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A certain couple is caught in a compromising position on the veranda…

Kanetsugu: No excuses! Do that in your room!

Kageie: He said it’s okay to do it in your room.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Meaning of your birthday in Japanese

1日:欠片(かけら): Fragment
4日:証(あかし): Evidence
7日:しずく: Drops
14日:おつげ: Prediction
15日:おぼじない: Spell
19日:みちするべ: Signpost
21日:保護者(ほごしゃ): Guardian
29日:お土産(おみやげ): Souvenir
6月:宇宙(うちゅう): Space


“[+35;-0] I feel like they’ll go for a long time. I was surprised seeing how they call their dorm “home”. They live together in the dorm very freely and look like a real family.”

Namjoon's story from tonight's VLive

nj: “I used to go to this stationary store all the time when I was a kid. The man who ran the store was really scary; he used to yell at me all the time, like "Don’t pick that up if you’re not going to buy it!!”

I went back there for the first time in 11 years, right after the Fire era. The man wasn’t there, because he wasn’t feeling well, but his wife was running the store in his place.

In the (center or back, I can’t remember) of the store, there was a huge sticker of Jhope’s face. It was a sticker or a poster of sorts. But it was his face, with a smile on his face like this *smiles* I asked the wife, “Do you know who this is?” And she replied back with “Yes, they’re pretty cool!” It was really cool and weird.

Then these two 7 or 8 year old girls came in, and when they saw me, they started saying “Wait, aren’t you…?” I was so deep in reminiscence that I was caught off guard. I pointed at the poster, and said to the wife, “THAT’S ME!” Even though, you know, that’s Jhope, but it had “BTS” on it so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I ran outside the store, and looked back. The two girls were following me. I should’ve just smiled, and said “What’s up?” But I was so panicked for no reason, that I began to run. And you know, once you start running you can’t just stop. So I ran for 5 minutes straight.

To the two ladies at ○○ Stationary, around 7 to 8 years old, if you’re watching this, I’m sorry for running away from you that day. Next time, I’ll smile and greet you.“ -Kim Namjoon

PSA: Akaashi says watching Bokuto makes him feel good

On the left, we have the popular English translation. On the right is a rare snippet from the Japanese raw I managed to uncover.

There is no mention of any human highlight reel in the original.

Akaashi is sharing a much more personal desire.

Here is what Akaashi says in Japanese: 「絶好調の木兎さんは見ていてとても気持ちが良いですから」

Here is a more literal translation to what Akaashi is saying: “But it’s because watching Bokuto in perfect form feels good.”

Akaashi wants Bokuto to feel good playing volleyball because watching Bokuto play a strong game also makes Akaashi feel good, emotionally and/or physically.

This is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Akaashi is undoubtedly a Bokuto fan. Just look at that smile.

This has been a PSA.

A fanmade Persona 5 personality quiz has been going around on Twitter lately. It was created by fanartist ayattuji, who also gave me permission to post translations of it on Tumblr.  (If any of the statements seem unclear, remember that “no” is false, and “yes” is true.)

To find out which character your number corresponds with, click the read more.

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ranking fruit names (german)

selected fruits (bc they have the more german-german names, u know, not a… basically generic name like kiwi etc):
Apfel, Birne, Pfirsich, Banane, Erdbeere, Johannisbeere, Pflaume, Dattel, Himbeere, Ananas, Trauben, Limette, Zitrone, Orange/Apfelsine

i rank the name not the taste! 

Apfel (apple): very basic name, not at all fancy but the “pf” is a nice touch. i give it…. a 3.8/10

Birne (pear): a good name! used in various phrases as well, eg: “sich die Birne anschlagen” (to hit ya head), “Glühbirne” (lightbulb), i give it 5.9/10, a good name for a pear shaped fruit

Pfirsich (peach): Pfirsich, or as the southern would call it: Pfirschig. quite tricky with the “s” and the “ch”, gives the whole name an air of fanciness. 7.5/10

Banane (banana): BORING! 1/10

Erdbeere (strawberry): an earth berry? no thankx, eat ya own dirt, 1.2/10

Johannisbeere (currant): whomst is this Johannis and how do i meet him? 6/10

Pflaume (plum): the most wholesome name!!!!! tbh!!!! Pflaume sound so round. so juicy. 10/10. famous namebearers: Kai Pflaume

Dattel (date): i do not like the name of this fruit :/ Dattel…. not a good name. not a good name. at most a 2/10

Himbeere (raspberry): who is HE, who is HIM? anti feminist icon Himbeere 0/10

Ananas (pineapple): a nice name. has produced this 1 iconic joke: 
Was wird aus Anna im Regen? (What becometh of Anna in the Raineth?)
–> Ananas aka Anna nass (Anna wet)
iconic, 10/10

Trauben (grapes): 1 grape is not 1 Traube. 1 grape is 1 Weinbeere. 1 Traube is 1 whole buncha grapes. but the word Trauben? i like it, 7.7/10

Limette (lime): a good fucking name! fancy! i give Limette a wholesome 10/10 and on the fancy scala a 6/10

Zitrone (lemon): those yellow fuckers. theyre like bananas but evil. the name is nice tho, i really enjoy the “Z” because it makes it fancy. a wholesome 8/10

Orange/Apfelsine (orange): technically, a basic name. Orange. but Apfelsine? which basically (is dutch i think????? dont quote) means Apfel aus China (apple from china) and that gives the thing a whole other dimension tbh, 7.9/10

As soon as a child fell down, he would immediately skate to their side and tell them: “It’s okay even if you fall down a lot; ice skating means falling a lot. Even sensei fell down a bunch of times during practice just now.”

Hanyu-senshu’s words towards the end of the lesson: “Falling down tons of times is completely okay. As long as you don’t give up and continue practicing, there will be the day when your skating will have improved. Even if it means experiencing many failures, it’s not a problem. Reflect on why you failed, and then avoid it in the future.” x

original text: nikkansports
ch trans: x
eng trans: hanyusan

Can we take a minute and talk about how fantastic Harry’s voice sounds on this song?  It’s rich, it’s not strained, his technique is on point for rock.  his falsetto is clear and pure. The beginning in particular is clean and precise.    His belt at the end is open and fully supported.  His breath control is spot on.  And the little details like the way he transitions from chest voice to falsetto in the bridge on “will we ever learn?” is SO SMART.  He’s using such strong dynamics.  He has grown so much and I’m just so incredibly impressed.  And so incredibly proud.  

Translated from the official Tokyo Ghoul movie twitter (x):

Attendees who watch the Tokyo Ghoul movie in the first 3 weeks can receive a coaster drawn by Ishida Sui specifically for this occasion as a present. And in the first week, the ban on the full cast illustrations will be lifted! 6 different illustrations are available for Kaneki, Amon, Rize, Hide, Nishiki and Yomo!!