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There we go, boys and girls. The real reason why Mika didn’t want to drink human blood \shot Yes, it’s official. Trust me, I know moonspeak \shot repeatedly

Jokes aside, I’m terribly sorry to those who had to endure my constant inane chatter about the liveblog. It’s over now since I’ve realized this thing is basically vanilla (you call that a bad end, punk?) but I’d still like to thank you wonderful people and apologize for the trouble owo

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Noragami 58 Summary

This chapter is super exciting and has a lot of otp moments, and finally an introduction to Take Mikazuchi, so it’s summary time! Lots, lots, lotts of pictures this time as well (RAW is by the super awesome fast-moon!)

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Magi 279 Translations

As always, this was originally scanned from Japanese to Korean to Chinese, and now I’m translating it from Chinese to English, so I can’t guarantee that this is 100% correct. I apologize for any errors, and enjoy.

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the GazettE DOGMA Commentary Translations WASTELAND

*it seems like everyone had a different opinion on this song ahaha


               Ruki: These days anyone can use the internet to judge, even politicians, and the way it’s used is probably symbolic of the nation. In this era, ordinary people are using it to casually bash others. At the same time, those who face this start to become afraid. This is the world we live in and I want to be able to feel the end of it.

               Uruha: Continuing with violent songs, this is where that feeling drops for a moment. At last there’s a song with an airy feel and also a feeling that we’ve arrived. Up until now the tone color of the compositions and the arrangement had the tendency to be a little crammed in. However in this song’s case, its existence carries an inner darkness, like air trembling from a lot of cracks.

               Aoi: For me, at first when we imagined things for “dogma”, the inside of my head was floating. For example, like a ritual where someone suddenly sinks into drunkenness (a trance) by something…With the intention to express that kind of thing, this song was born. In regard to the theme of “dogma”, the songs probably have to be bold. The words are put down beforehand and then the songs are born, I think, of that presentation. (Another hard one to translate but this is the gist of it)

               Reita: How should I put it, it’s certainly with just our current selves. Or perhaps I should say, in what we call visual kei music, there’s a dark gothic feeling. I think it isn’t just only adults that can’t do it. (way too many double negatives in this one, reita <_<) This is definitely that kind of song. That is to say it’s a song that suits us well.

               Kai: Up until now I think the songs with their feeling of tempo are clad in a gloomy atmosphere. But in the case of this song, there are parts that have a kind of refreshing feeling. In the outlook of a dark world, one ray of light shines through. For some reason or another, that’s the sensation. There is also an image of an expanse of dreary landscape (you mean a wasteland? lol) at the same time. Without ending in a situation of total darkness, there’s a feeling that something here shines through. The true identity of that “something” is probably a thing you’ll come to understand on your own.

[NEWS] Comepleted Lovelyz, Seo Jisoo crying as well as the members.

On 4th Lovelyz member Seo Jisoo’s comeback teaser is revealed, preparation comeback as 8 whole people has completed. In the middle of this month, Lovelyz will meet the fans as a whole with a new album. 

Last year on November after debut, Lovelyz’s member Seo Jisoo made a topic “Same-sex harassment rumor” that made her debut activities had been cut into short time. At the end, Lovelyz only debut with 7 members on stage.

Last March, still, Lovelyz comeback without Seo jisoo. 4 months after debut, Lovelyz still can’t comeback as a whole. This time as well the members silently waiting for Seo Jisoo. Seo Jisoo as well, concentrate on vocal and dance practice alone. Day by day was hard but, she always thinking of the members and fans.

Comeback as a whole is ahead, Lovelyz who met a journalist said “Seo Jisoo is a bright friend”

“Even now she still in the practice room silently practicing. I was really sad because jisoo who is energetic had to go through the hardships”, they said with tears in their eyes.

But the said “Above all, it’s really good to be together. For the first time, 8 people were brought together to show the true charm of Lovelyz” Lovelyz said as they smile brightly.

Earlier on 27th last month, Lovelyz revealed a slight still cut of their new album, with Seo jisoo’s hint of joining. Still cut of 8 people, Lovelyz member’s hands on each other waist and wearing white clothes. Especially in this still cut, the member show their backs together and with comeback album title “Lovelyz8”, attracting attention.

Through the agency, Seo Jisoo also said “On today practice they told me that I finally able to return and I feel so glad”

Take a note that Lovelyz will show the comeback as “8 whole” with Seo Jisoo joining for the first time.

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KnB videogame videos and translations

Well, it’s not complete, but at least we have something! ^^

“Kiseki no Shiai” videos here (log into Nico nico Douga)

translations here, here, here


“Mirai he no Kizuna” videos here (log into Nico nico Douga)

translations here, here here 

Thanx to Grimmfeather and Violinic for their fantastic work <3 


Takamina 755 + TakaTwitterMina:

Went to Hayama for Mujack recording!
Wore yukata🎵It’s actually My yukata!
I bought it but hadn’t the chance to wear it so I wore it today✨
Furifu’s lip💄Handle✨
Talked in front of the sea and played with the fireworks(。-艸-。)

  1. SM forced Kris to leave EXO when he questioned why they deleted his part of a recording.
  2. Kris returned to EXO only after several negotiations with SM
  3. After returning, Kris was faced with discrimination from the manager and long schedules without proper rest.
  4. Kris began seeing signs of deteriorating health and received IV drips in order to keep on working.
  5. In January 2014, Kris received a medical check up in China and they found indications of myocarditis. SM refused to let him get treatment. 
  6. Future development plans were unclear and profits were not properly distributed.
  7. SM was limiting Kris’ development.
  8. Seoul Central District Court made the decision on May 14th, 2015 (for the compulsory mediation) that SM is to give all management rights and exclusive management agency rights outside of Korea to a third party of Kris’ choice. Kris agreed and SM rejected.
  9. Kris is always grateful toward SM and everyone who has helped him.
  10. Kris hired a legal team to handle all legal matters. He and his studio will no longer respond in the future and let the lawyers handle all related matters.

Full translation of the statement:

Tokyo Ghoul : Re Chapter 31.5 has been translated by Imperial Scans.

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Here’s a rough translation of the unused draft for TGA ep. 12 which was published in a magazine.

Everything highlighted in green are dialogues. I did that to make it easier to separate it from the other text.

Hope it’s not very confusing. ;u;a

Warning: Lotsa sads.

If there’s anything confusing (which I’m sure there are sweats), please feel free to send an ask about it.

- modest pose is like he’s bowing; so Hide was bowing to Kaneki, kinda
- I encircled ‘ugly’ since it could also mean shamless. It’s the same term Kaneki used in ch. 140 in the 'we’re both so ugly/unsightly’ line