transparent time quote

“You think you can pull yourself away from that game for two minutes to enjoy your birthday, Aibou?”

I knew I would take all day with this, and I did lolol I’d love to write a companion piece to this maybe. Maybe I can add onto it tomorrow or something. There was actually more to this drawing but the lower half looked horrid and I didn’t want to spend forever fixing it cause of time restraint XD At first I thought that cupcake was too big. But then, no, it’s special cupcake for a special cupcake~ :3 I bet Atem spent time in private learning to bake for months JUST to make Yuugi something nice for his special day~ Tons of issues aside I do like this. I’m glad I at least managed one art thing today.


he wouldn’t listen. he wouldn’t keep his hands to himself. he would only see. and talk in a way that it would be better if he didn’t.

matryo!Cronus to go with my matryo!Kankri.