Ya know what’s funny? When someone says “Yeah but your male past” to trans women as a way to invalidate our girlhood.

  1. A closeted trans girl does not necessarily internalize the messages of boyhood just because she hadn’t publicly declared her identity. That’s not how socialization works.
  2. There are some trans women who conceived of themselves as cis men before becoming aware of their transness. Not everyone was “born this way.” Trans women have agency over how they think about and discuss their past. Not anyone else.
  3. We all know you’re not trying to be edgy or add any nuance to the conversation, you’re just trying to tell trans women they’re men, and that makes you an asshole.
The Edge NZ Station urged to can 'trans for a day' stunt

Last year The Edge married two ‘straight mates’ so they could win tickets to the Rugby World Cup, in a ceremony full of gay jokes.

In 2012 the breakfast show hosts read out a comment that a joke was “so gay I just got AIDS”, while in 2010 the show featured a song about bisexual broadcaster Ali Mau which included the lines she “wanted to go rug munching” and she “got sick of dicks”.

Now Agender President Lynda Whitehead has received an email from the Brand Manager of the station outlining a plan for Harvey to become ‘trans for a day’ on Monday.

This is so disgusting. Please express your concern their Facebook page if you have time on

They are planning to do it on Monday and I just hope that they get enough negative feedback that they don’t do it.

It’s the worst publicity stunt I’ve ever seen but it doesn’t surprise me coming from them. This is the most popular music station in NZ…. ughh

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Wait… What happened?

RuPaul has, in his show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, featured segments like “You’ve got ***mail” and “female or ***male”, and a constant use of the T-slur, and after many repeated attempts by people to communicate to him that these are offensive transmisogynist slurs that degrade trans women, he has stood his ground stubbornly that these are perfectly fine words for him to be using as a cis drag queen. He has consistently defended his use of slurs and even once claimed that the only difference between a transgender woman and a drag queen was “$25,000 and a good surgeon.” among tons of other horrible acts of transmisogyny.

Furthermore, these actions have caused hordes of cis gay men to rush to his defence, furthering hatred of trans women within the extremely visible gay male community.

So what happened?

-Last night, there was an erotic fan fiction contest about The Watchmen, called ShipwreckNY. Cecil Baldwin was reading out loud fan fiction written by various people, one of whom is Jeffrey Cranor. 

One of the stories contained a very obviously transphobic and transmisogynistic joke. More info here. I don’t know yet who wrote this story, but Cecil read it as a joke, the audience laughed, and a trans fan left in tears. Many trans fans feel betrayed and super upset over this. This is a big deal.

-I know the context of the story is dolls. But. Trans people are always treated like their bodies are jokes. They are seen as freaks. This causes them so much pain. Jokes like this add to that pain and, at the same time, belittle it. They show a lack of empathy for trans people. 

-I sincerely hope Cecil will issue a frank apology, because if he doesn’t, many fans are going to leave. *I* am not leaving. I’m cis, it’s not my place to judge him or forgive him. But my boyfriend might never listen to WTNV again, and I know many others whose contributions I will miss greatly if they leave. 

-Maybe you think that, as the fan blogger, I should defend Cecil and not accuse him. But you know what? I can’t. I watched my boyfriend and many fandom friends cry and have anxiety attacks. They said “My body is not a joke” and “Cecil, I trusted you”. My heart is broken too, but nowhere near as much as theirs. 

-I’m 100 % sure Cecil and Jeffrey meant no harm to trans fans. They have shown a lot of support to trans people. But intent doesn’t matter. This caused people a lot of pain. That matters. 

-TRANS PEOPLE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO LEAVE WTNV OVER THIS. Do not judge them if they can no longer listen to the show or donate money to it. 

-If you are cis, for the love of god do not make posts saying “I don’t see how this is transphobic”. It’s not your place to say. It’s like a white person saying “I don’t see how this is racist”. Of course you don’t, the joke is not on you. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE AFFECTED.  

-If you respond to this by saying “SJW’s are attacking Cecil now”, congratulations: you are showing your total lack of empathy for trans people. This is not just politics.This is not a little faux pas. This is people hurting other people. Try to see that. 

If a trans woman expresses less than perfect forgiveness and sorrow at Robin Williams’ death—no matter how “hateful” you might think her words may be—for goddess’ sake, LEAVE HER BE.

Do not fucking attack her for expressing the pain transmisogyny caused her. Ever.

Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta take screenshots of threats of violence against trans women, happening right now.

hello your local intersex person here to tell you that herm*phrodite is a slur towards people classified as intersex based on genitalia/those who have undergone non-consensual genital surgery to “correct” their genitals at birth, but it also has a history of intense transmisogyny that shouldn’t be ignored

the t slur and the h slur are historically interchangable and to alienate trans women (non-intersex and intersex alike) from that history is transmisogynistic erasure

so we need to stop contributing to transmisogyny as a community

we already took “CAXAB” terminology as our own when it was coined by trans women on tumblr

anonymous asked:

Some "trans allies" have excused Eminim's transphobic statement about Caitlyn because he always does this. Does that not open the door and create a double standard when we judge others? Because that's who they are,and if they say it's "satire" it must be? 😒 I swear these "allies" some times… I corrected a few and they whined and said they're not allies anymore because I "bullied" them. Wow.

I’m sorry you went through this anon *hugs*. Just to catch everyone up (bc I honestly hadn’t heard about this either):

Eminem does NOT get a pass, he really never should for any of his horrible garbage he calls rap, but especially not here. And I’m really having a hard time identifying what makes this “satire”. He’s not trying to make a useful political statement, he’s just being transphobic & transmisogynistic in the most predictable ways possible. This is bullshit. And any “allies” not willing to listen to actual trans people explain trans issues is no ally at all. I’m sorry my friend!!! 

Thinking about it a bit, asking whether I “always knew”/have known since I was little that I’m transgender is such a hard question because, like, simply saying yes or no really skews a lot of my experience because “knowing” is such a slippery word.

What I knew was that I was very peculiar in how I experienced the world, I felt alienated from, and even hostile toward, boy/manhood, I internalized a lot of stuff directed specifically at women, and I have the trauma to show for it.  But like, growing up, a trans woman was the serial killer in the movie I stayed up late to secretly watch, or the pervert getting chairs thrown at them on Jerry Springer, and I knew I wasn’t that, so like, I “knew” I wasn’t a trans woman. 

The thing is, if I say I definitely knew, it erases the violence inherent in that experience, and if I say I definitely didn’t it erases the link between my past and present experiences with gender, and, like, I have all these memories, good and bad, that constitute pockets of what I would call girlhood, because in retrospect I feel that’s what they were, regardless of my “knowing”.  I mean, I struggled with gender as a profoundly dysfunctional “man” until the precise moment another trans woman pointed out to me how my understanding of transition was flawed and inaccurate, and that was when I “knew”.

And granted, I do often feel pressured to mold this all into a cis-certified trans narrative, but like, that doesn’t necessarily negate those experiences’ connection to my womanhood today.  So, I guess what I’m saying is, it’s okay not to know or to know when you knew, because the experiences themselves are what are important, not whether they prove some causal chain of transness.