Yukimura Akari’s (A.K.A. Kayano Kaede’s) Graduation Album Character Profile

Interestingly, Kayano has two profiles in the Graduation Album! One profile is for her identity as a 3-E student, Kayano Kaede, but another is for her identity prior to entering 3-E, as an actress and as a sister to Aguri. I was initially planning on releasing the Yukimura sisters’ profiles together, like I did for the Asano family, but Akari’s profile required so much extra research and notes that I decided her profile alone is enough for a single post ^^;

The Hugely Popular Former Child Acting Prodigy – Yukimura Akari

Section 1: A former acting prodigy burning with vengeance

She is popularly known under the stage name “Haruna Mase” as a genius child actress. She is also Aguri’s younger sister. When her older sister died, she obtained some tentacle seeds, and she resolved to take revenge upon the “monster” who killed her. Armed with innate acting ability and a strong will, she performed her role as “Kayano Kaede” for an extended period of time as she endured the severe pain inflicted by the tentacles.

Section 2: Photo captions

Though they were many years apart, Akari would happily chat away on the phone with her older sister. They had a great relationship.

“Once I decide something, I move straight toward it”. That is Akari’s primary nature. If it’s for the sake of her goal, she will show no concern for her own wellbeing.

Section 3: Yukimura Akari’s Hidden Side!!

She was going to take a break from performing and live life as a normal junior high school student. She was able to easily gain admission to Kunugigaoka Junior High, indicating that her natural aptitude for studying is quite high.

Section 4: List of roles as Haruna Mase

Orphan, honor student, delinquent, ghost… no matter how difficult the role, she could perform it perfectly.  She dominated the market as a genius child actress. Currently, she has voluntarily suspended business.

Major Appearances:

  • 9 years-old: History of the Unusual (Drama)
  • 10 years-old: Pops (Drama)
  • 11 years-old:  Over a Large Roof (Drama); Kids (Movie)
  • 12 years-old: Sister Game (Movie); From Nankoku (Drama), Nuclear Family (Drama)
  • 13 years-old: Yokai School – The Final Chapter (Movie); Santa, The Worker (Drama); Mama Disappeared Yesterday (Drama)

Translation Notes (In this case, my attempt to explain all the drama and movie references):

History of the Unusual: Probably a reference to the 1990 Japanese drama “Tales of the Unusual” (世にも不思議な物語)

Pops: The original word used was “oton”, a way to say “father” in the Kansai dialect. It’s hard to translate the connotation Kansai words carry, but since it’s non-standard, regional Japanese, I opted for a word with a southern connotation. Possibly a reference to the 1953 drama “Father” (お父さん)

Over a Large Roof: Probably a reference to the 1962 Japanese drama “Under a Small Roof” (小さな屋根の下).  

Kids: Possibly a reference to the 1995 American movie “Kids” since it’s the only movie I can find when I google “Kids movie” in Japanese.

Sister Game: Possibly a reference to the 1959 drama “Family game” (家庭ゲーム).  

From Nankoku: Nankoku is a city in Japan spelled with the kanji for “south” and “country” (南国). This is probably a reference to the Japanese drama “From the North” (北の国から).

Nuclear Family: There’s too many dramas with “family” in its title, so I have no clue…

Yokai School – The Final Chapter: Not sure about this one either because there’s a ton of results for yokai and schools…

Santa, The Worker: The original word is 仕事人 , or “Shigotonin”, which doesn’t seem to have an English equivalent. It describes a person who excels at their work, making zero mistakes and doing things orderly and punctually. This is probably a reference to the Japanese drama “Hissatsu Shigotonin”( 必殺仕事人). The wiki synopsis is:

“A violent fire one evening kills a husband and wife couple and burns their Kazusaya rice shop to ashes. Their daughter Sachi manages to make it out alive, but she claims the fire was set by henchmen from the rival Harimaya shop who abducted her sister. After policeman Watanabe Shogoro hears her story, he begins investigating the case, but, desperate to avenge her parents’ deaths, Sachi later enlists the aid of a mysterious woman who offers to kill Harimaya for a price.”

Which I find interesting, because this sounds like what Class E was watching when they learned the truth about Kayano.

Mama Disappeared Yesterday: I’m not sure what this is referencing because there’s a ton of dramas about people disappearing, but possibly “The Day Papa Disappeared” (パパが消えた日)?

So yeah, Kayano has been in quite the range of films. These are all guesses from a non-native speaker who doesn’t really watch dramas, though, so I can’t guarantee my guesses are accurate. 

From Arisha’s Twitter 23 April 2018


Together with Asamin, the voice actress of Sarah 💕

The older sisters of the Kazuno and Kurosawa family  ( ´ ▽ ` )
It’s only 1 more week to Hakodate Unit Carnival!!

Are you properly prepared?
If not, please do listen to the sub-unit songs over and over again  ✨

[TRANS] Wanna One Photo Essay – Minhyun’s Interview

23 April 2018

Wanna One Photo Essay “So that we don’t forget”

What is the Wanna One members’ existence to Minhyun?
Thinking about it now, these 11 members becoming a team itself is like fate. We’re spending time now like all brothers.  I’ve been living with the members for the past ~6 months, and it was really a precious time. Going forward I think it will be like that too.

If you were to point out the performance that you remember most, which performance would it be?
The other members probably would think similarly. The Wanna One Premier Showcon where we first showed ourselves is the most memorable. It was exciting to show the performance we had been preparing, and it was very meaningful to directly be able to meet Wannables. It was a moment where both Wannables and us were shining.

Your image of normally being neat and clean became a topic. Do you also take charge of cleaning at the dorms these days?
Before, the 11 members and 2 managers all lived together in one house. And so, there was no space for the luggage, so no matter how much I cleaned, there was a limitation.  We’ve now moved dorms and live in two separate places . Because the space has gotten bigger, the dorm naturally got cleaner and I don’t have to take the lead.

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jp sign gag from the beginning of book 5 that I’m tling now because I’m inordinately amused by it for some reason~

‘rouka wa shizuka ni arukimashou!’ (”Please walk quietly in the halls!”) -> ‘rouka wa kani aruki shimashou!’ (”Please do the crabwalk in the halls!”)

[Trans] 170905 Rap Monster on Serendipity


Jimin’s Intro has been released.

I’m sure some people have guessed.. I ended up doing the lyric work.

I can’t really sing so I sent over a vaguely done guide but Jimin listened and sang the guide with a lot of passion, making sure he got all the right notes and tune and sent it to me ke ke ke

In our entire album, it took the 2nd/3rd longest to write the lyrics. Just as Jimin would, he sang excellently and I think this friend (Jimin) really pulls off the song better. Although it’s the first time a vocalist friend did the intro, I think the intros have been getting better and better. To Jimin, thang kyu

Our actual game.. The actual album, please look forward to the music from there

Goodnight ^^7

Trans by @bangtoori

during the last ment

Onew: Thanks for supporting us just like before and I am really thankful shawols now.  We are feeling the same thing as you guys.

Taemin: I am really thankful for our staff our fan and our members Jonghyun is just like a family to me now, he really worked hard. From now on, we will not forget him and we will put him in our heart forever.

Minho: I am not alone today. I am here with you guys and going through this with you guys. Not only this stage but we will have the heart of 5 members to stand on a different stage in the future. We just want to say one thing. We will remember Jonghyun forever.  I cant express this in words but the time spent today with u guys was really precious and thank you very much.

Key: From now on, we hope we can show SHINee through our future activities, We have received power and strength from you guys now and it was my motivation and power. I want to keep our promise and me and shinee will work harder. From now on, please support SHINee.

cr Nicole AC

Translation: @lyusul_

Hello. This is SHINee Taemin.

To be honest, at first I didn’t have much confidence about doing a stage. However, I wanted to keep the promise we made with our fans and did not want to part with SHINee members in the coming future.

Looking back at the times I felt most at ease and happy, they were all when I was with the members…and fans, and I came to hold even more affection for the name “SHINee” and our team members and I didn’t want to give them up even more.

I know that the coming future will definitely not be easy but we will try best to let the name “SHINee” shine for a longer time without fading, to not be forgotten.

I am so thankful for our members and you (fans), who made such beautiful memories for me, and I want to treasure the memories preciously for a long time.

And we want to keep being loved as SHINee and show us confidently rising from our sorrow and getting up on stage to our member watching from the sky.

We are greatly sorry for worrying you, and please keep watching (supportively) what we will do. Look after your health as it’s cold, and happy new year.

note: there’s no subject for a lot of the sentences, so all “I”s are interchangeable with “we” and vice versa

Part 3 of the TG:re volume 12 omake. I’ll continue translating the rest tomorrow when I’m a bit less brain dead :’)

Edit: Fun fact: The “I’ll split yer asshole inta three!” refers to this tweet by Yomo’s voice actor.

[TRANS] V on 4 o’clock

As expected

This song wouldn’t have been made without Namjoonie hyung~
I’ve always wanted to write about the dawn and..
because I like this style songs, I listen and sing to a lot and I wanted to try making this kind because my creativity was firing up so I asked Namjoonie hyung for it and he gave me a beat I really wanted

I liked Namjoonie hyung’s beat so much I wrote 6 different kinds of melodies
I thought of the birds at dawn as the main subject
That time between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock before the sun rises when it’s bluish, when there’s no one else at the park but me and the birds at dawn (will just say ‘bird’ moving forward), that time is short and I really like that time so there was a point where I went 5 days in a row to see it
It was there alone that I made the song on top of the beat Namjoonie hyung put together and although it’s not like I write lyrics well like Namjoonie hyung, I wanted to try and relay the feelings I liked into the lyrics. 

the dark (silent) dawn where the (listless) sounds ring with the cold cold winter wind
you continuously close yours eyes to the sounds as you realize the dawn
the birds at dawn cry out with an anxious passion
let me hear your voice fill this dawn

This is a letter I hoped to send to the birds at dawn (just ‘birds’) but
For me to write alone, this song couldn’t be completed and I was about ready to give up when it was able to be completed because of Namjoonie hyung~~
As expected of poet Kim Namjoon!

I will try to bring more songs for you to listen to
Also Vocal Monster hip hip hooray👊🏻🤘🏻☺️
I will make  more songs for you to listen to☺️

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[ Bakugou and Deku are Companions ]

Deku: “What should I do?! Kacchan, I think I dropped the keepsake from All Might on the way!!”

Bakugou: “Stupid! Don’t you know going back now is the same as killing yourself?”


Deku: “Thank you so much for finding it for me!" 

Todoroki: "I didn’t know it would be yours…." 

Bakugou: <– (ANNOYED AF)

Art by hiroaca_ake || Translated by seairu​  

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