transparant boots

Here at last, Shantae! This time in her usual outfit, since I felt like following up on the last one. I hope you enjoy~

Quick doodle to calm myself down. I was listening to this song and thought of Mousefur and Longtail: 

I’d stay awake for a year for every night that you slept soundly
I’d regret the once I’d hidden wishing you had found me
I’d rip holes throughout the country hoping you’d drift closer to me
I’d block the sun forever just so you could read by candlelight
I’d agree to everything to make sure that we wouldn’t fight

I wanna hold you til’ it feels like it’s been long enough to stop saying I miss you, stop saying I miss you
I wanna kiss you til’ you know without me telling you that I will never leave you, I will never leave you.

I’d live life without my legs to make sure yours stopped hurting
I’d give up my will to live to make sure yours is burning

I’d stop loving, caring, trying if you’d never wake up crying.

Cutie Boots by Stepdad.

By the way, I feel like Mousefur was probably asexual, but think that longtail and her were romantically interested. Longtail was amazing and supportive and understood what she needed. Loved these two. (The pose was based off a pic I found, but i can no longer find.)