transmasculine style


lately I’ve been having issues with dysphoria and struggling to see myself as masculine but the other day my girlfriend took a bunch of pictures with me and it made me feel really good. I’m very lucky to be with someone who makes me feel the way she does. I hope if any of you are struggling with dysphoria that things start to look up and know that you’re loved and fabulous.

anyways I feel like I look sassy and masc af in these so I’m posting them.

love u cool ppl
have a good night/day ya know


*raises Black power fist*

It’s been a rough few months. Learning to love myself and not let my self worth be defined by my relationship with someone else. Selfies for self-care is not joke. This face and this body are the only ones I’ve got so damnit I’m gonna try to embrace them.

Happy blackout pt. 2

Hey all! I thought I’d share part of the big project I’d been working on for the past few weeks. This is one of the series of posters I did, for a project on dressing people with atypical body types. 

(None of the textile images belong to me, and I have them in a works cited available at any request! Graphic made using Canva)