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anonymous asked:

What if Grodd made Eddie evil? I think he could do that. *copy pass wiki* "Grodd's psionic abilities allow him to place other beings under his mental control. Grodd can also project telekinetic force beams, telekinetically transmute matter, and transfer his consciousness into other bodies" And last one ...

YEAH THE MORE PEOPLE BRING IT UP THE MORE I THINK IT WOULD BE REALLY AWESOME IF IT WERE GRODD. i mean, if i were grodd, i’d want to transfer my consciousness into the hot blond cop, too. 

and just think like??? IF THIS IS ACTUALLY GRODD… once grodd leaves eddie’s mind… HAHA FUCK NOW EDDIE HAS TO DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES. can you imagine how fucking devastated and traumatized he would be??? like not only was his body forcefully taken hostage by a telepathic gorilla, he shot two cops point blank. these were people he knew, people he worked with, people he respected and cared for. it would literally tear him up inside, especially if he had no idea he was being controlled — and of course he’d confess to those murders bc the gun was in his hand

god, it would just be so awful. but, then, you know, hopefully joe and barry would be like this smells like some henry allen bullshit, there’s no way eddie would shoot two cops, it had to be something else. LIKE IF THIS IS HOW IT GOES DOWN I JUST WANT THERE TO BE A MOMENT WHERE BARRY FINALLY BELIEVES IN EDDIE, YOU KNOW? THIS IS ALL I WANT. bc eddie has spent the whole show believing in barry, it would be nice to see barry look at this situation and go you know what now it’s my turn to believe in eddie.

I JUST WANT GOOD TO COME OUT OF THIS BAD THING!!! and also fuel for my ship bc that’s just how it goes.

anonymous asked:

So what is yyh about???? I see sassy red head and Fiesty boxer and they fight and throw in jokes at some of the worst times I think??? And more importantly, should I watch it??

i take it you’re talking about kurama and yusuke? it’s a lot like hxh, they have nen types (manipulation, transmutation, etc), work as a four, go through tournaments and everything else. it’s actually by the same director, as he based the series and many of the characters off it. you definitely should, it’s 112 episodes long and i’ve been absolutely hooked. make sure you watch the sub, the dub voices are horrific and the lines get tweaked with to sound really ooc


TANZANITE : The fusion of happiness and transmutation.

 Tanzanite is the fusion of Sapphire and Rhodochrosite. A bubbly and beaming sort of fusion - they are not to be underestimated in battle. This duo is known for their amazing grace and skill on the field.
The duration of this fusion depends on the damage recieved, or the mood of the gems.

[[ Eeee this was so much fun to paint! A special thanks and shout-out to teamnovagems for allowing their adorable Sapphire to fuse with Rhodochrosite - they make such a fun fusion! ]]

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