translucent animals

The Orb of Kadath: an impossibly ancient artifact imbued with dark and powerful magic. To one amateur adventurer, it was also an irresistibly appealing shade of red, and in a moment of impulse, a poor decision was made.

He’ll be fine— he just needs some medical and magical attention. And if these two need to read the runes on the Orb in the meantime, all they need is a light.

rule number one about axolotls seems to be “if it fits, it’s going in their mouth”. These axolotl people are smarter than their real-world counterparts, but… not a whole lot smarter, sometimes. They probably shouldn’t go adventuring without a chaperone.

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1) GLASS SQUID (Teuthowenia  pellucida)  ©Peter Batso

Found on the southern hemisphere’s oceans, the Glass Squid has light organs on its eyes and possesses the ability to  roll into a ball, like an aquatic hedgehog. It is prey of many deep-sea  fish (eg. goblin sharks) as well as whales and oceanic seabirds.

2) ANGLERFISH (female host with males attached)

… the sexual dimorphism of this species of deep sea fish. The big fish well, that’s the female. The two fish appearing to nurse at the bottom - those are male. They aren’t nursing. They, at birth, exist only to find a female, no mean feat in the deep, dark ocean. When they do, they bite and latch on to her and then FUSE to her body at the circulatory level like a parasite would. Over time, the male is completely absorbed but for his testicles, which remain outside of her body to fertilize her eggs. As you can see, more than one male can attach to a female. That might also be one on her forehead, tough to say some species of Anglerfish also have the bioluminate bits (like fishing poles) dangling from their heads over their mouths to attract food.