4chan users plan to trigger trans suicides

Spread this shit around tumblr right now.

4 chan users are planning to trigger transgender people by posting pictures and sending asks on tumblr. They are hoping to drive trans people to suicide. Here is a sourceBe aware the bottom part of this page contains some really awful stuff so don’t read past the warning if you don’t wanna see horrible hate speech and slurs.

Spread this around so the trans community are aware and prepared- it’s just days after Transgender Day of Remembrance which obviously makes this more upsetting.

Obviously if you do recieve a message or see a post, be sure to report it.

Stay safe :) 

Things that I, a women’s bathroom user, am fine with:

  • trans women using the bathroom with me
  • trans men who feel uncomfortable or unsafe in the men’s room using the bathroom with me

  • nonbinary people who want to use the women’s room using the bathroom with me

Things that I am not fine with:

  • someone being super uncomfortable in my bathroom because a transphobic clueless lawmaker is forcing them to be there

Can we stop calling “phobia” on all out hostility? Can we start saying something like “homo-hostile,” “trans-hostility,” “bi-hostile,” “ace-hostility” and so on and so forth?

Phobia to me feels like a candy-coated suffix, it doesn’t seem real to me. You’re not afraid of me. You’re hostile and have hostility towards me and people like me among so many other communities.

Can we just call it what it is? Hostility. The basis for violence in all it’s physical and psychological forms.

I write this as I lay dying in the hospital

The morning of August 9th, i was having a panic attack, and soothing myself by throwing my old burned DVDs out the window (I suppose visually and physically stimming) so my mother called the police (The Kitsap County Sherriff). That made my panic so much worse, I was catatonic. When they arrived they started slapping me, pinching me, and whispering threats of further violence if I didn’t “comply” as they kept putting it. I remained catatonic, experiencing everything but helpless to do anything. when they said they were going to tase me to death (I have a heart problem, which they knew about, and they used this fear to hurt me), my internal screaming for help became external screams for help.

My wife in the next room did nothing.

I was tackled, and then beaten, with special focus on punching the vertebra I just broke after they found out about it. I leave out the reason for this until here, because even now I have trouble believing it happened. But it happens every day.

To trans women.

Because we’re trans women.

They were called on a possible suicide attempt, and decided I needed to be “taught how to be a man”. All the time they’re hurting me, there’s a constant stream of slurs. And nobody did anything to stop them. They cuffed me tight enough to turn my hand black. 48 hours later, it is still numb. They literally threw me in the back of a cruiser head-first, rather than the ambulance waiting for me. When I got to the hospital (Harrison Memorial Hospital in Bremerton, WA), the nurse, a bald tattooed white man named Nic, immediately berated me, despite knowing nothing of my case, for “making wrong choices” which, he expounded as I cried for help, is my real problem. I need to grow up, and always comply, he said. He was real big on that word, just like the cops were. He also refused to refer to my wife as my wife. When I told security I didn’t trust Nic to use needles on me, Nic took away my phone and threatened to strap me down and do it anyway. Then he did it.

The doctor, when he eventually arrived, told me the stress had made my blood acidic (ketoacidosis), and made my blood sugars so high I had a non-insignificant chance of dying. They’re trying to fix it, but the sugars aren’t down even after two insulin shots and 3 bags of IV fluid. It’s taken me two days just to convince them to document my injuries, and by now, they’re a lot less visible.

I’m not asking for money. I’m not asking for help. I know I am powerless, and if they ever want to do it again, nobody will stop them. I just need someone to hear me. To believe me. And I need to warn you never, ever to deal with the Kitsap County Sheriff, or Harrison Memorial Hospital if you are a trans woman.

So many other women here in Kitsap have been contacting me because of this post, telling me similar stories. And every time, it ends the same: they don’t think they could ever possibly win, and so they don’t even try to fight. I’m not going to suggest these women endanger their own lives by coming forward. But my life is already over. If the strokes don’t get me, the fact that I’m blind, mentally and physically disabled, and now functionally homeless probably will. I have nobody left to protect. So fuck it.

My name is Michel C. Tanuki. I live in Port Orchard, Washington. Members of the Kitsap County Sheriff and the local Fire Department were on-site (whether the Fire Department paramedics took part in the beating, I cannot tell you, as I couldn’t see their faces). If I had any names or badge numbers, I would provide them. Two of the officers, I can identify in-person. Please spread this like wildfire. If the supposed “authorities” won’t do anything to help us, then we can at least help each-other.

anonymous asked:

okay so i know you already dislike sharon needles, but i have seen people bringing her up and i wanted to just ask you if you could post about some bad stuff shes done, so i have a reference, thank you so much!!!

firstly, here sharon is, black facing:

next we have sharon sporting the confederate flag and a swastika shirt:

has said the word n**ga on stage countless times and wrote n–ger when signing a fan poster:

sharons defense of the use of the words ni**er and ni**a, was literally this, and this is a direct fucking quote, no joke:

The other night me and a couple of my friends went out to have a good time, and there’s this young thing. I call her a “thing” because, you know, I don’t know how to tip-toe around gender rules or queer politics. I’m 30 years old, rich, and famous; I don’t have to deal with that shit anymore, you know what I mean? So we’ll just call them “him”/“her”/“thing,” whatever. And you know she really finds my shows offensive. … So anyway she got upset that I paint myself brown, that I would use language that she found offensive. … She made me an unnecessary poster child for post-racial change.“

an actual fucking quote, here is my source:

also, Aaron (sharon) a cis man, dressed up as caitlyn jenner:

stories from fans who’ve had bad encounters with sharon that i found on reddit:

story 1

story 2

hope this is a good reference for you!

if you’re calling Leelah he, and calling her a man/boy, unfollow me.

if you think it was selfish of Leelah to kill herself the way she did, unfollow me.

if you think that trans women aren’t real women unfollow me.

if you aren’t disgusted and angry that yet another trans girl has killed herself, and that it’s because of how she was treated by her toxic and transphobic parents, UNFOLLOW ME NOW.

transmysogynists on tumblr who call themselves feminists, and yet don’t advocate for the rights of transwomen are part of the problem and need to be STOPPED


Opponents Of LGBT Protections Are Clueless About Transgender Men

In less than two weeks, Houston voters will consider Proposition 1, deciding whether the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) will become law.  Its opponents have made many incendiary arguments targeting transgender women, but their claims have a glaring hole: transgender men.

HERO would create sweeping nondiscrimination protections for the city, which, unlike most cities across the country, has no such law protecting any class. And though it protects multiple identity factors, including religion, race, military status, disability, and pregnancy, opponents of the bill have focused on a very narrow aspect of its sexual orientation and gender identity protections — specifically, demonizing transgender women as sexual predators.

I get really mad when people trivialize trans issues by acting like all it takes to be trans is wearing the clothes of the opposite gender.


Trans is not how you dress or act, it’s how you identify.

So quit screaming that every boy in a dress in a show is transgendered because that’s basically profiling and generalizing what ‘trans’ means.

It’s just the same as saying anyone with a lisp must be gay.