Mythology moodboard | Vitória-Régia

Inspired by @thewinedarksea series.

It is believed, by the guarani people, that the moon would choose and kiss the most beautiful virgins in the tribes, and by sunrise, it would take these girls to make it company and become stars in the sky.

Naiá, a young native girl, was in love with the moon, and desperatedly wanted to be with there with them. She, every night, climbed mountains, so she could be near the moon and dreamt of becoming a star. But she could never reach it.

One day, as she walked nearby a lake, she saw the reflection of her beloved moon on the surfice of the water and tried to reach it. So, she flung herself into the water, and drowned.

The moon, sad with the events, took pity on the girl. It transofrmed her in a very unique kind of star… one that was born on the water, at night. And, by sunrise, it would turn pinkish with the warmth of the sun.