars in the dark sky.
I want Love to write his name in the sand.
I want Love to exorcise my nightmares and my fears.
I want Love to share joy and sadness with him.
I want Love to be transparent like frozen water and solid as a rock.
I want Love to listen his heart beat in his chest.
I want Love to leave him words, poems and symbols every day, and without reasons.
I want Love to express all my passion.
I want Love to make him feel my chills.
I want Love to finish with the totalitarianism of my mind.
I want Love to bind and chain my soul for life.
I want Love to tell him the most beautiful myths and legends of the world.
I want Love, a singularity for Eternity and Infinity, until Death and beyond. Because even Death will not be able to separate us.
I want Love … and I dream of Love !


Princess Anna of Arendelle || Then and Now