Folks on the internet

I started a oekaki board years ago, I ran out of time to run it and I really didn’t trust anyone to mod it because it would give them access to parts of my server I didn’t want them on. The few people I knew and asked frankly didn’t have time to. So I had to move on but I thought I was being nice and left it open for people to use even if it was no longer being moderated. Some people became upset and I know some even bash me to this day.

I find it funny I gave them a oekaki board with lots of options and a huge backlog that you could go back 150 pages and people bitched about it. I am sorry no one could mod it but seriously people get something awesome of free and bitch. I never asked for money to help pay for it. There were and are no ad’s. The only think they had to deal with is sometimes people posts some stuff not to the rules. Funny thing is most of the time everyone just went about there was and there was little issue from when I randomly glanced.

So a person who asked to be a mod long time ago started their own board and down talked me because I had a life. I really think since no one posts anymore I’m finally going to close it. Its time to shut that door and be done with it all.