a shoutout

to all my fat and curvy trans boys

whose binders still don’t make them anywhere close to flat

who are self concious because their chub makes them curvier

who can’t bind on a daily/regular basis

who are forced to joke about their chests because they can’t deal with it any other way

who won’t “pass” until top surgery

whose soft cheeks make their faces look more feminine

who consistently only see positive feedback on posts about skinny white trans boys who were able to “pass” a couple of months after starting on T (or before)

society will try to tell you otherwise but your trans-ness is no less valid than theirs. your curvy body is still a boys body, no matter how you wear it.

For #transformationthursday I decided to share a side-by-side photo of where I was 11 years ago, just beginning my transition, to today. All of our bodies are different, how we define our bodies are different. I share these comparisons from time to time to remind myself and others that change happens, but it happens differently for all of us. You’re never too old to transition (I was 25) and when you feel frustrated and think things aren’t happening fast enough remember each of our journeys take us on different paths. #transman #transgender #trans #ftm #transition #ftmchestsurgery

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Dear Transmen,
  • No matter if your breasts are large or if they are small
  • No matter if you’re petite or large
  • No matter if you bind or don’t
  • No matter how light or deep your voice may be
  • No matter how tall or short you might be
  • No matter if your hair reaches your ankles or your ears
  • No matter if you wear earrings, necklaces, or whatever else
  • No matter if you wear makeup or not
  • No matter who you are attracted to
  • No matter what anyone else says

You are man enough, you’re handsome, you’re a man, and I love you very very much and am so so glad you’re still alive.

You are man enough. You’re a man. A brave man at that.