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[#오늘의방탄] #방탄소년단 이 컴백했습니다!!!✌🏻 컴백쇼에 함께 해준 아미들과 생중계로 함께 달려준 전세계 아미들~ 우주가 생긴 그 날부터 계속 우린 영원히 함께니까! (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

[#Today’sBangtan] #BTS has made their comeback!!!✌🏻 ARMYs who were with us at the comeback show and ARMYs all over the world who ran with us~ From the day the universe was created. We’ll be together forever! (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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나는 로빅이다. 어제 진행된 무대를 마친 #빅스 요원들의 모습이다. 별빛파워로 수상한 ‘본상’ 진심으로 고맙습니다! #스탈라잇_고마워🏆 #오래오래_함께해🌟

I am Rovix. This is the #VIXX agents after the performance yesterday. Thank you sincerely for the ’bonsang’ won with Starlight power! #Thanks_Starlights🏆 #Let'sBeTogetherFor_ALongLongTime🌟


[20170920] 소리바다 어워즈
소리바다 어워즈 본상 수상 🏆
우이 빅쮸랑 별빛, 건강하고 행복하자 💕
#스탈라잇_고맙고_고맙습니다 🌟
#VIXX #빅스 #桃源境 #도원경

[20170920] Soribada Awards
Awarded the Soribada Awards bonsang 🏆
Our Vixchu and Starlights, let’s be healthy and happy 💕
#Starlights_Thanks_AndThankYouAgain 🌟
#VIXX #Vixx #桃源境 #Shangri-la

T/N: Bonsang is an award name that basically means “main prize/award.”


@WM_OHMYGIRL: [#캔디캔디] 오늘 점심은 건강한 식단으로 드세용>< 요즘 환절기라 감기가 유행이더라구용 ! 그런의미루 비타민이 가득한 야채나 과일은 어때용🍍🍅🥑🥝🥕🍑 저는 오늘 월남쌈 먹을거예용 히힛 #과즙식단 #감기조심 #그래도아이스크림

[#CandyCandy] Eat something healthy for lunch today>< The season is changing so people have been catching colds lately ! So with that said, how about some vitamin-rich fruits or vegetables 🍍🍅🥑🥝🥕🍑  I’m going to eat rice paper rolls today heheh #FruityJuiceDiet #Don’tCatchACold #ButStillI’mGonnaEatIceCream

Trans: roz @ fyohmygirl
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Umehara Yuichiro (2017.09.20) [x]
I will be playing the role of Kircheis in the new “Legend of Galactic Heroes Die Neue These“.
I will be trying my absolute best.
Please look forward to it.

Otsuka Akio [x]
Way to go, Umeme ♪

Umehara Yuichiro (2017.09.20) [x]
Umeme will try his hardest!

(Aww!!! Black Jack supporting Young Black Jack! Ume-chan rarely ever uses exclamation marks… We’re seeing something quite special XDDD)

[#SHOWNU] MONSTA X has come to participate in a charity donation in which they donated some of their own items. Our favorite items are sold through auctions and are said to be going towards a good cause. With everyone’s small interest, it can give people a lot of strength, so I hope you’ll participate together with us.

Trans: FYSHOWNU || take out with full credit.



We have closed the curtain for the Osaka performance of Engeki Haikyuu!!
I am thankful that I am able to perform my beloved production in my hometown!
Thank you very much to those who attended the shows~((∩^Д^∩))

I haven’t eaten takoyaki~

I wonder what I’m doing at the back lolol

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Hazuki's Twitter
  • Hazuki: [Sin and punishment]*
  • I just ate Ramen (+Rice) until I was full which made me happy but
  • Now I'm attacked by a feeling of despair because it's turning into fat
  • Hazuki: (As for today, this shall be my first and last meal)
  • [I left out a few of his tweets here.]
  • Ryo: Hazuki is really good at playing the bass.
  • Hazuki: Praise me more~~ ♨️
  • Hazuki: Wake me up at 9 tomorrow 💋
  • Twitter User: I won't let you sleep 💕
  • Hazuki: Lewd
  • Twitter User: More like don't make me sleep 😍
  • Hazuki: Good night~
  • *Tsumi to batsu... If that rings a bell.

So there’s a Harry Potter AU Victuuri + Durmstrang student Victor Nikiforov trend going on twitter and I hopped onto that bandwagon as soon as I could CUZ I AM TRASH FOR HARRY POTTER AU


It’s been a while since I slept like a log for the whole morning!
I’ll have my fill of Osaka for my remaining time here!!

Next is Hyogo performances.
It’s the first time Haikyuu!! is going to be performed here!

I’ll be waiting!
Tsukishima will be waiting too