20 Questions with Dr Ferox #15

Here’s 20 more questions and comments you Vetlings have sent me. It’s a bit of a mixed bag this time, including topics about harness trained cats and getting work in a vet clinic. I’ve tried to tag everyone who identified themselves when asking questions, but if you were on Anon you’ll have to look through yourself for an answer.

Anonymous said: What is black ice? You mentioned it when talking about cold days in Australia. Tax - my headcannon about you is that you used to have many pets as a child.

Black ice is actually transparent ice which has frozen over a road, looking black. It’s when it’s cold enough to snow, but without anything fun. It often occurs at night and results in many accidents because it looks like a normal road, but is of course very slippery.

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whoops my hand slipped and I made a bunch of transparent, circle Elsa icons. There are no watermarks, so if you use them or like them please reblog/like (reblogs are most appreciated) xoxo :) enjoy!!


Princess Anna of Arendelle || Then and Now 

Transparent Frozen Maxwell for all your photoshop needs. And by that I mean I cut it out solely for my blog’s header. 

Which probably aren’t many because what the heck are you going to do with a Frozen Maxwell, stick him in a bag of peas saying “this was a bad idea”?

Cameo in Frozen?

AC ad?