twef short story

a woman raises her hand and makes a comment in a college classroom. the professor replies:
“I think that’s very astute of you. Actually, wait, are you trans or cis?”
“Cis,” the woman replies.
“Oh, well in that case, no male privilege for you. Your comment was a big flop and for dumb dummies.”
Another woman chimes in.
The professor frowns.
“I disagree strongly with the basic premise of your comment. Oh, wait, I forgot to ask: Are you trans or cis?”
“Trans,” replies the second woman.
“Oh shit, well then I think you deserve a big double scoop of male privilege! Your comment was the smartestest thing ive ever heard and you win at college.”

And that professors name was, Biology.
Texas Seeks to Allow Doctors Right to Refuse Treating Transgender Patients
The crusade against transgender rights in Texas — along with Attorney General Ken Paxton's race to break the record for most lawsuits filed against the federal government—is ripe and thriving.
By Meagan Flynn

While the lawsuit Texas filed against the feds for directing school districts to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identities makes its way through court, Paxton has got to work on a new anti-trans project, this time suing the feds for issuing a rule that prevents healthcare providers from discriminating against transgender patients.

Now, Paxton is pushing to give physicians the right to deny transgender people medical treatment — similar to the way he attempted to give cake bakers and even public officials the right to deny gay people service and rights.

Federal Judge Blocks 'Bathroom Bill' at University of North Carolina
The injunction applies only to the transgender students and faculty who filed suit, but the university had already announced it would not enforce the transphobic bathroom provisions of House Bill 2.

A federal judge today used the words of the attorney representing North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory to justify blocking the anti-trans provisions of the state’s controversial anti-LGBT law known as House Bill 2U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder granted a preliminary injunction barring the University of North Carolina from enforcing the so-called bathroom bill provision of HB 2, which bars transgender people from using restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity when those facilities are in government buildings (including at the state-run university).

“Ultimately, the record reflects what counsel for Governor McCrory candidly speculates was the status quo ante in North Carolina in recent years,” writes Schroeder. “Some transgender individuals have been quietly using bathrooms and other facilities that match their gender identity, without public awareness or incident.”

The injunction is limited in scope, meaning it technically applies only to the individuals who filed suit, though UNC leaders had already announced, under growing public pressure, their intention not to enforce the anti-LGBT law across UNC’s several campuses. The injunction will remain in place until the case is decided, following the full trial scheduled to begin November 14. The 83-page ruling goes on to explain that the plaintiffs, who include three transgender North Carolinians who are students or faculty members at various UNC institutions, are likely to succeed in their claim that the anti-trans provision of HB 2 violates existing civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on sex.

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Republicans renew trans predator myth after judge's HB2 injunction
N.C.s GOP leaders said HB2 offered "commonsense protections to keep grown men out of bathrooms and showers with women and young girls."

A federal judge ruled Friday that two students and an employee must be allowed to use restrooms matching their gender identity at University of North Carolina campuses, and he said they have a strong chance of proving the state’s bathroom-access measure violates federal law, a judicial rebuke that transgender rights advocates hailed as a victory. U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder temporarily blocked the University of North Carolina from making the three plaintiffs follow the restroom provision of the so-called HB2 law as the larger case makes its way to trial in November. His final decision on the law won’t come until after trial.

Passed in March, HB2 requires transgender people to use restrooms in schools and many public buildings that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates, rather than their gender identity. It also excludes gender identity and sexual orientation from statewide anti-discrimination protections. The state’s Republican leaders argue the law is needed to protect privacy and safety by keeping men out of women’s restrooms. Transgender residents challenging the law say that restroom safety is protected by existing laws, while the North Carolina measure is harmful and discriminatory.

North Carolina Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore issued a statement maintaining that the law represents “common sense protections to keep grown men out of bathrooms and showers with women and young girls” and saying they were pleased that the ruling only extended to the three plaintiffs. In Friday’s ruling, Schroeder wrote that the challengers “are likely to succeed” in their arguments that HB2 violates Title IX, a federal law prohibiting gender discrimination in educational institutions. However, he said plaintiffs haven’t shown they are likely to succeed on a claim that the law violates their constitutional equal protection rights, and he reserved judgment on another constitutional claim related to due process.


I remember seeing this article a while ago some tw£rf linked about a “violent transwoman attacks innocent female in bathroom” type bullshit where a trans woman broke a cis woman’s nose, and i was morbidly curious so i clicked through to the legal records.

What the article failed to mention was that the trans woman had only punched the cis woman after the cis woman literally broke down the door of the bathroom stall the trans woman was occupying with the intention of attacking her.

Imagine trying to take a shit in peace when some violent fucker bashes down the door of your bathroom stall, attempts to physically assault you, and then you get thrown in jail for defending yourself.

Legal justice for trans women is a fucking joke.

We cis women loving women absolutely and definitely need to do better when it comes to dealing with transmisogynistic sapphic celebrities. We need to stop talking about women like Gillian Anderson or Kate McKinnon as wlw icons or the queen of the gays or our saviors or whatever. These women are transmisogynists, they’re out there harming some of the most vulnerable women loving women and the adoring and worshipping treatment they get from other women loving women despite this is unacceptable.

We as cis wlw also need to hold the members of our communities who attack trans women like @homojabi for speaking out about how the idolisation of Gillian Anderson hurt her accountable and make it clear that giving trans women any shit about their reactions to transmisogyny, esp transmisogyny in wlw spaces, will not be tolerated.

And we need to stop with this apologetic “it was years ago and she’s never said anything like this since then” and “please don’t make us feel bad for loving her she’s really important to us” bullshit and we need to communicate to other women loving women that this kind of apologism is shit and needs to stop. We need to stop valuing our own comfort and our idols over trans women’s safety from transmisogyny in wlw spaces.

We need to do better.

(and if you disagree with any of this you can honestly just unfollow.)

so where are all the gay orgs and marriage equality organizers now that state after state is making using the toilet in public something that trans people can’t do?

I was told, by LG folk and marriage equality “allies” that y'all would be back for the trans folks, that i was an asshole and holding up the revolution for pointing out that marriage doesn’t do much for my community, called all sorts of names because how dare i suggest that they would forget us but the only people i see posting about this or working on it or caring about it is trans people, and even that is largely trans women because holy shit my fellow afabs, we are not any better.

this is why i reject the politics of incrementalism. this is why i reject the reactionary politics that insist that there are bigger emergencies than the ones that are impacting the daily lives and welfare of vulnerable people, the politics where its okay to leave the vulnerable behind because we’ll come back to them later because ITS LATER AND WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU.