transparent hair

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if suggestions are still open, could you draw lucio in a flower crown or something? he'd look adorable in your style :)

i haven’t drawn nearly enough lucio

precious frog baby 


Right so Stream Team…again.  Matt has joined the hair dyeing club with some pink tips and Jeremy’s hair looks pastel purple.  Now it’s your turn Treco.  Maybe a pastel blue or green to match lmao <3

Edit:  added facial hair onto Trevor.  Forgot he joined the facial hair club. 

Swinging London 1969
model Mandy Rice-Davies (1944-2014) poses wearing a pink semi-transparent swimsuit designed and manufactured by Gottex, in Grosvenor Square, London on 11th September 1969. Mandy Rice-Davies became associated with and caught up in the Profumo affair and resulting trial before moving to Israel in 1966.