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EXO as Aesthetics (OT12)

@ the anon who requested this: I am 1) very sorry this is very late and very sucky, and 2) dead because this was probably the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my eNTIRE LIFE.

but enjoy! and tag yourself! (and maybe tag ur friends hehe)

Minseok (Xiumin): light hair; building things from IKEA; living in a busy city; strawberries; watching movies outdoors; the cool night breeze; giggling in-between kisses; the feeling of strong arms around your waist; husky morning voices; running around a large park; roller-skating; learning dead languages; tugging at your lip when you’re nervous; wearing shorts regardless of the season or weather; a new piano played animatedly; the wild west; only speaking up when inspired; throwing pizza parties; ruffled hair and bright smiles; “walking” in the hallways; whale-watching; having the wind blow your hat away; radiating happiness in a dim room.

Junmyeon (Suho): slow dancing; prismatic planter pots; picnics under the summer sun; snapbacks worn backwards; the smell of a busy kitchen; doing cartwheels without much thought; dog-piling on top of your friends; kissing in the rain; going apple-picking; bare feet on wooden floorboards; cuddling by a warm fireplace; smiling when you make eye contact with a stranger; putting cinnamon in everything sweet; driving around town aimlessly; walking on wet grass; closing your eyes after a busy day; cherry blossoms; colour-coded everything; baking brownies for your friends; reading poetry; enjoying the good times in life.

Yixing (Lay): hearing a perfect harmony; fluffy bath robes; grand pianos; kissing under streetlamps; scrunching your nose when you laugh; pastel colours; tucking flowers into other people’s hair; falling asleep to the sound of rain; breakfast in bed; skinny jeans; falling asleep on long car rides; gently running your hands through someone’s hair; stained glass windows; riding bicycles through the city; trying to balance yourself on the edge of a sidewalk; making the perfect s’more; giggling under a fort made of bedsheets; eskimo kisses; never missing a single 11:11; lounging on a pool float; daydreaming when you shouldn’t be.

Baekhyun: a pile of puppies; loving everyone whole-heartedly; a ray of sun; the smell of pancakes and waffles; looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul; mismatched socks; sweet kisses that go by too soon; a cosy fire; marble statues; being the little spoon; waiting by the phone all night for him/her to call; exposed brick walls; biting the end of your pencil; planting daffodils; a warm glass of milk with honey; eyes that twinkle; sleeping in on weekends; wiping away tears as quickly as they appear; learning wisdom through bitter experiences; watching raindrops on windows; blowing away dandelion seeds and making a wish.

Jongdae (Chen): unzipped jackets; wind-blown hair; cartier bracelets; sliding around on slippery floors; sitting on the hood of a car; laughing unapologetically; being the life of the party; jumping off a dock and cannonballing into the ocean; listening to smooth jazz ironically; silk button-ups; siamese cats; exploring old buildings in busy cities; billowing curtains; slowly sipping champagne; running barefoot on a smooth stone path; dancing in your pajamas; trap music; smiling so hard your cheeks hurt; chewing gum until the flavour leaves; playing arcade games; pillow fights; kissing until both of you are breathless.

Chanyeol: dazzling smiles; candy that’s hard on the outside and soft on the inside; mirrors; drinking milk from the carton; playing the guitar at a house party; playing hide-and-seek even when you’re grown; small-town living; rubber boots; charcoal drawings on white walls; attending music festivals; large LED lights that spell out words; oversized hoodies that feel just right on your body; playful nibbles on lips after kisses; squishing his/her cheeks; being pushed on a swingset; opening windows and feeling an immediate gust of wind; closing your eyes under the summer sun; having water fights in the front lawn.

Kyungsoo (D.O.): plump lips; a still lake; blowing that one lock of hair that falls out of place; wearing thousands of layers of clothing during the winter; grazing fingers with the one you love; a gradual smile; birds chirping outside at 6 am; rolling around on a soft carpet; hitting your friends affectionately; oil paintings; rolling down windows for car rides; spending an entire night staring at the starry sky; comfy pajamas that double as “lazy day” clothes; scratched-up vinyls that still manage to crank out music; standing up too quickly and seeing the entire universe for the briefest moment; feeling accomplished after doing something you thought you’d never do.

Jongin (Kai): intense gazes with romantic pursuits; dancing until your feet ache; skipping rocks at the beach; riding carousels at carnivals; fairy lights; letterman jackets; chelsea boots; tying cherry knots with your tongue to impress strangers; walking aimlessly when you can’t sleep; drinking soda pop in a backyard; jumping into a pile of leaves; humming while doing chores; fingers caressing golden, sun-kissed skin; holding a straw between your lips; leaving dents in walls when you’re angry; never-ending kisses; laughing at things that aren’t always funny; literally eating all you can eat at a buffet; running a hand through your hair out of habit.

Sehun: biting your lip when you’re excited; untied shoe-laces; almost-but-not-really closed doors; cat-ear headbands; belts with the leather coming off; tweed coats; furrowed eyebrows; dancing in the street when you’re all by yourself; staying up to watch fireworks; warm milk tea; unfinished letters; having a blanket placed upon you when you fall asleep; warm hugs that last infinitely; sunlight streaming through your windows; fluffy hair; blushing after a spontaneous kiss; licking the icing off a cupcake first; pointed toe boots; the smell of lilac; a guitar with broken strings; seeing your breath during the winter.

Luhan: a luscious green forest; deep blue water; loose white tops; constantly chapped lips; a violin played as quietly as possible; fog so thick you can’t see through it; comfy woollen sweaters; fuzzy socks; smiles that show every tooth in your mouth; crinkled corners of eyes; tapping a beat with a pencil on a desk; the click-clacking sound of typewriters; choosing soda over wine; gathering up the courage to kiss someone but hugging them instead; satin sheets; shy pecks on cheeks; smiling even when you shouldn’t be; picking wildflowers; having all the time in the world.

Kris: basketball courts; gold chains on top of gold chains; loosened ties; painting on every surface possible; leather jackets; continuing arguments even when you know you’re losing; wearing high-end fashion; veins popping out of the back of your hands; ice-cold glares; warm hands; jumping into puddles; breaking into the rooftops of skyscrapers; making a fool of yourself so that others can laugh; stolen kisses in public; rubbing lazy circles on hips; pulling someone into your embrace after they begin to walk away; writing poetry about beautiful people; being the first to try adventurous things.

Tao: wearing oversized sunglasses; walking along the beach; transparent rain jackets; wine glasses with permanent red stains; crumpling paper into balls; blaring alternative rock in the car; alcoholic drinks with slices of lime; attending parties on yachts; a flock of birds flying at sunset; an arm wrapped around your shoulder; kisses on knuckles; responding to whispered conversations with smirks; tripping over thin air; tigers; swimming in the ocean; purposely drinking coffee at night; unbuttoned button ups; believing in fairy tales with all your heart; unending spiraling staircases.