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Okay, FMA(B) logics question: if Ed could put Al's soul into the armour by sacrificing his arm, why didn't their mom's soul come back when they tried to bring her back? Also, if they can control what their new creations look like when they transmute something, why didn't she come back looking like a normal human? If you can't answer, I understand, I was just curious if it was explained in any of the episodes or movies..

Hi anon, the first one is explained. Well, sort of. The reason Trisha’s soul cannot be brought back because she is already dead. However, Alphonse is not dead. He was simply “taken”, held by his truth as the payment to enter the Gate of Truth. This is also why Al and Ed’s arm were able to be returned to them. They did not cease to exist, they were just…not with them. In the same vein, Al’s soul was stuck before the gate, but not gone forever, like Trisha’s was, and Ed’s sacrifice was able to bring it back.

Your second question is a bit hard to answer, because I’m not quite sure. I’m sure that Ed and Al had the image of their mother in mind to transmute, but human transmutation just doesn’t work. I assume it’s also cruel punishment bestowed upon them by Truth. You can’t bring someone back from the dead; you can only make someone new. As a form of punishment, I guess, that thing you create is an utter abomination to nature, much like how human transmutation is.

Does this…help?

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illegally transmutes lead into gold and throws it at him

-doesn’t question how the gold came to be, he just takes it and runs-

People who don’t understand creative writing pedagogy irritate me to no end. “Creative writing” major shouldn’t even be a thing. Study literature. Learn to read. Write by imitation and transmutation. Find a mentor. Read. Release the burning, literature-induced energy inside of you onto the page. Then rewrite it. Show it to your mentor. Take his/her/their comments with a grain of salt. Rewrite it. Rewrite it. Rewrite it. Then keep it close to you forever, and fuck anyone who says to do it differently. Creative writing major for undergraduates is a ridiculous idea. Creative writing workshops for undergraduates are ridiculous. Creative writing pedagogy as people currently conceive it is ridiculous. Learning about plot does not come from a creative writing classroom, but from literary osmosis induced by reading. Who gives a fuck about plot anyway? The best writing does not concern itself with plot, but with the human energy, power, spirit that is only truly encapsulated by art. Fuck creative writing as a course of study for undergraduates. Fuck people who think one ought to “learn about plot” in a creative writing class. I am so angry.