Thats Life.

Above is where my life is being stored. Depressing huh? :(


On a different note….

This post is shamelessly promoting my ‘for sale’ items on ebay through my blog….

But its okay…

Its for my sad empty change jar towards my new iMac ^.^

So I’ve finally gotten the last of my stuff out from my exes place. Its really nice to have some time to myself, to sift through all of the pointless stuff I dont need and move alot of it on, this is a link to my ebay page…

There are:

Blu Ray job lots,

Transmuter Industrial Boots

Mini Hair Straighteners

and White Plastic Chain so far……..

The coming days will see me listing a wall mount for a 42 inch tv ( new and boxed) Some red or dead patent stilleto shoes, a bag full of approx 15 cosplay wigs, plus some gorgeous designer latex items. So please watch this space. I’m overhauling my life!!!

In other news the wind is so fierce I’m terrified the world is going to end. Like. Now…

…That would be the cherry on the cake :(