transparent attack on titan


this tumblr is the sole purpose for all the anime/game edits I do ranging from transparent posts, to pretty much whatever I feel like doing! with that being said, I am looking for some anime blogs to follow!

please reblog/like this post if you have a blog with any of the following:

  • my hero academia
  • rezero
  • evangelion
  • fate
  • jojo’s bizarre adventure
  • haikyuuuuuu
  • kiznaiver
  • kill la kill
  • overwatch
  • sword art online
  • attack on titan
  • ao no exorcist
  • bungou stray dogs
  • free!
  • high school fleet
  • hibike! uphonium
  • love live - μ 

I think this list is long enough! I do enjoy a lot of other animes so feel free to like/reblog and I’ll follow away~ 

**I am mostly going to start doing transparency posts of animes so if you want to request something feel free to let me know ^~^