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[fanacc] 170521 SHINee 9th  Anniversary Party

 MC: How have you been spending your days recently?

 Minho: I’ve been waiting for this day! (9th anniversary party)

Talking about a day they remember the most, Minho mentioned about their first concert and he felt emotions he can never forget

Taemin just said his first concert in Japan is on 1st and 2nd July and that there should be good news in Korea soon too

Jinki talking about his first impression of Jjong He first met Jjong and when he went into the practice room Jjong told him here’s this here’s that~ so Jinki thought oh it must be great to have a hyung like him…!

Jjong and Minho knows the programs that Jinki went on better than himself.. Jinki forgot the driving program and got reminded by Jongho

They’re talking about an experience they want to experience and Taemin said there’s one he rly wants and it’s travelling with the members

Minho said the thing that Jjong always do before the concert is to go up to the members and say “do well~~” (Minho imitated Jjong’s voice)

lmao they’re giving socks to Jinki’s sections because he won the games  socks cuz the meaning of being together (as a pair)

Things to takeaway from today’s party: 1. SHINee’s predebut stories never gets old 2. SHINee knows each other’s schedules 3. They love us

The boys were literally answering each other’s upcoming/past schedules before the member himself could say anything….

Basically they’re doing an initial talk now S – SHINee H - Here (right now) I - Impression N - New (anything new recently) e – Experience e – Effect (the effects of the team SHINee)

Taemin thought Minho was a foreigner with his big eyes and small face and that he was good in Korean! But later found out he is a Korean.

Minho said he still remembers when he saw Taemin danced (predebut) he thought that Taemin had no bones HAHAHA

Minho: I think shawols are so good at doing events! MC: That’s because they don’t have boyfriends to do it to

During 투명 우산 fans blew up transparent balloons~ Minho said it reminded him of back when they first debuted they didn’t have lightsticks yet

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