transparent plastic

i have a. a rosemary focused au idea with strong side serving of scourge. clever rival mean girls rose and terezi are cashiers at local cvs, rose is bitter and steals books from the library to make highlighter poetry out of them when shifts are slow. coworkers awful loud tall obnoxious gf keeps harassing her when she comes to pick up terezi for lunch/smoke breaks. one day cute bxchy femme girl practically cleans out every bright eye shadow color from the wet n wild section, emo goth rose naturally snarks to said girl at checkout, to her surprise is met with equal snark back. she watches kanaya saunter through the automatic doors with her plastics semi transparent cvs bag with a rainbow of eye shadow pans + a sprite. its overcast but the sun starts shining on the gross dark carpets a lil brighter. its a metaphor.