I just read the most infuriatingly obtuse bullshit by a cis ~queer girl about how pegging her straight cis boyfriend makes her a “f*g” and how it’s soooooooooooooooo sexxxy and empowering for her to be able to put on and take off a dick (the existence of trans women is not once acknowledged in the entire article which makes repeated reference to “female identities”) and I’m havin a moment of being infuriated by the fact that so many literary and writers scenes are just, like, junked up with these people who somehow manage to like, live in gentrified areas of New York while being “writers” whose biggest publishing credits are consistently like, thinkpieces about how pegging their het boyfriends means they’re deconstructing gender and inventing feminism or whatever, who like, use phrases like “anti-o” instead of “anti-oppression” to show how advanced their social justice qualifications are and all have the same septum piercings and square bangs and pride themselves on being mean and exclusionary to anyone who doesn’t remind them of themselves because they got bullied one time in high school or whatever (which is probably a lie anyway) and now they’re sticking it to the patriarchy by being needlessly cruel and condescending while simultaneously acting like they’ve never reproduced an oppressive dynamic ever in their entire lives

Trans girls deserve access to hormone therapy. I’m not talking about puberty blockers here. I’m talking about estrogen, progesterone, and an anti-androgen. Why? Aside from the fact that it’s kinda gross to force a little girl to continue to look like, well, a little girl into adulthood forcing trans girls to use puberty blockers is going to deny treatment to all but the most privileged of children.

You do realize that the drugs they use to delay puberty cost hundreds of dollars a month, right? I’m talking upwards of a thousand dollars or more.

What I’m saying is that medically necessary treatment for transgender girls shouldn’t be restricted to those girls who happen to come from wealthy families simply because society clings to the ageist idea that children lack sufficient insight into their own gender to make an informed decision of whether they want to grow up male or female.

The article, in case anyone wants to read the filth.

Some particularly spectacular quotes below

“I slide on my cock, slowly stretching into my new gender expression—a liminal, suspended moment of desire and intimacy. I begin to embody another part of me, the masculine, androgynous, sometimes genderless components of my identity that hide behind my daily performance of femininity.”

Cissexism 101: Gender =/= genitals. And a woman with a penis does not make her more androgynous, more masculine, less feminine, or genderless, despite what transmisogynistic tropes and stigmas might lead one to believe

“Don’t get me wrong, I love being femme and fully embrace my identity as a woman and fierce feminist. I feel powerful and sexy in my femme accoutrement—the fitted dresses that accentuate the curves on my petite frame, the makeup that I recently learned how to apply, the jewelry gifted to me by my partner. …  And yet, in this moment, wearing my cock, embodying Daddy with a firm, loving hand, watching my boy squirm with pleasure as he begs for more, I derive my sexiness and empowerment from a different source“

So very feminist. Joyfully reproducing transmisogyny, embodying toxic masculinity, and reducing the idea of women with penises yet again to a purely sexual environment steeped in cissexist and fetishistic overtones.

“ I would carefully sneak into the boys’ bathroom, stand in front of one of the urinals, and pee. I was fascinated, almost fixated by the fantasy of having my own cock. Yet, never once did I ache for a real one, always loving that I could strap on any shape and size and remove it whenever I pleased. “

This is so laughably cissexist and entirely reflective of G!P works in how the girl with a g!p is almost always always a “real” girl and not a trans girl, whose penis is essentially a cis man’s that gets plopped on just like women like this put their strap-ons on. This is honestly vomit-worthy ngl

“ I began reading erotica around the same time, seeking titillation in gay vampire stories—what I call the root of my faggy fantasies. For years, I played out these fantasies only in my head. Until one day, I strapped on my cock and asked for my first blowjob. He was straight and cis, and after all the pain and trauma I had survived at the hands of straight men, topping him felt beyond empowering.” 

What’s that? Erotica has real life influence and doesn’t exist in a vacuum? People can take shit from it and bring it out into the real world where they can cause harm through it? You don’t saaaaaaaay!

And lovely for her to reduce trans women to ‘fags’ and then appropriate that slur which was never meant for them, never described them. So fucking disgusting to reduce this to sexual power, as if cis men don’t already have blown egos over their penises being the key to everything, we clearly have to get cis women and afab folks jumping on board to call penises empowering.

The stench of cissexism is thick this afternoon.

I was shocked to finally be realizing my fantasies, especially after years of performing a more conventional femme identity with transmasculine partners, incredulous that the reality of this faggotry was beyond anything I had dreamed. I began to cry. I eventually found my joy in queer role-play, where I could play at the convergence of all of my sexual desires and gender identities with other fag-identified partners, finally breaking free from a singular construct of femme identity.

You too can roleplay as a pseudo trans woman and take on slurs and histories not meant for you, embodying ‘sexy taboo’ stigmas and cissexist transmisogynistic links to toxic masculinity while in your bedrooms, while shedding all of that outside of it (with the exception of articles like this where you parade your transmisogyny for all to see, only making trans women MORE concerned and suspicious about afab folks in LGBT+ communities)

It’s fun for the whole family :D

“Although the very definition of queer troubles binaries of sexuality and gender, from the outside, queer relationships that seem to recreate feminine/masculine dichotomies could be viewed as reconstructing heteronormative or misogynist gender roles. Yet, if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll find that these relationships are not always so black and white. Not all femmes are submissive bottoms, nor are all femme tops mean mommies.”

Apparently in all that ‘digging’ (laughable analysis in the article tbh) they failed to see the deep cissexism and transmisogyny rampantly tromping around in their views and beliefs and expressions and behaviour. Fancy that! No unprocessed compulsory heterosexuality HERE! No sir!

“Prominent queers, such as Jill Nagle and Janet Hardy, identify with the term girlfag—a woman, however she chooses to express this female gender identity, who is attracted to gay men” 

Jesus fucking christ. This doesn’t need any more commentary, it stands on its own.

“There is much less written about the term femme daddy—an Instagram hashtag, some discussion board posts, and an Urban Dictionary entry that states: “A rare gem typically found in the leather or kink community, a female identified femme and/or feminine woman who can rock a skirt, lipstick, and other girlish accouterment, who personifies a Daddy style in their D/s relationships—firm, structured, constructive, while being loving and supportive.””

By “female identified femme” or “feminine woman” they most certainly don’t mean trans women, because holy fuck would that turn into a parade of misgendering immediately. Cissexist, transmisogynistic, and probably a clear example of afab privilege in LGBT+ spaces that most afabs can refer to themselves with just about any binary-gendered term and still manage to not have their core identity invalidated. if that wasn’t clear enough after the “trans men being given the green light to call themselves lesbians” debacle, then this clearly clinches that.

“In my own primary relationship, I’ve started using the term secret femme faggot, a particular representation of these fluid notions of feminine gender identity. Most days, I’m Daddy; other days I’m little faggot; sometimes I’m just my partner’s femme girlfriend. Secret femme faggot encompasses all of my expressions of gender and sexuality and not-so-secret love and indulgence in faggotry.”

Someone please literally throw this person in a trash compactor, her unearned, unwarranted use of the f-slur is escalating to absurd lengths, and is clearly showing her homophobia with how she’s framed her ‘identities’.

““Being queer and being femme, it’s a way that I get to define femininity for myself and find a lot of power from it. I don’t feel like I fit into conventional norms of femininity, although sometimes, from the exterior, I’m read this way.” She blurs these gender lines with a “little edge,” as she describes it—armpit hair, piercings, shorter hair, wearing a cock during sex: “To me, there’s such a power trip in bringing masculinity—my form of masculinity, with my cock and my edges—into a relationship where somebody holds themselves as more conventionally masculine. I love pushing that boundary. It’s a huge turn on and huge power play and I love watching people get out of their head about…how they should fuck…because of their male or masculine identity. I love watching people go through that process, and in that process finding a ton of pleasure.””

My brain is melting, the cissexism is getting too thick…

“Another femme sees her identity as genderfucking, albeit rooted in femininity: “Femme is so much more than what you’re wearing. It’s a being, a grounded sense of power and control.” Although recently, she has begun exploring her more submissive side, playing with and trusting in new power dynamics and energies with different partners, all while still wearing a cock and embracing her own version of femininity.” 

Like, how do they not see the immense privilege here of being women, and proudly celebrating their “empowering” “cocks”, when trans women are literally harassed, assaulted, and murdered for having penises. They get to play with a fantasy while we face the consequences.

Fucking hell.

“ Each day, I put on my femme costume and I pass as straight. I consider myself cisgender, as I only prefer male pronouns during sex. “

Cissexism and transmisogyny succinctly and clearly put, folks. Cis afab privileges roaring full steam ahead

 “Corinne Goldenberg is a queer femme and global wanderer who writes about intersectional feminism and the confluence of gender and sexuality. She studied Women and Gender Studies at Smith College and International Affairs at the New School.”  

Well, that pretty much kills any validity of her intersectionality, and dulls any respect I might have had for Smith College if someone could get through a gender studies degree and still come out so supremely saturated in cissexism and transmisogyny, like 1000% utterly blind to either.

Like, that’s hard to do! Even my uni’s largely mediocre WGST courses left most folks understanding and seeing the most obvious elements of cissexism and transmisogyny for what they were. Like, seriously, the most clueless of people who maybe even accidentally signed up for the classes would eave knowing even a tiny bit. Not so much for this lady.

Seriously. If she wants to be a fag so bad, maybe she can bundle herself together with sticks and toss herself in an incinerator. 

anonymous asked:

Dyadic privilege is an absurd concept. Asserting that trans women can ever be in any way privileged for how trans bodies are sexed is absurd and transmisogynistic.

You’re intentionally misinterpreting dyadic privilege. No one is saying that trans women are privileged for being trans. We are saying they are privileged for not being intersex.
The oppression trans women face largely overlaps with that faced by intersex people, but dyadic trans people do not have to be mutilated as infants, or denied passports altogether depending on how their birth assignment was written. I know that some countries require sterilization upon transition, and make it difficult if not impossible to obtain passports. But they are not the same issues, and to deny that intersex people do not have their unique forms of oppression is frankly intersexist. -Mod C

Oh my god, an anti feminist is now reblogging from us. As if the TERFS weren’t bad enough.

Do people not understand the point of this page??

This is a page to call out injustice against fat people.

That includes fat women. That includes fat trans people.

That means transphobia, transmisogyny, and misogyny are not tolerated here.

Do people not get that nonbinary people and feminists are running this blog?

I mean what exactly makes people look at this blog and go, “Welp, as a person who hates *insert some oppressed group here*, this page is totally meant for me!”

Apparently we need to do a better job of making it clear that this is an intersectional feminist space dedicated to fighting not only fatphobia but also every oppression with which it intersects.

Which is all of them.


a dick is not the problem

dieses zine erklärt auf eine sehr zugängliche art transmisogynie (trans frauen feindlichkeit) und cis-sexismus (unterdrückung von trans und inter personen) anhand von genitalistischen vorstellungen.

erhältlich beim queer trash distro auf dem zinefest berlin am 29. oktober 2016

this zine explains transmisogyny (hatred against trans women) and cis sexism (oppression of trans and inter folx) based on genitals in an easily accessible way.

available from queer trash distro at the zinefest berlin on october 29th 2016

@natblida said: “embodying Daddy” “faggy fantasies” “queer role-play” and “girlfag” are my favorites. is this for real omfg. I don’t think I could write something as messed up as this if even if I wanted wtf”

This IS for real. And as disgusting and gross and fetishistic as it all is, it finally brings a segment of people into the light that I’ve been critical of for forever, and whose influence has seeped into fandom.

Super messed up, but also entirely 100% legit, and I really hope people read this and see how disgusting it is.

@assassinoutclassin said:  so basically she has a “t****y fetish” but won’t admit it

Pretty much, yeah. Mix in some unprocessed compulsory het, and a deeply held belief in cissexist rhetoric, and yeah, that’s essentially the author


What Cis People Say To Trans People Vs. What We Hear

By Meredith Talusan and Rory Midhani

TRANSlator 3000: Amazing technology translates cissexist BS!

“Oh you’re trans but you look so good!”
“Trans people are ugly.”

“I’ve never met a trans person before.”
“I assume I can identify any trans person.”

“I would date a trans person.”
“Trans people are usually undateable so I deserve a prize.” 

“You look just like a real woman.”
“Trans women aren’t really women.”

“I’m glad you’re being honest with me about being trans.”
“Trans people who don’t tell me they’re trans are deceivers and liars.”

“I loooooove trans people!”
“I fetishize trans people.”

“It’s so hard to switch pronouns.”
“Trans people are an inconvenience to me.”

“I don’t have a problem with trans people.”
“I have a problem with trans people.” 

  • -support trans women who have pattern baldness and can't wear their hair in "feminine" styles.
  • -support trans women who have sensitive skin and can't shave every day.
  • -support trans women who have pigment allergies and can't wear tons of makeup.
  • -support trans women who have blood disorders and other health problems that make surgery a preventively high risk.
  • -also, support trans women who do not have these problems but still do not feel obligated to live up to your cissexist standards of femininity.
It’s actually pretty simple...

If a character in a movie or TV show is written as a woman, a woman is automatically going to be cast for the role. Men won’t show up to audition for the role because the character is a woman. Directors aren’t considering a man to play the role because the character is a woman.

Trans women are women, not men in dresses. Stop putting male actors in dresses just because the character is a trans woman. It’s not about “the best actor for the role”, it’s about routinely portraying trans women as something that they aren’t: men in dresses. 

California Restaurants Launch Nation's First Transgender Jobs Program
The unemployment rate for transgender people is double that of the general population. A new program aims to change that. It's all because of a trans woman who's employed trans people for years.
Transgender woman says she was fired hour after winning KFC job in Virginia

A Richmond woman, Georgia Carter, was offered a job at a local KFC, only to have the offer immediately rescinded when the hiring manager saw from her driver’s license (which still lists her as male) that she is transgender. She was told that she couldn’t have the job because the management “didn’t know which bathroom she could use.” The story broke yesterday, February 27th 2016.

In Virginia, there aren’t currently any laws which protect transgender people from discrimination on the job.

I’ll keep an eye on the story as it develops, for ways to support Ms. Carter and to demonstrate to Virginia’s hiring managers that this is unacceptable. If you hear of something, send it on in.