transparent ladybug

Finally had a chance to watch Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir and I am so excited about Marinette’s background. I just wanted to quickly redesign her outfit to look more like a ladybug. 

[31/03/2017]  → adult ladybug design(s)

everyone: loves chinese collar design


L O V E   S Q U A R E

( x )

I didn’t think so many people would like my redesign of Mari’s outfit! Because of this, I thought I’d draw a followup of the suit in action :D

A few people in the tags mentioned an ability to fly; It would be cool if she could, but I imagine it would be as draining as Cataclysm. Someone also mentioned that the cape should be a shield of some sort? I like to think that the material should act like cape fabric but is strong enough to shield her like her yoyo does. 

Thanks for all the love!!