how-to: make a collage

 hi! today im going to teach you how to make a collage! 

 the apps you will need {iOS devices}:

  • piccollage (or any collage making app)
  • LINE camera 
  • VSCOcam (optional)

FIRST: open up piccollage and start a new collage!

make your background BLACK{click on the icon on the bottom left > change background}, like mine! (optional - you can use any color you like, but black is preferred so if you have any empty spaces in your collage, it won’t be as visible with a black background!) 

SECOND: tap the screen, and you will see 5 choices {use camera, add photos, photos from web, add text, add stickers} i rather you not use their text or stickers because it’s just not appealing. BUT IT IS YOUR CHOICE!!! YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES. 

add your photo, or pick a photo from the web, and start CLIPPING it!! {double tap your photo > click “CLIP PHOTO”} 

clip until your end point meets your starting point, and then you’re done clipping one photo!

keep clipping your photos until you fit the whole thing (or somewhat close to fitting)



THIRD: now open up LINE CAMERA to fill in the blanks of your collage with some TRANSPARENCIES!!! {to make it seem more colorful and not plain!!} 

ALRIGHT, now take your transparencies that you’ve saved into your phone and click on the STAMP icon in LINE CAMERA

now click CROP (second icon) and make your transparency fit to the size you like and then PLACE IT INTO YOUR COLLAGE!

to make your collage seem more colorful and not just use one color flower the whole entire collage, use the HUE bar and change the color up a bit!! 

 do NOT change the hue of flowers that are REAL, only the drawn ones (like the one i am using above) because it will just look plain weird and very tacky!!!

so after putting my transparencies into my collage, this was my result:

now that i am satisfied with it, it’s time to put an EFFECT on it!! 

FOURTH: open up VSCOcam or any editing/effect app you prefer (with brightness & contrast tabs) after changing the levels of the brightness and contast (optional - or adding an LIGHT effect), WE ARE FINALLY DONE!!

here is the final collage:

 hope you guys learned something from this tutorial!! {hope it isn’t that confusing!!} 


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For someone who lost their mother 3 years ago to a stroke and with the anniversary of my mum’s death coming up at the end of this month I don’t want to be reminded of the fact that I’m one of the few people coming from a single parent, widowed family, constantly. If people could please just pay attention to others situations that would be lovely. That’s all I’m asking for.