2goldensnitches replied to your post “Hi guys how is everyone I’ve been building a Frostblade. It’s almost…”

Is that worbla?

Oh it’s mostly EVA foam (which is what craft foam is also made of, but a denser version) with bits of worbla on either end. The thing was built like this:

The purple, blue and white are all foam. There’s a wooden dowel inside, which also forms the handle. Then the yellowy bits you see on the bottom pic is where I used worbla.

The clear “blade” is worbla transpa art, but it could’ve been any clear plastic really, I just used what I had at hand. :D

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Warrior Toothless Cosplay

Cosplayer Gladzy Kei loves Toothless and came up with a human warrior take on the character inspired by How to Train Your Dragon 2. The finished costume is comprised of multiple armor pieces, leather, fur, and LEDs. Gladzy Kei said:

Everything was made out of Worbla’s Finest Art, Transpa Art, Friendly Plastic, and Apoxie Sculpt, primed with woodglue and painted with acrylics! I sealed the paint using Satin paint sealer so it doesn’t crack (even though mine still kind of did because I should have put more coats!)

She was inspired by Kamui Cosplay’s Book of Cosplay Lights and used LEDs for the first time ever for this costume. She says it helped her overcome her fear of soldering and handling circuits. To get the spikes on the helmet (close up below), she used Transpa Art (that’s transparent Worbla) and painted it with blue nail polish to diffuse the glow from the LEDs.

You can see more photos of the Toothless build in progress below and at Gladzy Kei’s Facebook page.

via Fashionably Geek, top photo by William Tan’s Photography

Departamento Aeroportuario logra 95.30% de calificación por transparencia (RD)

Departamento Aeroportuario logra 95.30% de calificación por transparencia (RD)

SANTO DOMINGO. El Departamento Aeroportuario logró una calificación de 95.30% en su portal de transparencia, mediante una evaluación que realizaron la Dirección General de Ética e Integridad Gubernamental (DIGEIG) y la Oficina Presidencial de la Tecnología de Información y Comunicación (OPTIC).

Entre las características evaluadas está la de información sobre su marco legal del sistema de transpa…

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