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Simon x Reader
Requested? | @sdmnandfriends requested: could I have an imagine with Simon and like you’re doing a baking video together but simon keeps messing around and you end up doing it all yourself. but like the ending isn’t cliché like in other ones, like there might be a bit of mess but like the baking goes well and there’s not cake mix everywhere. maybe they chill on the sofa and eat the cake or whatever??? Ye boiiii thanks xox                
Warnings | nothing.
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Requested by joannachanlg, Gideon turning around from S1E4 “The Hand That Rocks the Mabel”.

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#63: | Pregnancy Series | Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2


Pregnancy Series | Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1


”Okay wait what?!” Ashton asked frozing out from the shock the other boys were still wearing on their faces. Luke was looking down at the ground, his cheeks slight pink and his mouth into a straight line. You on the other hand were freaking out inside, hoping Liz would come back any minute. “Remember Ehm- that party in New York?” Luke scratched his neck as he spoke looking up at the other boys. “Yea you guys were so drunk we had stabilized you whilst Calum carried Y/N.” Michael answered, his eyebrows knitting as he thought back at the event. “Right.” Luke spoke, folding his hands. “After you guys left, we don’t really know how it happened, everything went really fast and uhm before I knew it I was in top of her and yea you know the rest.” Hearing this coming from Luke made the boys cock a smirk yet to you and Luke everything was awkward, this was the first time you had actually talked about it since it happened. “So you guys had sex?” Calum crossed his arms with a smirk. “We did.” You mumbled, pulling your knees up to your chin. “Was it good?” Michael started to question but Liz barked into the room making everything go quiet, saving you guys from more awkward questions. “Got it.” She showed up the white box before throwing it towards you. “I hope you’re in a need for a pee, because we won’t leave before you’ve finished.” The other boys took a seat at the bed as you headed towards the bathroom. To your luck, the feeling of a pressure from your urine was pushing on and you actually had to pee. Taking a seat on the toilet, you stabilized the cup in your hand to take a wee in it, placing it on the counter before cleaning yourself off. It feel like years went as you had placed the stick in the urine, your mind going into a million thoughts. When the stick had given its answer you went over to the door and walking out. “So?” Liz asked standing up. You didn’t say a thing, your face showing off no emotion as you just reached out for her to grab the stick. Liz took it out of your hand and took a look at it. “She’s pregnant.” Liz’s words echoed in you and Luke’s head, the other boys’ jaws falling as they were looking at each other. “I have to go check on some meetings you have tomorrow, I’ll see you then.” Liz mumbled giving you the stick again before heading towards the door and out. When his mom was gone Luke stood up from the bed immediately marching over to you before wrapping his arms around your small form, burying his head into your neck. Hell he was scared, of course he was but he had to pull that part away cause he knew that you would probably be ten times more scared, carrying something inside that he had been a part of creating as well. “You know no matter what happens I’ll stand by your side, always and forever, we’re in this together and you’re not alone.” The other boys stood up as well before hugging you from behind, all of them showing their support towards you guys.


Calum’s eyes flicked between the road and the phone in his hand as he tried to connect it to the car’s phone system, a few glares towards you was shared as well as you were lying your head against the window, the nausea growing with each meter he drove. It wasn’t far after Calum had finished his lunch that you had to lay down feeling to ill the even stand up – and Calum being the worried ass he was, was determined to get you to a doctor as soon as possible, already getting you an appointment not 30 minutes after. He pressed call on the phone, waiting a few rings as the speakers in the car illuminated the beeps, a few times before the sound of Joy appearing. “Hey Calum what’s up?” She asked, making Calum sigh. “Hey mom. Uhm, I don’t really know how to say this but you might have to cancel the dress trial.” “What why?!” She exclaimed. “Y/N’s not feeling well.” Calum mumbled turning the car and driving into the doctor’s parking lot. “What’s wrong with her there’s still two days left.” Joy voice was worried sick now. “It’s just some illness I think, might be due to period or something.” You mumbled taking off your seatbelt as Calum parked the car. “Have you guys contacted a doctor just in case?” She asked. “Of course mom, we’re already there.” Calum mumbled unbuckling his seatbelt. “Good. I won’t disturb more then.” She said before mumbling out a bye and hanging up. “Ready?” He asked looking at you, making you nod your head, watching Calum remove his phone from the system and opening his door to walk out, you doing the same. Walking hand in hand you returned your Health Insurance to the receptionist, and not waiting more than 5 minutes after when the doctor was available. ”So Y/N, tell me what’s wrong with you?” The female doctor asked, crossing her legs. “I have an extreme illness to be honest. I get cramps every few fifth minute and I’m nausea around strong smells.” The doctor nodded her head at your words, typing something into your journal. “With something like this, the cause is much easier to find out through a blood test.” “Okay.” You mumbled helping her with preparing your arm and watching her as she took an amount of your blood from the arm. “I’ll be back soon.” She said standing up and leaving. The doctor came in soon after with a stack of papers in her hands, reading through them as she took a seat. “So?” Calum asked, wanting answers more than you probably would. “They’ve taken the tests and everything is fine.” She answered, writing something down. “But what was the cause then due to her illness?” “You see Mr. Hood, Y/N’s illness is due to development in her uterus.” She explained, making Calum look confused back at you to see your eyes wide. “What does that mean?” “It means I’m pregnant.” You said in half awe, half shock. Calum looked back at the doctor to see her nod her head. “3 weeks pregnant.” Calum looked back at you in awe but his happiness fated a bit when he realized something. “There go those wedding plans.”   


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Michael had placed his finger under your chin, lifting it up for you to look at him instead of the ground. “I didn’t think it would be such a big deal.” You mumbled toying with the T shirt you were wearing. “Have you used a test?” You shook your head at his question making him nod his head, his mouth going into a straight line. “Want me to go buy one?” You shook your head at him again making a puzzled expression appeared on his face features. “I already have one. But I’ve been too scared to use it.” You admitted making his mouth open. “Let’s go find out then.” He urged grabbing your hand before dragging you into the bathroom, roaming through the drawers to find it. He finally found the white box throwing it towards you. Michael’s rush startled you, making you frozen in spot. “What?” He questioned eyeing you as you clutched the box staring back at him. “Why are you so urgent about this?” You asked, starting to open it. “Because I have a tour in less than 5 months. Tickets go on sale in two weeks and we’re announcing the tour at that point. If you’re pregnant there’s not gonna be a chance that I’ll leave you if so.”  “Michael you can’t just cancel a tour because of our lack of protection.” You pleaded walking closer to him. “Of course I can. You’re not gonna stay home alone here, leaving me behind with no knowledge about the pregnancy progress.” “I don’t want you to disappoint your fans.” You took out the objects in the box before placing them on the counter as you spoke. “As long as they don’t know, they can’t be mad at something they’ve lost before they even got the chance.” He said more quietly now, placing his hands on your cheeks before giving you a kiss on the forehead. “Now go pee on that stick and tell me if Clifford Junior is on the way.” He said with a shy smile, giving you another peck on the forehead before heading out of the bathroom. You took a deep breath before taking a seat on the toilet, peeing in the small bowl before sticking the stick in it. “Michael I’ve peed.” You yelled and he instantly went into the bathroom again, walking over to you. “Is it done?” He asked looking at you hopefully looking at you. “Yea.” You mumbled looking over at it. Michael walked straight over to the stick curiously grabbing it before taking a look. “I’m not a doctor but 2 lines mean pregnant right?” He asked, a goofy smile playing on your lips. “There is?” You asked walking closer to him, he showed you the stick. “There is.” You answered your own question. “I’ll go tell one of the managers that he’s on the way.” Michael mumbled taking out his phone from his pocket. “You know it could be a girl right?” You asked throwing the stick in the trash. “Not a chance, I know it’s a boy.” He said making you smile.


You were still in bed when Ashton came back, his breath turning into a panting as he ran up towards the stairs, barking into the bedroom again. “You ran?” You questioned, sitting up in bed. “Of course I did.” He answered walking over to the bed and taking a seat. The wide box were soon wrapped up in his hand, he took out the stick and a transparent small bowl. “Where’d you get it isn’t everything closed at Sundays?” You questioned making him shake his head. “I went to the gas station. Let’s hope that it actually work.” He mumbled looking at the objects in his hands. “I think you uhm; need to continue from this part.” He mumbled giving you the stuff. You let out a small sigh before leaving the warm covers to head towards the bathroom. Following the instructions you took a seat on the toilet, finishing what the instructions said and placed the stick into it. These 7 minutes felt like hours as you watched the stick form lines on it. Taking the stick up you took a look at it, looking yourself at the mirror to take a look at your stomach, still flat and headed towards the door. What was Ashton going to say? Would he mad? It would take you by surprise if so cause he hadn’t been talking about anything else than that. He was the one suggestion that you should stop being on birth control.  When you opened the door you let out a small shriek as Ashton stood right in front of it. “Sorry, I’m buzzing with excitement.” He apologized giving you a shy smile. You only shook your head at him before giving him the stick. “I don’t know what this means.” He exclaimed eyeing it. You gave him the box turning it around so he could look at the instructions. He looked between the stick and the instructions for a few seconds confuse written on his face before it started to lit up in joy. “2 lines mean pregnancy.” He asked wanting to be sure. Ashton was lost for words but his face expression told everything. Still holding the stick in his hand he wrapped you in his arms, pulling you so tight he almost knocked the breath out of you. “This is crazy Y/N.” He smiled pulling away to lean down to give you a kiss. One, two, three pecks was placed on your lips before he placed it all around your head making you giggle. “You’re not happy?” He asked suddenly nervous, looking at you. “Of course I am. I think I’m just very shocked to be honest. And I’m still in pain.” You mumbled the last part making him smile, removing a piece of hair from your face and placing it behind your ear. “I’ll give you all the massages you’ll need.” He smiled pulling you into his arms again. “You better, because I’m actually carrying your baby.” “I like the sound of that.” He laughed pulling you in for a kiss again. 

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Kiba with his s/o fluff maybe? I love this blog!

“What kind of dog do you think Kakashi would be?” Kiba’s girlfriend of two years asked as they both sat on the floor. They were leant back against the sofa, their legs stretched out on the rug, a blanket over them and with Akamaru sleeping on ______’s lap in front of the fireplace. Kiba held his chin in thought but then suspiciously looked at his girlfriend.
“Why even ask? I know what answer you’re going to give-”
“A husky!” Kiba rolled his eyes.
“Of course.” ______ laughed quietly, putting her hand over her mouth as she chewed on a marshmallow which she took from the transparent bowl.
“Because he’s husky when he speaks. Eh? Eh? I’m good, aren’t I?” Pulling a pillow from the sofa, he threw it playfully at her face in an attempt to cease the pitiful jokes.
“You suck so much.” Wanting to embarrass him more, she hugged onto his arm, nuzzling his chest in a deliberate overly affectionate manner.
“But you love me!”
“I know what dog you’d be-” This caught her attention. She suddenly sat upright and looked up at him with an ‘innocent’ smile, blinking rapidly. Cocking an eyebrow, one side of Kiba’s smile became much wider for he was trying not to laugh at his own joke. “A cocker spaniel.” ______ beamed brightly, glad her boyfriend had associated such a beautiful and pretty dog with her- “You never leave me the hell alone.”
“And you better believe it!” Kiba proudly chuckled at his girl, putting his arm back around her shoulder as she snuggled back into him. With a softer voice this time, a more serious mood, she whispered out towards the flames of the fireplace, seeing the crimson torch burn the small chunks of wood. “Unless you ask me to … I’ll never l-” He silenced her. His lips on hers. He needed not to hear her say the words she longed to, for he knew them already.
‘I know, ______.’ Lips parting, they looked into one another’s eyes in silence. An orange glow upon their faces.
'I know.’

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