transparent sign

Aries - It Hurts to Become

Aries is the transparent canvas, while neighbor sign Pisces is the 12 toned water crystal that infuses the rainbow of every zodiac. These signs are almost Siamese in their divinity. The former fresh is from heaven, the closest emanation of the mind of god. And the latter wandering through incarnation holding onto memories of heaven. The child is held under the protective arms of his Parent, unconsciously guarded due to his primitiveness and watched over like a newborn still sparkling with the left over energies of initial creation. Aries is the initial impulse of god, emanating through their famous impulsive streaks. Did the creator plan and map out the big bang? Or was it a fierce, spontaneous eruption, the very elation of coming into being? The impulsive ether of Aries, cascading in intensity, surge from an inner fire to explode like a nebula in will to become, create, experience. This inner pulse is infused with the divinity, an electricity that gives the soul movement. Aries in their very being, contemplating the dripping energy streams and pure aggression, the rhythmic temper of the universe burst like the initial force. The indwelling explosions that cascade through their pours and breathe fire into their fingertips, are the resonant spots of the big bang, the ultimate Aries ecstasy. Aries is a birthplace, the divine illumination of being and the opening creative process, like a cosmic dawn. This is the blank piece of paper that opens the door to manifestation and ruptures into the celestial zodiac artwork. What may be perceived as efforts of self sabotage or conscious destruction on behalf of the Aries individual is the process of bridge burning to build a new underground tunnel. The big bang cannot have been a formulaic, controlled process. It was likely wild, loud and excruciating. The temperamental outbursts of Aries, the flame throwing and demolition emanate the ferocious, furious initial detonation. There is a high resonant energy in Aries individuals, and this is the throttling first life force, the painful procedure of becoming and negotiating indwelling explosives, little, though constant big bangs. These are little, though constant divine surges, like god’s first memory replaying over and over throughout them.