transparent systems

Giveaway prize for the wonderful @copperjellyroll, who requested her Guild Wars 2 OC Diatus and had the patience of a hundred saints while I went around taking pictures of bark and figuring out how to paint leaves for the first time in my life.

I find most “acab” sentiments to be disingenuous or completely unintelligible from anyone that’s like still subscribing to a carceral justice model, because like… who’s gonna be running that? Who’s putting people there? What’s that process, and who is in charge of it? Demanding the abolition of the judiciary while keeping prisons in place seems like a *less* transparent and publicly accountable system to me.

The TPP and the American Legislative Exchange Council are perfect example why we should demand transparency in government from politicians and our political leaders (regardless if it’s a Democrat or a Republican). How can we trust that the decisions being made behing closed doors is the correct decision for the rest of us? Who really benefits from those decisions being made being closed doors?

It just looks shady when there’s no transparency becuase decisions are being made behind closed doors.