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undertheweatherjustliketheworld  asked:

If you don't mind me asking I was wondering how you and David met? Is that weird? Congrads on your 4 years!

Thank you! ^^ That’s not weird at all :) I feel like sharing a little story about us.

I was 16 and he was 18 when we met. On Hyves (basically an old Dutch version of Facebook), he and I were both a member of this really crappy Doctor Who fan page with about 50 members, and that’s how we met - too nerdy, I know, lol. Ever since our first conversation on there, we’ve been tremendously close. After a few months of intense conversations via Hyves, MSN and our cellphones, we decided to meet in real life. We decided to meet in his city. I got off the train and walked towards the ending of the tunnel where we arranged to meet. I immediately saw him standing there at the end, but pretended I didn’t because I was so nervous and didn’t want to have that awkward eye contact when you still have to walk a hundred meters towards each other, heheh.

We ended up in a museum that day, there was a video installation from Pipilotti Rist with a big hanging net in which you had to lie down and watch the videos. We’d hit the re-play button countless times and each time we both secretly lied a little closer to each other, pretending we weren’t aware. We didn’t kiss, that came later.

A few months later we were “officially together”. We lived (still do) a 123 kilometers away from each other, so we usually spent several days in a row at one of our places, interspersed with about a week or sometimes a few weeks of not seeing each other.

Our first year was very intense. Because of us being together, old issues and problems we pushed away and buried deep inside us came to the surface again. Instead of giving ‘us’ up, we fought against it together and reckon with it for good. After that, we both felt like a new era started. Our relationship is completely transparent, no censorship, and we just knew that from that moment things were just completely right. We built up a trust that will always be there.

I know this sounds cliché, but I genuinely still feel myself fall in love more with him everyday. He is my best friend, my lover. He´s the only one I can stand when I´m feeling cantankerous. He is the only one who can stop my anger, or point me on my mistakes without making me mad. I value what he says like no other and he teaches me a lot. We complement each other, he’s the things I want out of myself that I´m not, and the other way around. We feel like a team, we really feel like this “us against the world”. I think we’ll stay together forever - or at least; we both really hope so, would love so, and right now, looking at things, I fully believe that we will :)