Important Announcement Regarding Translations and such For the Future

Hey guys, I want to let you all know that I have a blast translating things for the DR fandom and I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to talk with me and enjoy my stuff!

However, thanks to my crappy financial situation, it’s becoming pretty tough for me to be able to afford things like Famitsu every week, the blu-ray box sets, various magazines like Otomedia and Animedia, drama CDs, side novels, manga, etc. out of pocket. I’m more than happy to translate/summarize them, but I’m going to need some help on that front.

Don’t get me wrong–I hate the idea of having to ask anyone for money, and as people who have been urging me to take this step will tell you, I’ve been really resistant to doing it. But that said, the next several weeks are going to be extremely rough for me even with regards to my regular bills and food, to say nothing of any kind of “extra” expenses.

So here’s the key points:

  • it won’t be mandatory to help out financially–my translations and summaries will still be available publicly for anyone who wants to read them
  • the money would be used exclusively to purchase things to translate–as stated above, it’d be used for things like buying the Killer Killer digital releases every month, to buy Famitsu to translate DR news (and news on other games if you prefer), to purchase Otomedia and other publications with DR content, the blu-ray box sets with all of the extra pre-order content (which in total will come to about $600 overall), a blu-ray player for my computer so that I can share the special features, things like that
  • I’m taking suggestions on what method would be best to use for this kind of thing; I’d like to separate the blu-ray savings into something like an Indiegogo (i.e., with a cut-off point) while keeping a different service to use for day-to-day type expenses like Famitsu and so on. Not super well-versed in these kinds of services so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them
  • I’m also considering opening translation commissions in the near future if anyone would be interested in those (though I need to think a bit more on that before it would become a reality)

Again, I apologize for springing this on everyone. Basically it would be a “help out if you can, when you can” sort of deal. I hate having to rely on other people for this kind of thing, but I’d appreciate it greatly!

Konoha Shinden -ch.1,3-

[Chapter and Characters] [Prologue] [First Section] [Second section]

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own this novel (which is written by Sho Hinata). I’m just a fan-translator, a fan-translator who’s trying to improve, so my fan-translation will probably have some mistakes in it, so read at your own risk.

I’ll keep posting my translation, but to avoid infringing copyrights I’ll follow a policy similar to Mangastream’s: that is, this translation will be available for a short span of time only. Don’t copy, don’t repost, don’t steal this translation: it’s meant to stay here and here only, so, I’ll be able to delete it when the time comes.

And remember to support the official release when the book becomes available in your region!

Konoha Shinden: Yukemuri Ninpōchō

Konoha’s True Story: Book of the Steam Ninja Arts

By Hinata Shō

Chapter 1: Sacred place (third section)

“Even if we’re keeping on proceeding forward at a lagging pace, in the end we’ll end up arriving somewhere” I thought, intently. The three of us finally arrived to a post town.

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Mob Puzzle 100 (Psychic Puzzle) - Update Announcement (2016-09-25)

Hey guys! New official update from the game itself I wanted to let everyone know. 

As you might’ve seen, all high scores have restarted. This happened to every player. (If you think this only happened to you and you see other peoples scores the same, its not; those people just played after the scores got reset). 

A new update as of today took place. And there are three things to note.

1.) Treasure puzzle tiles have been appearing in game when you play. You might not notice anymore now, since they just removed them just now. Treasure tiles will be later introduced in the game, so look forward to it! If you are confused, they tried to test these tiles out since this game is so new.

2.) Reset Highscores. Restating it again, the highscore list has been reset. They have officially updated and told us that the highscore board will restart every monday (Midnight, Japanese time). I’m getting this from rough translations, so please correct me if I am wrong!! They also apologize in advance for restarting the scores early and confusing everyone.

3.) I believe they will add new features regarding (possible public?) rankings and friends, but I am not totally sure. 

Rough translations from the developers: “We will strive to improve to be able to offer a service in a customer’s point of view. Thank you for continuing to play Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Puzzle!”


Extract from Uraraji Episode 6 - Aikyan answers 10 questions about LLSS!

Translation Projects For the Week of September 26th

So we’re all on the same page here.

  • Otomedia stuff
  • Zetsubou-hen 11 Radio Broadcast (I’m like partially through this one, might finish tonight)
  • Some stuff from Famitsu this past week
  • Everything that comes in the first blu-ray box set
  • This week’s Famitsu info on V3

Apologies for not having stuff out faster! I’m working on things as I can!

Ishida Sui remakes the first chapter of Tokyo Ghoul! 42 new pages in MEN'S NON-NO!

On the October issue of MEN’S NON-NO (Shueisha) to be published on September 10, a newly written version of Ishida Sui’s Tokyo Ghoul’s first chapter named ‘Tragedy’, will be in the appendix as 'Tokyo Ghoul ch. 001-2’.

Ishida Sui’s Commentary

It has been about five years since Tokyo Ghoul was first serialized and I’ve considered if there was a way to reach out to the people who haven’t read it yet, and so, I tried to do a remake of the first chapter.

Even to the people who’ve read it before, reading this may give you a fresh feeling and I would appreciate it if you read this while comparing it to the first chapter from five years ago.

Source: (x)


A segment of Aqours Niconama on 29 Apr 16 where Anchan talk about µ’s for the first time.

Original TL is by: nyamazing



To celebrate #BIGBANG10, Julie at BBVIPCHANNEL and I brought everyone the subbed SBS MADE Documentary! It’s full of their thoughts on their 10th anniversary, memories and hopes for the future, I hope you’ll all enjoy watching it! 

other links: facebook // mega

From Ishida’s twitter:

Yesterday I came back from Tokyo to Fukuoka. I had people take time out of their busy schedules for me, and I had a very enjoyable time. Thank you very much. I’m not on vacation, so if I don’t send the manuscript for the normal weekly segment in a day and a half, it will feel like I haven’t done anything. But it was lots of fun. I want to go to Kansai too…


Pictures from Evgenia Medvedeva’s Instagram (Check out her icon!). With Naoko Takeuchi, her original art piece gifted to her by Naoko (signed “Thank you!”), gifts from Japanese fans, and shots from her performance.  

The picture of the matryoshka doll is from the official HP, which included this blurb:

On 7/2 (Sat) Ms. Naoko Takeuchi rushed over to support Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva at the “Dreams on Ice” show in Nagaoka City, Niigata prefecture. During the show Miss Medvedeva performed to “Moonlight Densetsu” and other Sailor Moon songs. The photo is of a gift Miss Medvedeva’s mother presented to Ms. Takeuchi. 

Her womb smelled like it was burnt.

(Translation of the message with Ayato, Touka, and Yomo. Please feel free to send me a message for any corrections!)

The children who were meant to be born, died. The vision of the future convulses.

Someone declared that they’ll crush only half of the broad bean.
The gene is in a severe bipolar state.
The nucleic acid sequence having no recollection of its own actions.

All of the fingers that were supposed to be connected from start to end, are scattered around; it’s annoying.

If you look closely at the knot, you can see that it can be surprisingly easy to untie.

I was always asked to keep the switch.
Go forward.
Go back.

I can hear my voice from the mouth.
That voice gave me a feeling of discomfort and it had become extremely disgusting but, no one noticed that and everyone was under the impression that it was indeed, my voice.

Sin is irresponsible. I’m getting tired of being forgiven.
My shoulders have even forgotten about my legs.

I open the door with the side of my arm.

The path that I should’ve advanced in is gone and darkness pulled onto the horizon that lay right beneath it.

“Come on, come on! Come on, come on!”

Go forward.
Go back.

I can hear my voice from the bones.

“Did you know that our voice is the mixed voices from dad and mom? No wonder it’s so disgusting.”

I pinched my nose and jumped down without a pause. Just like how a child would when jumping into a pool.

Even the never-stopping rain,
even the never-breaking night,
even the never-ending agony.

It’s surely there, it’s just that it wasn’t there until now.

Falling down, falling down.
It’s as if right has become left.

And on the brink of collision, I recall Björk’s song,