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Pilot, the real-time universal translator, is straight out of a sci-fi novel

  • The ability to understand someone speaking a foreign language could soon be as easy as wearing a new earpiece.
  • Waverly Labs is behind an earpiece called the Pilot that is eerily similar in scope to Star Trek’s Universal Translator  that allows individuals to translate languages in real-time.
  • The smart earpiece works by canceling out ambient noise to concentrate on what is being said by a speaker
  • And then funnels that data to a complementary app that screens it for translation and speech synthesis, according to its website.
  • Pilot isn’t the first — and likely won’t be the last — piece of tech made for the translation marketplace.
  • However, where this device really shines is with its instantaneous translation possibilities that remove the sometimes awkward waiting game. Read more

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I remember that post that was circulating that said ‘Spock has game’ while commenting the transport pad scene, and it was funny but kinda accurate? LOL^
Like, even if you didn’t know that she was there to give him a translation device (that isn’t used by him in the movie anymore and thus this detail is not showed) and he was the one who kissed her there, you can still tell that from their body language IMO.
You see Uhura almost timidly walking to him and his eyes focused on her..

and then a second later you see them kissing

and he’s doing most of the kissing job tbh because she’s just raising her chin and putting her hands on his sides (his heart!)…

not to even mention this:

When she appears to be as much the receiver and the one who lets the other kiss her, it’s not so hard to imagine he may be the one who pulled her in for a kiss, in the first place. Automatically assuming it must be all her doing just because she’s the human in the relationship is a tad pretentious (even putting aside the fact that it’s fucked up that she’s perceived by some as being automatically more sexual and ‘aggressive’ than she really is)

tl dr: some people’s infantilization (and desexualization) of Spock (and the vulcans) to turn him into the poor innocent, clueless, unexperienced victim of the seduction of the forceful human woman is, well, ridiculous. Especially when it flies in the face of how he is actually decipted in canon (not to mention what Nimoy said about how Roddenberry envisioned Spock being with the lads, especially when he was younger..)

Sign Language Ring is a translation device in the form of a bracelet with detachable rings. When worn on the fingers of the person using sign language, the rings detect and track the signing motions. These are translated to voice, which is emitted by the bracelet. The user can pre-record their signing movements and assign the appropriate words, which allows the system to be customised to the user’s particular gestures.

After use, the rings can be set into the bracelet for storage. The design was inspired by Buddhist prayer beads. The system also translates voice into text, which is displayed on a screen on the top of the bracelet.


This device claims it can translate your voice in real time

Vaguely resembling a USB stick, the Ili claims to be the “world’s first wearable translator for travelers.” Like a real life Babelfish, speak into the Ili and it translates your message into a chosen language. Yet, for a device that could change the world, their promo video is so creepy and predatory.

When the war ended, the other clones laughed at Boil for requesting to take a few weeks leave. Yeah, he could, but leave was for the officers, for “people who actually have families” and who knew what life was like outside of the GAR. 

But despite the joking, Boil’s leave was approved. His brothers found out his destination was Ryloth and joking of an entire different sort broke out. 

Boil shrugged it off, scrounged together enough credits for the most basic translation device he could find on the spur of the moment, and boarded public transportation for the first time in his life. That’s an experience worthy of a story all on its own. 

He wasn’t expecting Ryloth to look so different. He wasn’t expecting to see such an obvious military presence, either. The clones there didn’t give him trouble, even though there was something about the GAR here that felt… off. 

He somehow remembered where Numa lived, and if that hadn’t been one of the first sections of the city to benefit from reconstruction, Boil probably wouldn’t have found her. 

His money was well spent on the translator. He couldn’t speak Ryl and Numa couldn’t speak Basic, so they sat on a step and took turns poking at it, making broken sentences that sometimes didn’t quite get their meaning across, but the attempt had them laughing anyway. 

He couldn’t tell her the first day. She was too excited to see him and introduce him to her family with the translator that didn’t even contain a full vocabulary of Basic. But the next day Numa asked where her other nerra was. That clunky translator made his explanation sound so lifeless and dull, but Numa’s face fell all the same, and she sat next to Boil in silence and the day felt a little more dreary. 

The rest of his time visiting Numa turned out to be much happier, and as Boil left for Coruscant, he told her he’d try to see her again. Or that he’d judge her again; the translator was turning iffy under constant use. Learning Ryl himself would’ve probably been less of a hassle. 

It didn’t happen right away—after all, changes that turned the GAR completely upside down kept him busy—but eventually Boil did keep his promise. He pulled that old translator out of storage when he flew back to Ryloth, now heavily under Imperial control to the point that Boil ducked as he passed stormtroopers just to not be noticed as a clone. 

Numa was still there, and unlike how Boil had promised to learn Ryl, she actually followed through with learning Basic. And she was much more reliable than his outdated tech. Her own words certainly carried much more emotion as she ran up to fling her arms around him, shouting, “Uncle Boil!” 

I had a very elaborate dream last night about a medieval household made up mostly of women (the lord was always gone, and so it was just the intergenerational women and children of his family; the main three were the eldest daughter, the third wife, and his mother)

except there was also this alien, sort of a naturalist, who was “studying” them from a distance; at least until Eldest Daughter stumbles on the alien, thinks it’s an angel, has a couple very awkward conversations where they both make a lot of assumptions about each other and the alien’s translator device attempts to make sense of words like “Jesus Christ” and “woman”

And just when the alien is getting sort of fond and comfortable with her, there’s a skirmish (alien academics get very territorial, apparently?) and the alien’s ship and tech are all damaged, so it has to drag itself to the Eldest Daughter and essentially endure lots of very long conversations between the women about what to do in this situation

And that was most of the dream. This alien slowly fitting itself into the fabric of a medieval household and actually learning this nonsensical language & way of life, while everyone thinks of it as sort of a defective angel, and ask one another why it’s here, if this is the End of Days and they’re living in it, and what the hell is going on, while generally going about their lives.

it is, by far, the most cracked-out narratively plotty dream I’ve had in a while I’m very impressed.


When Shiro was first taken in by the Galra, there was no way they would have known what he is saying. He was speaking in English, and they were presumably speaking Galra (translated into English for the viewers.) He is then knocked out. 

He was yelling, and there was no way the Galra understood English. They knocked him out, because he is a threat. 

Flash forward to when Shiro is with the Druids, maybe even before being sent to be a gladiator. I think that the Galra would have put something along the lines of a translation implant in him, and, in doing so, picked up  the English language. Naturally, because this is what he’s speaking, they would integrate it into the translation devices, and maybe make an empirewide update so that everyone who might have to deal with the Champion would understand him. 

When I say update, I mean every translation implant, helmet, and shipwide translator. This could also help explain why Sendak and Haxus understood what the paladins were saying when they first attacked the Castle of Lions.

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Sony’s Motion Sonic wristband lets your dance moves manipulate music
Sony comes out to the SXSW festival here in Austin every year mainly to showcase its prototype and proof-of-concept projects, all part of its R&D-focused Future Lab program. The wristband, part of what the company is calling its Motion Sonic project, has sensors and microphones to capture data on the rotation, acceleration, and angle of arm and leg movements. The device then translates those sounds into one of five preset functions that turn your limbs into musical instruments, let you add and control filters on an existing tune, and perform a number of other specific sound manipulations. Read more
Vegans That Push Their Lifestyles Onto Animals

If people are going to use animals, make sure that you don’t push anything onto them. It has to be done on their own terms.

For example, when you use dairy cows to produce human milk, make sure to get a cow-to-human translating device and ask the cow if its ok to use a tool to non-consensually sexually penetrate her in order to impregnate her so she’ll be able to lactate, so we have something to put on our cereal. Only if she says “yes” then its ok. Cows have evidently said “yes” billions of times, otherwise this would be really fucked up, and might seem like literally and figuratively shoving human beliefs onto an animal. Then, if its a boy, make sure to slaughter them, as that would be what any mother would wish onto their child. She’ll thank you for it.

The joys of visiting a zoo show me a world where animals have voluntarily traded in their horrendous ability to move about in their native environment in exchange for living inside a cage to be stared at by humans who don’t believe in pushing their lifestyles onto them.

Sea World does a wonderful job of taking in whales and dolphins who suffer from agoraphobia, fear of wide open places, and give them the pleasure of swimming in an enclosed chlorine pool to jump through hoops to please humans that don’t believe in pushing their beliefs onto animals.

Foxes have such an immense love for human fashion that they willingly sacrifice their own bodies so they can be part of some rich person’s ensemble which they’ll wear the foxes’ corpse twice a year, only for special occasions.

If you see a horse pulling a carriage in New York City, make sure to thank the human for providing this dream life to an animal who always wanted to carry humans around for 10 hours a day with loud, smelly cars surrounding them instead of having the time to exist for their own reasons, because that would be constructing a human narrative onto their existence.

How about the animals who want to make sure that something like makeup can be used on human skin without any side effect. They’ll jump at the chance of being sprayed with toxins on their face, skin, and eyes, because they really care about Loreal’s quarterly earnings, not because they were forced to be there.

It’s amazing all the things that animals willfully “give” us, without humans forcing our lifestyle decisions onto them.

#nextarch by @majedawadh #next_top_architects In this work, I was interested in creating a spatial device that translates the atmospherical qualities of this mosque to be focused and [even] more effective on a person within this installation. In the sense that this structure becomes a catalyst that allows people to be immersed within their environment.
لا يخفى على الجميع تأثير العِمارة في تجلي المستخدم وإثراء تجربة الإنسان الفراغية بين جنباتها. المساجد على سبيل المثال، بجانب أهميتها الروحية لدى المستخدم والتي تسهم في إعداده لممارسة عبادته، العمارة كذلك تسهم في رفع هذا الإستعداد لدرجة أعلى، وهذا من وجهة نظر الفقير. في هذا العمل، والذي يأتي ضمن إهتمامات الفقير في معرفة تأثير الفضاء المعماري على الإنسان، كنت أريد بحث قضية معينة. كما ذكرت سابقا، التصميم المعماري يسهم في رفع الإستعداد الروحي/النفسي لدي المتلقي لهذا الفراغ، وكنت أتسأل، هل بالإمكان التحكم بدرجة هذا الإستعداد إلى درجة حتى على. للتوضيح، إستحضار عظمة صاحب المكان جل في علاه، يكفينا ذلك كله، ولكن في ظني، هذا هو يأتي من باب إستعمار الأرض ومحاولة دراسة حالة روحية/نفسية أرغب في فهمها بشكل عميق.

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I actually think this is an incredibly unethical thing for Blue to have done.  This is a depressed and desperate man looking for an escape from abusive parents.  The solution she gives him is granting a wish for a radical change in his body.  I’ve seen people suggest this is like transitioning but that ignores that those decisions are made after extended consultation not in a moment of desperation.  She leaves him with no ability to communicate (he gets the translating device some time after this).

But perhaps this leads to other questions.  If you grant wishes to help good people escape from horrible situations why do the fairies help who they do, and ignore others.

*waits for the blue fairy stans to attack me again*

Announcing Type 74 Electronic Observation Device Translation Project

The Type 74 Electronic Observation Device (Electronic Observer for short) is a custom browser application intended to help Kancolle players (much like Kancolle Viewer or KC3). I have begun a translation attempt to bring it to non-Japanese players of Kancolle, endorsed (but not supported) by Andante, the original developer of the project.

What does it do?

  • Internal browser with zoom, screenshot, and mute (independent of notifications)
  • Fleet status and condition
  • Docks, showing of ships in progress, results of development (even if failure)
  • Admiral status, including resources, rank, ship/equipment slots
  • Special combat features
    • Prediction of next node
    • Enemy fleet composition shown before battle
    • Display of battle results before battle conclusion (including MVP)
  • Display of HP remaining on boss gauges, critical damage warnings
  • Complete quest tracking (with full depth, not just Kancolle’s 50% and 80%)
  • Complete ship and equipment encyclopedia, including enemy data
  • Notification system (including sounds and customized notifications, even under Windows 7) for expeditions, morale, and repair
  • Sort-able equipment and ship lists
  • Savable record of drops, crafts, and more.

Most of all, the Electronic Observer supports complete user customization. See as much, or as little data as you’d like, organized the way you like it.

Additionally, the English translation project will add Region Cookie support for foreign players.

There is currently no prediction for how long this translation project may take. Currently, there are no binary releases, though the browser function has now been translated. The in progress translation source tree can be found here.

I encourage anyone interested to keep track of my “Electronic Observer Translation” tag as I continue work on this project!