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Tonight on "Two and a Half Men"

I sent this letter to CBS tonight. I’m sure they won’t actually pay attention…but it made me feel a bit better.

To Those Involved With “Two and a Half Men”:

I have been a loyal viewer of this show for as long as I can remember. Laughing along from the time Allen moved in, and sticking through the potential cancellations. Even though I always considered Charlie Sheen to be the most entertaining aspect of the show, I continued watching loyally this season. 

It is with all that in mind that I must inform you, I will no longer be watching the show. 

Although I am aware that the media makes jokes about what some may consider sensitive subjects all the time, I feel tonight “Two and a Half Men” went to far. 

Tonight Jon Cryer’s character made this statement: “Its a wonder I’m not a Transsexual on ‘Dancing With the Stars.” I am aware that this is not the first Trans joke/portrayal on this show. I recall a former fling of Charlie’s in season one coming back, however this particular comment was took things too far. 

The implication that a transsexual individual’s identity is a result of their  mother/father’s terrible parenting is not only ignorant but irresponsible. I hope that the writers of this show, directors, actors, Chuck Lorre, and other individuals directly involved with the production of this show consider what exactly their script is implying. 

Although I do not identify as transsexual or transgender myself, I know many people who do, and many parents who are struggling to accept the fact that this is their child’s identity. I may not agree with how Cher handled Chaz’s transition in the beginning but implying that she is the root of his need to transition is extremely detrimental.

Again, I know that writing a show for the public is based on making them connect. Given that your ratings have dipped I can only imagine that your  are finding the need to make relatable pop culture jokes now more than ever. However, it may be in your best interest to seriously consider the potential implications of all of your jokes.

I hope with this in mind your season improves and I find myself wanting to watch Two and a Half Men again.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Virginia Smith

it occurs to me now that i said Although way too much.

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