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I’m sure many of you have heard the heartbreaking news this morning about transgender teen Leelah Alcorn’s (this links to her tumblr which contains her suicide note and other potentially triggering content) suicide after years of dealing with her bigoted and abusive Christian parents. After coming out to her mom, Leelah was forced into “therapy” with extremely harmful Christian therapists who did nothing but tell her she was selfish and to turn to god. Her parents removed her from public school and took away all her electronics so she could not even turn to social media for help. In the end, she felt like she had nothing to look forward to in her future.

Leelah, I’m so sorry the world wasn’t ready for you. I’m so sorry we live in a world where this is allowed to happen. I wish there was some way I could have helped you. I wish your parents could have seen the harm they were doing. You were a bright, shining star of a human being and it crushes my soul to learn of you like this.

Followers, I know probably more than half of you are cis. You follow for the funny words and pictures, but this is the reality of trans people’s existence in the world. We are not safe. Our families abuse us, people constantly seek to do us harm and tell us we are abominations, and many times, trans people feel like there are no other options than suicide. 

If our society were more compassionate, more understanding, more kind, this would not be the case. Cis people can help trans people build a safer world. Call out transphobia from your friends and family. Denounce transphobia at your church. Stop tolerating transphobic jokes and remarks in the media. Stop letting it slide when people misgender trans people. Speak up. 

I’ll end this post with a quote from Leelah. Remember her words.

The only way I will rest in peace is if one day transgender people aren’t treated the way I was, they’re treated like humans, with valid feelings and human rights. Gender needs to be taught about in schools, the earlier the better. My death needs to mean something. My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. I want someone to look at that number and say “that’s fucked up” and fix it. Fix society. Please.


A huge issue I see in a feminism, is the exclusion of transgender women. Leelah Alcorn unfortunately is not a unique situation and situations like hers will continue to be un- unique until Cis feminist acknowledge the constant danger transgender women constantly face.

hey tumblr

not enough people are talking about how a white american soldier stationed in the philippines drowned and murdered a filipina trans woman in a hotel room toilet this month and its goddamn important 

her name is jennifer laude. she was 26. she was engaged. she was planning on getting married in march, going back to school for hotel management, going on to become a flight attendant. not that this matters necessarily, because even if she had been a sex worker, which a lot of media has assumed, she would obviously not have deserved to die — but not every media source is giving her an identity outside of “trans” “filipina” and i want people to know who she was.

she was out on october 11 with a friend, met a 19 year old US marine named joseph scott pemberton, and the two of them went to a motel together. 

thirty minutes after checking in, he left, and she was found naked with her head in the toilet, dead. there were two condoms found which are currently undergoing investigation.

tensions are rising because the US naval&military presence in the philippines has already been highly contested, many citizens want US soldiers out of their homes, and this isn’t the first potential hate crime, potential rape, or murder committed by US soldiers in the philippines (or, obviously, anywhere). the US is currently ensuring that US guards protect joseph scott pemberton even though potentially the philippines should have jurisdiction given the fact that it’s fairly definite that he murdered a philippine citizen.

her boyfriend and sister have even literally climbed into the military base demanding justice, and her mother has also voiced protests. they have not been answered.

guys, this is important for so many reasons.

it’s important because we need to talk about how trans people are still murdered every day.

we need to talk about how being nonwhite and trans in the presence of whiteness and cisness is still dangerous — literally, just existing.

we need to change the way we talk about nonwhite queerness, nonwhite trans people. they are not inherently exotic, erotic, or “other.” they are human people. their genitalia is not your business. their gender is not a reason or excuse for their murder.

we need to change the way the media talks about being trans. “chicks with dicks,” the “used to be a dude,” the “surgery” question — media must stop dehumanizing trans lives, reducing them to an absurdity or a joke. media coverage still uses jennifer’s “birth” name or mentions “formerly a man,” or shit like that, and it physically pains me to see these microaggressions, because they are a reminder of the exact transphobia that cost her her life. they participate in the same violence, they reinforce that otherness, and microaggressions will not necessarily kill a trans person but the attitudes they inspire clearly often do. 

we need to talk about masculinity and the military and what leads 19 year old boys to commit murder in the face of what they’ve been told is the “other.” because articles are surfacing arguing that pemberton didn’t know she was trans, but she was naked and she was killed and so i’m pretty sure that’s not a fucking useful defense. 

i don’t actually care whether or not she was cheating on her fiancé (which i doubt). i wouldn’t care if she was planning on having sex with pemberton for money (she was also robbed this night, by the way, though it’s not clear by who) (though i’ve got a guess). she did not deserve to die.

we need to acknowledge that trans lives are worth saving. we need to acknowledge that they are being stolen. we need to acknowledge that we are losing trans lives because misinformation and prejudices present transgender people as less than important, as other, as separate, as disgusting, and not only are their murders altogether too common, but so is the poisonous rhetoric that follows, that she deserved it for being a monstrosity, or for “tricking him,” and this is rhetoric that we cannot abide.

no one is asking for it.

jennifer laude has faced more oppression, discrimination, and prejudice in her life than most people could bear. her strength and courage to be herself every day is praised by her friends and family. she has inspired filipina and filipino queer and trans youth. she worked so hard to become who she is and create a life that allows her to be true to herself, and to recognize that that life was cut so brutally, needlessly short — it makes me furious. and it should make you furious too.

jennifer laude’s only crime was being a human, who happened to be trans, filipina, and female, and her murder needs to be acknowledged and met with justice.

a personal note: this story is particularly devastating to me because i am a cis female bisexual half-filipina, and i’ve been struggling coming out to my family in the philippines because the pervasive culture is very catholic and conservative, and moving very slowly towards an acceptance of queer identity. jennifer laude is and was an inspiration — and so was her mother, pictured below, who came to accept, love, and protect her. 

it is not easy for people who were raised largely ignorant about being trans to come around, and so to know that jennifer’s mother made the journey to accept and support her daughter only to have that journey cut so brutally, horrifically short — i can’t stand it. i cannot. 

here are some links for further news and reading (trigger warnings for some transphobic language, obviously, unfortunately), and if any word surfaces on protests or petitions for her murderer to find justice i will let you know, but before i leave you guys let me quote what the commission on human rights (CHR) chairperson loretta ann rosales said at jennifer’s wake:

Ang pinakamahalagang usapin dito human being siya. Hindi siya dapat pinatay.

The most important issue here is that she is a human being. She shouldn’t have been killed.

links to more information:

wiki page

Witness Says Suspect U.S. Marine Didn’t Know Murdered Filipina Was Transgender

Marine murder case reveals US-Philippine sore spot

Remarks vs Laude reflect deep-seated prejudice – CHR

Jennifer Laude ignored haters, fought for dolls, kept poise

please remember during this time that suicide rates tend to spike after highly publicized suicides.

while Leelah wanted her life and death to bring attention to trans issues and we should absolutley respect that, we should also take this time to support one another and be extra vigilant in the effort to spread resources for suicide prevention, particularly those geared towards trans individuals

posts like this one are super important right now.

i have no sympathy for Leelah’s parents or any parents who abuse and mistreat their children like that. their daughter is fucking dead and they as good as murdered her, and now in death they continue their abuse by misgendering her and lying about what happened to her. don’t you fucking dare tell me that I need to dredge up any compassion for trash like that.

misgendering a cis person is still transphobic

you’re still perpetuating the idea that if you don’t fit certain criteria, you can’t be a certain gender

guess who gets hurt by that

(hint the answer starts with “everyone” and ends with “but mostly dmab trans people”)

Never ever cast cis people in the roles of trans women.

You’re stealing roles from trans women who have struggled for recognition in the performance field for a long time. Stop doing that. Trans women actors need to stop getting thrown under the bus by cis people in the performance field.

we will never know the number of our dead.

no statistics can possibly capture the number of trans girls who kill themselves.

obituaries will always refer to us as men unless everything has been made explicit and unavoidable.

how many closeted trans girls have we lost

Notorious TERF hate monger, Cathy Brennan has been “reaching out” to Leelah’s parents and providing support for their bigotry.

Cathy Brennan has personally outed trans youth to their schools and parents putting them in danger (among many other horrific things). Brennan runs this blog where she spews her hateful anti-trans rhetoric freely to anyone who will give her the attention she so craves.

(LINK TWs: extreme transmisogyny, anti-trans violence, ableism, racism, and more…)

Ignorant, hate-filled rhetoric like this helps prop up oppressive people and justify their behaviour in their minds.

Here is her current twitter account. (She has a tendency to create new social media accounts, blogs, etc. when she feels “threatened” by people commenting on her bigotry…. or she gets deleted due to her legit harassment of folks.)

UPDATE: I DO NOT recommend contacting Brennan. She has doxxed folks and outed people to their parents, schools, and even medical facilities, gotten her TERF friends to send death threats and other harassment, threatened to sue folks, and generally used her position as a “lawyer” as a scare tactic to bully folks into a corner.

She has personally threatened myself (and many friends of mine) simply because we have written and posted articles detailing her atrocious behaviour. She has even threatened to sue some of us for defamation.

She actively follows the “cathy brennan” and “radfem,” “terf,” etc. tags - so be wary of that. The information provided above is merely a heads up. Beware and AVOID this woman and her following.

Edit: An earlier version of this post associated the slur “t*****” with trans men. This is incorrect, as it is a specifically transmisogynistic term. I’m sorry for this mistake and have edited the body of this post accordingly.

Trans women are women, not slurs like “she male” or ”t*****”

Trans men are men, not slurs like ”it”

Nonbinary people are not exclusively male or female, not slurs like ”shim”

Trans* people deserve our unfailing love and support, and that includes asking about and respecting each of their preferred gendered pronouns (PGPs). Not defaulting to misgendering and hurtful slurs. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Wario. Got any thoughts about trans women?

This is a very open-ended question, but yes, Wario has lots of thoughts about trans women.

Trans women are important. They are so important. Trans women, especially trans women of color, are the single most important part of the LGBTQIA community. They are also one of the least visible and represented parts of the community, with groups like HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and FCKH8 overwhelmingly spotlighting white cis gay men and throwing trans people under the bus. Trans women of color are the targets of a vastly disproportionate amount of violence, sexual violence, and homicide compared to the rest of the LGBTQIA community, and they receive almost no justice.

Misogyny is hatred of women. Transphobia is hatred against trans people. What do you get when you combine these? You get something worse than the sum of it’s parts: transmisogyny. What do you get when you add racism to the equation? It becomes even worse once again. This is what intersectionality is about, and it’s why we all need to make sure the voices of trans women are heard clearly. The current LGBTQIA rights movement would not be where it is today without the trans women of color who paved the way to where we are now.

anonymous asked:

A Christian thing:In the bible there are 10 commandments and as a Christian I am deeply into the bible. The 5th commandment states Thou Shall Not Murder. Not only did that beautiful WOMANS parents MURDER her physically but mentally and emotionally and no matter how it's done: denying a person the right to be who they are is murder.

This message ended very differently that I thought it would after the first sentence.

No doubt though, Leelah’s parents would also say that they are Christians who are “deeply into the bible”—so deep in, in fact, that they couldn’t pull their heads out of their asses long enough to see their child and accept her for who she truly was.

But I agree with you on this: Carla and Doug Alcorn are abusers who killed their child for being transgender.