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Any mistakes found and or clarifications needed, please feel free to drop me a message. English is not my first language so I will be happy to expound further to make things clearer. 

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*Note that I’ve left the name of Hakuryuu’s extreme magic up to official scans as I’ve always done so with new names introduced in raws.

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“Without ever playing for neither Real Madrid or Barcelona, the two most popular spanish clubs abroad, Fernando Torres became the national product who bared more resemblance to David Beckham than any other when it came to marketing, the most sought-after footballer by brands of all kinds. He was featured in Pepe Jeans and El Corte Inglés campaigns before other football style icons such as Xabi Alonso or Cristiano Ronaldo started going down the same path. His youthful and modern looks, coupled with a working class, carefree attitude were his most prized assets, and his hair his most distinctive trait. He has always taken special care of his locks, fully aware that it’s no doubt one of the keys to his success, and perhaps even his defining quality. In a time when Spain was just beginning to export national talents, Torres landed on british soil as a superstar. His shirt is still among the best sold in the history of the Premier League, and it was during his stay there when he became a world-famous personality. He also forged close friendships with the likes of Pepe Reina, Xabi Alonso and Juan Mata, and he lived his golden years on the pitch. When it came to the national team, he won two european titles and a World Cup, and was known for having stability in his personal life. In 2009, he married his longtime girlfriend Olalla Dominguez, and had two children, Nora and Leo, 5 and 4 years old respectively. They all joined him during his official presentation at the Vicente Calderón this past january along with other 45,000 faithful rojiblancos. The couple managed to adapt perfectly to the english lifestyle, but they secretly longed going back to Spain. Sources close to them confirm that they’re happy in the capital even though they’re still adapting. They also maintain that while Fernando felt scrutinized by the press in England, it’s the people in Spain who can’t seem to hold back their desire to ask for an autograph or a picture.” - EL PAÍS.


@bestidolone: 혹시 못 알아보실까봐 소개합니다. 이분들은 틴탑 #엘조 와 #니엘 입니다. 저장해두셨다가 우울할 때 한번씩 보시기를 권해드립니다 - 주간아이돌

In case you can’t tell who they are, let me introduce them. They are Teen Top L.Joe & Niel. You can keep a copy of the photos; take a look at it whenever you feel depressed - from Weekly Idol (n: Tweet attached to photos)

@angeljoe1123: (reply) How nice of you;;;;;;;;;;

GReeeeN - Believe Lyrics

(Note: There were many phrases where there are no direct translations, which often happens for Japanese lyrics because the language lacks a subject in most sentences.  Also, I modified some parts so it makes sense in English.  I italicized the part used in the CM.)


Right now, I am looking out over the world that lies in front of me

Overflowing with emotion, the younger me is looking

Not being able to tell anyone, I did not forget those tears

I am grateful of your hard work of that day.

This wonderful feeling, in my life time

how many times will I feel it?

That’s why, this moment

is put up against everything.

To me, regret is when I give up.

Frustration, tears, all those days lead me here.

Nothing has started yet, the path I chose

Let’s have a little fun, hear the voice that marks the beginning.

I don’t want to lose sight of the me I long for,

If you realize, there are times when we are weak.

In fact, we all know, by turning our backs, my heart

Turn back, let’s stand firm, tears flow.

Days relying on someone, nothing will change.

Wish, laugh, dream,

The me, only once in a life time, will stand front.

It’s not as if I have special strength.

I decided to not give up, I believe in that.

I don’t know how long the path I chose will continue,

A little more, a bit more, wanting to overcome the present.

Lalala, bring this song,

Lalala, draw, bring forward,

Lalala, we will reach there sometime,

Lalala, just don’t stop.

Pretending not to realize, let’s get comforted.

There is so much of that, time will flow,

One more step, one more step, even if you can or cannot,

Challenge like yourself, you can proudly smile.

Even if someone laughs at me, saying it’s impossible, even if they laugh,

The one who chooses is me, myself.

The weak, ephemeral moment, with the intent to become stronger,

how far will I be able to go?

To be able to believe in myself, I won’t lie.

To be able to meet with tears of happiness, I believe in that.

Nothing has started yet, the path I chose

Let’s have a little fun, hear the voice that marks the beginning.

It’s not as if I have special strength.

I decided to not give up, I believe in that.

If I continue, it won’t end, the middle of the greatest journey,

One more step, one more step, I keep walking.

Today, somewhere, it should be heard, the voice of someone calling.

Matsui Jurina to cover BIG ONE GIRLS 5th Anniversary Edition

BIG ONE GIRLS No. 27 (Released on March 3rd) will be 5th anniversary special edition. Matsui Jurina will be featured and on the cover!

Also featured : Oya Masana, Matsui Rena, Takayanagi Akane + Ego Yuna, Furuhata Nao, and Miyamae Ami in total 33 pages of SKE48!

Source : BIG ONE GIRLS Official Twitter
Translated by : crazykuroneko of Juurina@tumblr

BTS “New Year plan? We want to receive 1st place madly”

BTS mentioned that they would like to receive No.1 on music chart programs this year.

BTS was in the midst of the cover photoshoot and interview for the first Star & Style magazine ‘THE STAR’.

The concept for the pictorial this time is to show the masculinity and the purity of BTS’ inner selves. “I fell in love with black music during my school days and my earphones never left my side since then. Previously while studying and even eating, I will listen to music” RapMonster said, while JHope added, “This year you can expect more frequent uploads of individual songs or dance videos on our blog.” Singer-songwriter Suga said, “In the midst of busy schedules or just another day I will spend a couple of hours in the studio concentrating on working on songs”, stating his affection for song producing.

When asked about the goals for 2015, the youngest V replied, “It would be good to make history in the music industry. With that it would be a good turning point for BTS in the Korean music industry and cause a sensation” while leader RapMonster added, “It’s our wish to receive No.1 on music chart programs. If having a good song will make us receive No.1 we will do our best working in our songs.”

The pictorial and interview of BTS stylish charms will be released in the March issue of ‘THE STAR’ (sale on Feb 25th). Vivid videos and behind-the-scenes of the pictorial shooting venue is scheduled to be published on the website of THE STAR (

Hello, an Error (translation notes)

More Donougher: Amis Translation notes (because yes I keep checking):

Aside from the (really WEIRDLY ungood) intro, most of the issues I might have with Donougher’s translation are just the same issues of personal taste that come into play with any translation. That said I’ve noticed a few just WRONG things, for those keeping tracks: 

- for some unfathomable reason, Donougher chooses to translate Bahorel’s explanation of “Herclé ” as “God Damn It”. That’s…that’s not even close? The original is “Cela veut dire sacré nom d’un chien en latin”. “SACRED NAME OF A DOG”.  it’s kind of a big deal, what with Hugo’s them of animal souls and the place of men and  dogs in society and the Thenardier children being the children of wolves and dogs?!? IT’S A WHOLE THING. 

-…and then does away entirely with Gavroche appropriating Herclé as an insult. Again, it’s…it’s kind of a big deal? It’s about the way he educates himself and about the nature of language and Hugo sort of has a WHOLE DIGRESSION about the connections and power of slang and how it reflects community?

-also, Joly doesn’t die
-Joly is straight up not mentioned dying
-the Death Sentence is chopped into four and only four
-so it’s good that doesn’t actually happen in the actual text
-but what the heck?? 

I really like the handling of conversations in the Musain, Donougher really is good about noting references (she doesn’t catch them all, but hey, there are a ridiculous number) and in general I like the flow of her translation a lot! Which makes the errors jump out a lot more than they would otherwise. 

…also, for those wondering, it’s “pressed” hands. You know what I’m talking about. 

Lovelyz: Upcoming Weekly Idol appearance with Jung Hyung Don and Defconn

Lovelyz filmed an episode of Weekly Idol on February 24th. Their episode is expected to air soon in time for the promotions of their repackage album.


1. These idol girls are shining stars in the making

2. Since I checked the teaser and heard the piano sound I knew it would turn out to be a good song ^^* All of you, Fighting!!

3. Lovelyz Fighting!!!

4. Baby Soul, Lee Mijoo, Yoo Jiae, Seo Jisoo, Kei, JIN, Ryu Sujeong, Jung Yein♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Lovelyz do great!

5. Oh, it’s finally coming out

6. Who among the members is the most entertaining hehe, can’t miss this show!

7. Just thinking about our 7 (8) angels on Weekly Idol feels damn great…ha ♡♡I definitely plan on watching♡♡

8. Crying T_T♥ They are coming at last♥ I’m so looking forward to it T_T♥

9. Finally Lovelyz is going to be there T_T Wahh *tear* I’m so excited *tear* I won’t miss this for the world…hah. Anyway, it will be great seeing them♥

10. At last hahaha HAHA hahaha HA, I waited a long time for this!!!!


  • aho no sakata & uratanuki namahousou (2-28-2015)


All the seats in the housou were taken (it became full) so, in order to express their joy, Sakata decided that they should upload their collab video (Dragon Night) but then it ended up like this www

Sakata: Actually, I, the two of us, will get marri-

Urata: Marri?

Sakata: Marr-

Urata: What what, what’s that?

Sakata: We are going to upload a video. A collab.

Urata: Yeah…

Sakata: Why aren’t you more excited?

Urata: Huh? Wait www I was trying to grasp the situation ww 

Sakata: Why aren’t you more excited? Ah, so you’re not happy…

Urata: We will get married!!! Thank you!- that’s weird isn’t it?!

Sakata: Ahhh, ahh, I see, you’re not happy…

Urata: Well you- wait, I’m happy, I’m happy! Super happy!

Sakata: I guess your not happy about finally uploading a video…

Urata: I’m happy, I’m happy! www

Sakata: Ahh, what a shock…

Meanwhile in the comments:

Congratulations!!! When’s the wedding ceremony? Please say the vow!

Urata: It’s not congratulations!



#방탄소년단 <2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE I. BTS BEGINS> 개인 포스터 공개! (1) #슈가, #지민, #정국

#BTS <2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE I. BTS BEGINS> Individual poster revealed! (1) #Suga, #Jimin, #Jungkook

#방탄소년단 <2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE I. BTS BEGINS> 개인 포스터 공개! (2) #랩몬스터, #제이홉, #, #

#BTS <2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE I. BTS BEGINS> Individual poster revealed! (2) #RapMonster, #Jhope, #V, #Jin

150303 - 150304 BIGHIT OFFICIAL:

3/28~29 올림픽홀 “@bts_bighit: #방탄소년단 <2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE I. BTS BEGINS> 개인 포스터 공개! (1) #슈가, #지민, #정국

3/28~29 올림픽홀 “@bts_bighit: #방탄소년단 <2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE I. BTS BEGINS> 개인 포스터 공개! (2) #랩몬스터, #제이홉, #, #

March 28-29 Olympic Park Hall

[기사] #방탄소년단, 콘서트 개인포스터 공개..BTS BEGINS! ( …)

[Article] #BTS, concert individual poster revealed..BTS BEGINS!

#방탄소년단 콘서트 개인 포스터! 다들 해맑게 웃고 있는데, 유독 진 군만 심각해 보이지 않나요? 숨겨진 이야기가 무엇인지, 그것이 알고싶다!

#BTS concert individual poster! Everyone is clearly smiling, only Jin is being too serious? What is the hidden story behind, I want to know it!