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Student Council in Yandere Simulator: Reaction and Small Theories.

I clocked into work and went to turn my music on, only to find out that Yandere Dev uploaded the first of his two videos. I had to wait nearly 6 hours to watch it. Which sucked.

We are introduced the four new characters within the council, which are not yet named [at the time this post is made.] They are all wearing white uniforms with red trimming and red bows. Each have their own unique pair of stockings, which I think kind of represents each of their personality types.

Red hair: She is bearing a very sweet smile with a light blush in her cheeks. Her stockings appear to be similar to a white lace; her overall appearance reminds me of Amai Odayaka, who is the sweetest of all the rivals, which makes me believe that she may be the easiest to let her guard down.

Black hair: She is wearing glasses and transparent stockings. Her face appearance looks stern and reminds me of a younger version of the guidance counselor, who is a very strict disciplinarian. I think she will be pretty similar to her. Maybe they are even related.

Blue hair: I find her the most puzzling. Her pose and the eye patch puts me in mind of the delinquents. Why is she wearing the eye patch? Is it just for show, or to intimidate the other students? Or maybe a previous eye injury? [Or maybe she’s just a big fan of Pete Burns.]

Platinum hair: She. Is. So. Gorgeous. I am in LOVE with her stockings and her matching scarf. It’s very clear that she has an interest in fashion. And personally, she sticks out to me the most. I don’t even know her name and I love her already!

We have a new way to receive a game over. If we appear dangerous [bloody clothing, weapon, insanity, etc.] We will be apprehended with the use of pepper spray, bound at the wrists and ankles and we will get a game over. This is very interesting, and adds a new difficulty to the game.

It seems that it will be very difficult to join the student council club. Especially if you’re more of a violent player like me. However, the listed benefits are really making me question my way of playing.

Overall, I am VERY impressed with the student council so far: everything from the character designs, to the challenges and benefits when it comes to joining. I look very forward to seeing the second video, and hopefully it will be up before I have to get ready for work tomorrow (same hours.) I also cannot wait to see everyone’s youtube videos. 

Questions I thought of while watching [subject to add or remove]:

  1. Will we be able to join the student council before the 10th week?
  2. How will the kidnapping method work? Since Megami is basically invincible, will she be able to fend her off somehow?
  3. Would the atmosphere still drop to a permanent zero if one of the other student council members would be framed for murder?
  4. I thought only the club president wore the arm band. Why are ALL of them wearing arm bands?
  5. Will each of the council members have their own story? [will probably determine the answer in the next video]

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y didn't alec eat it off the fork though?!

that would’ve been cute but also alec was genuinely sweating at that point bc his dumbass was lying about the sword, if he’d tried to eat it off the fork he prob would’ve missed lmaoo

alec @ himself: act casual
alec: *lobster goes up his nose*
magnus: do you need another precision rune or