transparency on panel


Reminder for all you cool cats in Vancouver, B.C.: I’ll be moderating a talk about money things at VanCAF tomorrow morning with a fantastic group of creators: @stevelieber, @jephjacques, Hope Nicholson, and James F. Wright

Come listen in as we talk about: 

  • Our deep dark money fears, 
  • What it actually looks like making a living as a freelancer, 
  • How different sources of revenue have worked for us all,
  • And the best financial advice we’ve received/discovered in our careers.

It all goes down at 10:30am on Sunday in the Performance Center. VanCAF is free to attend, so come say hello!

Make sure he gets home before dawn!, featuring Brian Callahan & Lestat de Lioncourt by @lousysharkbutt 

I recently commissioned this fanart of @gairid‘s OC Brian & Lestat for @gairid‘s birthday (which was October 22!) *slaps myself with rolled up magazine for the delay* To my knowledge, this is the first fanart of Brain <3 It’s based on this pic, More fanart of OC’s, people!

ANYWAY thank you @gairid (aka @vampchronfic) for writing some of my favorite VC fanfic, your writing really captures our beloved vampires, and your worldbuilding is so rich and vibrant, it’s such a treasure, and thank you for sharing your headcanons with us, and being a wonderful friend to me for so many years now. You taught me fandom etiquette by example when I was a baby fanged trash kitten. You’re an inspiration to me and many others in so many ways <333

Thank you @lousysharkbutt, I love your style, and the transparent side panels definitely add a little extra pizzaz! You are in fact a magnificent shark butt, and a pleasure to work with in the commissioner-artist relationship. I encourage anyone to commission this artist!