4chan users plan to trigger trans suicides

Spread this shit around tumblr right now.

4 chan users are planning to trigger transgender people by posting pictures and sending asks on tumblr. They are hoping to drive trans people to suicide. Here is a sourceBe aware the bottom part of this page contains some really awful stuff so don’t read past the warning if you don’t wanna see horrible hate speech and slurs.

Spread this around so the trans community are aware and prepared- it’s just days after Transgender Day of Remembrance which obviously makes this more upsetting.

Obviously if you do recieve a message or see a post, be sure to report it.

Stay safe :) 

im not usually one to do callouts but as a trans man, artist and someone who has very low tolerance of this sort of thing, i am absolutely disgusted by people like miqhael.

They are litterally profitting off trans youth both to gain notes and money by mixing in tumblr trends (the likeness for possums recently and space aesthetics etc) and important social justice movements. you can judge for yourself in their store. They already did this with the tragic events at Ferguson. they are doing this for their own profit. please do not buy anything from that store.

As a struggling trans man I know that we’re doing the best out of our art to gain some money, but making money from such a tragedy is repulsing. If you truly wanted to spread positivity and change for trans girls, trans youth, etc, you would make these stickers available to print.

You wouldn’t SELL them. You can litterally do anything else to make money from any other kind of artwork. But what you chose to do is make a design over a real struggle that is NOT yours and get some pocket money over it.

This is simply disgusting. Not to mention you are a man as well, profiting off a young trans woman’s death… Truly the lowest of lows.

if you’re calling Leelah he, and calling her a man/boy, unfollow me.

if you think it was selfish of Leelah to kill herself the way she did, unfollow me.

if you think that trans women aren’t real women unfollow me.

if you aren’t disgusted and angry that yet another trans girl has killed herself, and that it’s because of how she was treated by her toxic and transphobic parents, UNFOLLOW ME NOW.

transmysogynists on tumblr who call themselves feminists, and yet don’t advocate for the rights of transwomen are part of the problem and need to be STOPPED

Can we stop calling “phobia” on all out hostility? Can we start saying something like “homo-hostile,” “trans-hostility,” “bi-hostile,” “ace-hostility” and so on and so forth?

Phobia to me feels like a candy-coated suffix, it doesn’t seem real to me. You’re not afraid of me. You’re hostile and have hostility towards me and people like me among so many other communities.

Can we just call it what it is? Hostility. The basis for violence in all it’s physical and psychological forms.

Sent this to some dudebro complaining about “white boy” jokes. 

Dude. Chill. You have a fuckton of privilege in this world. As a trans girl, I will always face discrimination, whether it be from me being trans or me being a girl. You will ALWAYS have a better chance of opportunity than me. Suck it up and move on with your complaining about white boy jokes, Because the minute that you log off of tumblr, the harassment stops for you. The minute I log off tumblr, it begins. 

I love when people get offended when I say not just women get pregnant, especially when they claim not to be against trans or intersex people.

I have a uterus. I can get pregnant. I’m not a woman. At least be honest that you don’t care about transgender or intersex individuals if you keep wanting to call everyone who can get pregnant women so I can stop listening to anything you say for my own mental health.

I understand when you just not know. I welcome questions of clarification and I’m happy to answer any questions you have about gender or how to be a decent person to others, but the people who have been told over and over again are the same people who contribute to us being killed, abused, fired, made homeless, can’t get proper medical care, lose families, lose friends, lose partners, end up depressed and suicidal, and generally don’t live past their mid 20s.

ok lemme break it down. cuz it’s not that hard. white people are inherently racist. point blank period. if a person is working hard and striving to unlearn and review their way of thinking, that’s good and all but there’s so much to unlearn. because they have not experienced what it’s like to be a person of color, they would never understand the oppression that comes with being a poc. just like cis people are inherently transmisogynistic. does this mean cis people hate trans people or won’t stand up for them or won’t date them? no. the same for white people. i have fabulous white friends who understand their privilege but it doesn’t it there.  it just means the society puts these terrible ideals of what a person should be in our heads and as much as you might unlearn that, there’s always going to be a hint of racism, transphobia, homophobia and so on in society. it’s the little things like using the wrong pronoun, ‘accidental’ cultural appropriation, making weird faces in relation to things that make you “uncomfortable”.
all we need to do is recognize our privilege and keep unlearning.


lol how about fuck no, your own shitty opinions should make it clear that trans women get a lot more shit than you do and if you believe cis women need safe spaces from trans women, they need a safe space from YOU.