transparent deer


It’s deer!Maddie! I actually had her finished last night, but I really wanted to draw her and Jack together, then I had to emergency babysit and ended up drawing an acnl version of Foxy from fnaf for the boys, and THEN the internet went down before I could finally post this! I’m not gonna post Foxy, though.


Guess who made a BATIM oc?

Me cause I like the game a lot so far.

Name: Jane Doe

Why was she named that?: It was meant to be a placeholder joke name for the character but it got stuck. 

Age: She is designed to be an adult 

Gender: Female

Role: Damsel in Distress, she often gets kidnapped by others and she hurts others who want to help her as she thinks they’ll hurt/take her as well

Voice: She sounds like a bootleg Snow White, deeper voice

First Appearance: She appeared in “Sheep Songs” as one of the side characters listening to Boris play a instrument.

Personality: Jane is a crybaby and often hits people with her umbrella. She’s a coward and can often be rude and stand-offish. She places her safety above all else.