leftist tumblrs habit of treating real terfs like something to laugh at (e.g. the whole FARTs thing) while simultaneously claiming completely unrelated discourse is “terf dog whistling” is a fucking disastrous combination

terfs are a dangerous and violent group with extremely specific goals and yall are watering down the meaning so fucking much that younger lgbt teens just getting into social justice are going to be terrified of forming their own stances and opinions lest they be “drinking the terf kool-aid” (something ive actually been accused of multiple times) while at the same time not even knowing what a terf actually is or what they actually do

I’d have some level of sympathy (I guess) for some of the experieces terves and other transmisogynist women talk about having at the mercy of Patriarchy if there wasn’t the glaring fact they’re actively trying to violently stamp out one of the most dictated, exploited, and violated social groups that exist within its clutches, which is in the patriarchy’s service rather than working against it! Honestly, terves aren’t little more than class traitors.

This TERF page run by Janice Williams- one of the TERFs who sabotaged London Pride this year- is now promoting fascist antisemitic conspiracy theories.

TERFs really are openly showing their true colours now as they go all out in stoking up anti-trans prejudice ahead of the government consultation closing.

as non trans women, it’s easier for us to hate terfs than it is for us to hate transmisogyny. we aren’t threatened in any way, shape, or form by violence that targets trans women, whereas terfs will attack anyone who shows support for them. the sooner we recognize that vocally hating terfs but never calling out forms of transmisogyny perpetuated by members of other groups is performative allyship, the safer the trans women in our community will be. 

new cool meme: start saying “transmisogynist” instead of “terf” bc there’s nothing radical or feminist about transphobia (and i don’t think we should give them that cred). also “transmisogynist” is much more effective since a lot of younger people don’t even know what terf means and also “terfs” are actually proud of the term…

After months of publishing TERF’s opinion pieces full of transmisogynistic lies and falsehoods in the name of freeze peach, the Guardian have now published an editorial which effectively repeats the TERF position in all its points to oppose trans rights in law… quelle surprise

slightly controversial opinion: 

body hair positivity is utterly meaningless if it doesn’t include or center women of color and trans women 

women of color and trans women face the most egregious mockery of their body hair 

AND they’re consistently misgendered and denied their womanhood because of their body hair (especially if they’re trans and nonwhite) 

there are white women, including white wlw (especially gnc white wlw) who are shamed for their body hair but frankly their struggles with body hair are incomparable to how women of color + trans women (especially gnc wlwoc and trans woc) struggle daily with body hair 

trans women are assaulted and even killed if they don’t pass and are thus pressured to conform to femininity in ways cis women aren’t 

women of color are coercively masculinized and desexualized if they don’t conform to femininity and face a constant, exhausting stream of rejection from their communities and from white people because of body hair 

both trans women and woc are punished if they don’t painstakingly rid themselves of body hair or if they do choose to then they participate in painful, time-consuming, and usually expensive processes to get rid of body hair 

consider religion as well - jewish, muslim, hindu, and other nonwhite women who are religious have unique struggles with body hair as well

in essence, body hair positivity that doesn’t emphasize woc and trans women’s conflicts with body hair and how it relates to their sense of self/how others conceive of them is truly purposeless and only serves to cater to cis white sensibilities 

When I was 16, the father of the boy I was dating grounded his son for “dating a boy” and threatened to run me over with his car. The boy’s family shunned or harassed me online because they thought I was “tricking” him. His friends told him that he was confused. This language isn’t just a slur but also shapes our everyday lives as transgender women.

Terfs have started a campaign putting up penis stickers in major cities and now there are reports they’ve adopted the nazi tactic of hiding razor blades behind them to injure anyone trying to remove them.

Cover them with another sticker or scratch with a key to be safe, more advice here.