translation for the first pic in the captions

If Seventeen had instas
S.Coups: Unnecessary amount of baby photos, doesn’t really understand Instagram, Dadgram, posts about sports 

Jeonghan: Has a very established aesthetic, Pictures of his coffee/breakfast, Makes everyone wait so he can take pics of food first, has dino take aesthetic pictures of him

Joshua: Translates posts into English and Korean, Makes “rap” captions, Lots of tiny hand heart boomerangs

Jun: Every picture has him in it, Lots of filters so many filters, Lots of serious selcas, Suggestive captions ;)

Hoshi: Lots of dance choero, Lots of cute SC filter videos, Captions things with puns, Has multiple videos of him waking Woozi up

Wonwoo: only book suggestions, Pictures of art, low key art snob, Sometimes Mingyu will hack his account and post pics of Wonwoo reading

Woozi: Videos of his song recordings, Last post was multiple months ago, No selfies, Hoshi always comments with way too many emojis

DK: Likes his own pictures, Product review videos, Tons of hashtags, Blurry memes

Mingyu: Posts lots of v serious selfies, videos of other members sleeping eating and without them knowing, emo wonwoo pics with deep quotes

The8: Pictures of nature, Videos of him dancing, Captions everything in Chinese and Joshua has to comment subs, Follows accounts that post pictures of puppies

Seungkwan: SO MANY SINGING VIDEOS, Rant captions, Likes to take selfies with Vernon, Lots of Boonan appearances

Vernon: Look at these dope clothes I brought pics, Uses lots of words like dope lit fire, Posts rap albums he’s listening to

Dino: Scoups won’t let him have one, Just doesn’t have an instagram, He’s a child guys come on

Vampire ecological survey report: City Guards-  CV: Ono Kensho 

Hyakuya Mikaela

Left Page:

Vampire Annihilation troops member Hyakuya Yuuichiro’s childhood friend, who 4 years ago was turned into a vampire. Although he is of course not a noble, he has the combat capability of a mighty warrior.
Side font next to Mika: Lives off of blood as he seeks to reunite with his <family>.


  • Vampire/Vampire City/Ferid’s attendant.
  • May 1 (Taurus) 16 years old
  • 173 cm (~5.67ft) / 57kg (125.7lbs)
  • Blood type: O Armament (weapon): first class
  • Favorite food: Blood. Overwhelming blood. (Can’t eat curry anymore)

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Click on the images with wingdings to get the translation, or read Sans’ TL;DR paraphrasing in the first picture in the caption!

Gaster’s very long-winded, Sans is very much not.

Gaster, post-recombination, cracked and battered and missing pieces, telling his little brothers how and why and what all happened.

There’s a lot more to come of this, but here’s the first installment of my bone-brothers-and-Alphys-centric worldbuilding!

Other posts I’ve made with my headcanons and worldbuilding can be found here, here, and here! They’re mostly text, but hey, easier than writing it all in wingdings, right?

On a side note, the pic with Sans paraphrasing has got to be my ABSOLUTE FAVE Sans I’ve ever drawn omg

I think I’m finally starting to solidify his stylization, and Paps is gettin there slowly

Gonna have to draw the Gaster forms a whole lot more before I’m comfy with him, though ^^”


Told ya I felt like building something. :)

This is a house that I had in my CAD files that I thought could pass as a “farmhouse” for HInterlands’s ag subhood and that I figured would “translate” to the game pretty easily. And it did, for the most part,. Except that the roof, as usual, gave me screaming fits to get, in particular, the front looking acceptable. But I finally got to look mostly decent, I think. I just think it’s hysterical that it’s much easier to build stuff in CAD than it is to build stuff in the game. Especially roofs!

Anyway, obviously I have no idea yet what the finishes are going to be for either the interior or the exterior of this thing. I need to do some experimenting. Meanwhile, it is what it is.The pics are captioned, if you care.

Now to see what else I have lurking in those files that I can “translate”… But first…I’m tired and I think I’m going to turn in early and let this machine download more TS3 stuff for a while. :p