transparent person


Yesterday the fiancé of one of Navyy’s good friends went missing. He deleted his social media accounts and isn’t responding to communication from friends or family. She’s filed a missing persons report, but at this point nothing else is known.

Give some hugs to the people you love and be kind and caring to yourself. And if anyone is in crisis, please seek help and support. You are loved, you matter.

Transparent Shuuichi Saihara!

My bad, I never noticed that the quality for the one that used to be on the Wiki (since I went ahead and changed it now) wasn’t all that good. (Thought it was around the same level as the Rantarou one someone uploaded, but never bothered to look closely-)
Hope this helps out, thanks for notifying me about this!

You know what I’m just going to say it! I guarantee that a huge percentage of people on Tumblr that are offended by Karlie’s shoot are pressed because she posted that watermelon photo and Josh commented on it. If she or Taylor had posted about Galentine’s day, I guarantee it would be absolute CRICKETS from you bandwagon social justice warriors!