transparent skulls

Where are all the creature design geeks in fiction though? Why is there never that one adventurer or starship biologist who’s just delighted by the placement of something’s eyeballs or its bat-like skin membranes or how they can see its brain through a transparent skull?

Real biology blogs go on and on about the actual appearance and layout real animals like they’re reviewing an imaginative art piece but in fictional narratives nobody ever has an opinion about the monster or the alien other than some generalized “it’s beautiful” or “it’s gross” and oftentimes the one in the “it’s beautiful” camp is supposed to be a creepy weirdo for it anyway.

Even in Pokemon almost no character talks about how they think Pokemon with tentacles are cooler than Pokemon with pincers or anything along those lines


Been messing around with ideas for enamel pins.. even though I could never afford to get these made into pins ;-; I will, however, be making them into prints, stickers and possibly patches - as well as continuing the series with other animal skulls! All will be made available through my etsy shop in the near future :0

The skulls are a tiger, chinese water deer and a bearded dragon.

These are also transparent, ooooo!

One of my favorite things about DS9 is how they’ve got several different scenes from several different episodes and seasons where Kira gets creeped out by the odd men Jadzia finds attractive. And yet… in the end Kira dates a liquid. Sure, Jadzia’s guys have a transparent skull or three eyes, but Kira’s guy doesn’t even have eyes or a skull. He is literally a puddle of goo.

(You can’t tell me Jadzia never pointed this out to her.)