Q: who is your favorite hero?

younghoon: iron man
kevin: mystique or iron man
sangyeon: iron man
eric: my mom!
juyeon: spider-man
q: spider-man
sunwoo: spider-man
hyunjae: thanos
jacob: iron man & thor
new: wanda (scarlet witch)
haknyeon: black panther

Hey I’ve been very dying  busy lately but here’s this:

~more spoilers for ch234 under the readmore~

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Devote My Life


to die in

父よ 母よ 許して欲しい

loved you

価値が欲しい 生きる価値が欲しい



to die in

父よ 母よ 許して欲しい

価値が欲しい 生きる価値が欲しい


Shinitai no ha anta no sei janai
Umaretekita koto ni koukai shitenda
Umareta koto ga sude ni machigai darou

to die in

Chichi yo haha yo yurushite hoshii

loved you

Kachi ga hoshii ikiru kachi ga hoshii

Zankoku na

ore no kotoba ya koudou ha kono futari ni totte
doredake zankoku na kotoba na no ka
Kitto jibun yori

to die in

Chichi yo haha yo yurushite hoshii

Kachi ga hoshii ikiru kachi ga hoshii

Zankoku na omae ga

It’s not your fault I want to die.
I’m regretting having been born.
it might have been a mistake immediately after I was born.

to die in

Dad, mom, I want you to forgive me

loved you

I want value, I want value to living.

My cruel

words and actions were just
how cruel of words to these two people?
Definitely more than myself.

to die in

Dad, mom, I want you to forgive me

I want value, I want value to living.

*The cruel you

*Translator’s note: because it ends with the particle が/ga it can be logically followed by the hoshii (want) from the previous sentences. This is not necessarily what Kyo intends but it is a fun possibility to think about.

Translation: Myojo December 2018 - Idol Message Board - Yaotome Hikaru

Hikaru receives messages from 10  other Johnnys and replies them <3

Pls credit @skysj4 if reposting, retranslating, sharing, posting screenshots or quoting

1) From Fukazawa Tatsuya (Snow Man)
Hikaru-kun used to come to my place to hang out often with Takaki-kun and Arioka-kun. Takaki-kun and Arioka-kun were in the same group as me so they didn’t really feel like senpais, but the first proper senpai that became on good terms with me, was Hikaru-kun.
Do you remember the red guitar? It was the one which Hikaru-kun gave me and said “I don’t use this anymore so you can have it”. I still treasure it well till today!
I also went with Hikaru-kun, Chinen, Yamada, Arioka-kun, Takaki-kun, and Inoo-kun to a festival in my hometown~ That’s like almost all of JUMP now! All of you were famous people, so it caused quite a stir.
Even though we have so many memories, you always ignore me when we meet. When you see the other members, you go “Wa~! Abe-chan!” or “Ah! Shota!” with that friendly feel, but you just ignore me! So now everytime I meet JUMP, I always line up last and turn this into a joke (laugh)

Of course I remember the red guitar. Don’t just treasure it, use it!! I really have alot of junior memories with Fukka. I often went to Fukka’s house to hang out in the past. I also think me and Dai-chan played many pranks on you. There was a necklace on your table and I used a black marker to colour it totally black. But Fukka always doesn’t get angry. You even joined in the fun and said “Did I own such a cool necklace?!” We really laughed at that. Although you are my junior, but Fukka is just like my friend too. I will continue to make fun of Fukka from now on too, so please continue to line up right at the back!

2) From Miyata Toshiya (Kis-My-Ft2)
That “Angel Beats!” anime DVD which you borrowed from me during Dream Boys, it seems like it is eternally yours now, what had happened? Even though I keep telling you to return it! Honestly, you lost it right?! (laugh). When I watch Hirunandesu!, I think Yaotome is really funny. If there is a chance for Kisumai and JUMP to collaborate again like on 27 hours TV previously, I do want to do something with Yaotome!

Miyacchi has always been talking about this and although you always say “anime DVD”, finally you even announced the title (laugh). Well….. it’s just that……, I lost it when I moved so I will buy it! I will return it to you, so just wait. That’s right, I do hope Kisumai and JUMP have another collaboration. Personally, I want to do a skit with Miyacchi. Ah, but it will be like a double boke. I need someone with a well projected voice to be the tsukkomi, so let’s ask Kitayama or someone!

3) From Abe Ryohei (Snow Man)
Hikaru-kun has always been a presence which I have admired. Ever since I passed the audition in the Ya-Ya-yah show, I have always been backdancing for you, and about 5 years ago, the first senpai who brought me out was Hikaru-kun. Both of us went to the survival games field, and although I was really happy, at the same time I was also very nervous. I can’t remember what we talked about during the journey, but I think we talked about music. Some time ago, I did say “If you have clothes you don’t want, please give them to me!” but I didn’t receive anything at all! I predict that you would probably give them to Kochi (Yugo) as both of you are on School Kakumei….. but I wonder? I am waiting too~

If you joined the agency through the Ya-Ya-yah audition, so you are of the same batch as Yamada? Of course I know that you have always been backdancing for me. Abe-kun is one of the members who is always there. As for during the survival games…. I don’t remember at all. Sorry! Did you say you wanted my clothes? Sorry! I forgot that we talked about that too (laugh). But it’s not like I gave them to Kochi! It’s just that I have many unique clothes, so I don’t think you would be happy receiving them… Is that okay? I do have proper winter outer wear so I will choose those which I do not wear anymore, and pass it to you next time. In return, mail me regarding the weather forecast. Not everyday is fine too, but if there is a day when I should take note of the weather, mail me!

4) From Kiriyama Akito (Johnnys WEST)
I watched your stageplay the other day. As expected, your acting is really good. Even though you had a great deal of lines, you did a great job. It made me want to have an acting role with you! Also, although we go to the same salon, but unexpectedly we don’t meet each other there~

I have been going to that salon for about two years. There were times where I make my way there at the same timing when  Kiri-chan has just finished cutting his hair, and we pass each other, but there has never been a time where our appointment times are the same. I often change my hair colour, so I am often there though…
Thank you for coming to watch my stageplay “Bara to Hakucho”! Kiri-chan does have alot of chances to act in dramas and stageplays too. I do want to act with you someday too. Please allow me to stand on the same stage as Kiri-chan!


5) From Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft2)
I naturally became on good terms with Hikaru when we were juniors because we always headed the same way home. I often took the same train home and also had meals with Hikaru and Inoo. At that time, Hikaru often wore flat caps and that left an impression on me. Hikaru is of the same batch as me, so everytime we meet, it doesn’t feel like it has been a long time and we can casually talk like “Yo!”. Next time, shall we take the same train home together again after such a long time?

That’s right. I did often take the train home with Tama and Ino-chan. You do remember the flat caps~ (laugh) I also remember that I often went to Tama’s house to hang out during our junior days. Tama’s mum and dad are both young. Tama you also often bought clothes by yourself and asked your mum “How is this?”. She would tell you “Perhaps you should get something more proper?” and that was sweet. I thought everyone in Tama’s family were really on good terms. I feel that our relationship has not changed from junior days and even up till today. Now perhaps we stay at different places and it is not the same direction anymore, but I don’t mind taking a detour, so let’s take the train home together again!


6) From Senga Kento (Kis-My-Ft2)
Speaking about my memories with Yaotome, I will not forget the “Johnnys Baseball Event”! It was the event where Macchi (Kondo Masahiko) and Higashiyama-san came too. We had a group shuffle and me and Yaotome had to do a robot dance. I joked and said “Wear the baseball mitt on your head and dance!” and made you do that, but you replied with a straight face “I’ll do it!” and you really danced while wearing the baseball glove. While being surprised at how strong your heart is, I seriously respect you! From then on, I have always called Yaotome as “sensei” (teacher). Sensei, it’s been a long time! Recently, I do not have much chances to meet sensei, and I do not have enough motivation. In the past, you told me “Let’s go to the sauna together” but I don’t know your contact and so I have not been able to reply you. What should we do?

Senga always wants to fool around me every time we meet.  During the baseball event too, you made me do that so I just responded, but since then, you have alwayyyyyyyyys been calling me “sensei”. It doesn’t even feel weird (laugh). Seems like you are on good terms with Fujimori-san, who is on Hirunandesu with me, and he told me “Senga-kun really likes Yaotome-kun”. You really like me huh (laugh). Let’s go to the sauna next time! That’s right, I do not know your contact number. Next time, I will tell Fujimori-san, so ask him!

7) From Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft2)
It’s been a long time, how are you? I often see you on Hirunandesu. Sometimes you have really weird coloured hair, is there some meaning to it? What kind of mood do you have when you change your hairstyle? I am curious! 

I only change my hairstyle during the concert tour. During the DEAR tour two years ago, I was into pink hair and changed a bit of my hair colour each venue. Ah, honestly speaking, about once every week. When I add pink highlights, they fade in a week. So I add them in other places… and so every week my hair colour changes. So when you see me having unique hairstyles in Hirunandesu, do think “Is JUMP in the midst of their tour now?”

8) From Kawai Fumito (A.B.C-Z)
Hikaru has that “awkward face” as one of your facial expression skills right? I think you have not done it recently but sometimes I do want to see it again. When I used to see that, I would be guffawing away by myself. I was really into it~ When Hikaru had some work too, you were in a role that needed that “awkward face” and although you told me “Kawai-kun will like this role”, I couldn’t watch it and that was really regrettable. The other day, even though me and Tsuka-chan were on Hirunandesu, Hikaru wasn’t there and that was lonely. I wanted to meet you. I calm down when Hikaru is around, and I am healed by your presence♪
It was during “Shounen Club” where Koyama-kun and Nakamaru-kun were the hosts, where I often did that “awkward face”. I even had a corner to myself for that. When the theme was “What will you do if a foreigner talks to you?”, I would do my skit with that awkward face. That’s true, during that time Kawai-kun was the only one who got really into it, and I remember you really laughing hard at that. Work? What was that? I think that wasn’t a stageplay but my drama “Dark System”? I had surreal acting and did awkward faces too. So, you can watch it if you buy the DVD!! To me, Kawai-kun is a kind elder brother who laughs at all my lame jokes. Please continue to laugh loads from now on!

9) From Totsuka Shota (A.B.C-Z)
I have always been with Hikaru since the past~ You showed your double tooth when you laughed, and your smile was really really cute! There was once where your eyes were bloodshot and when I asked “Are you okay?”, you said “something went into my eye”. But you were just enduring out of pride (laugh). A few days later, I found out that actually you were crying because you got scolded by the dance choreographer, and I thought, this kid is a really strong kid. Even till today, I won’t forget that VTR which was sent for the audition, where Hikaru was singing TUBE’s “Ah~Natsuyasumi” !

I remember that day really well. It was when YabuHika (Yabu Kota & Yaotome Hikaru) and KAT-TUN, A.B.C, were backdancing for KinKi Kids-san’s concert. Everyone was older than me, and I was the youngest I think. I had so many dance steps to remember, but I couldn’t do it at all… I felt so disappointed that I was the only one who could not do it, and escaped to the cafeteria. But Tottsu noticed, and chased after me. When I fought back my tears, you asked me kindly “Are you okay?” and I think all the more, that caused me not being able to endure my tears. Tottsu, thank you for always watching over me like that!


10) From Kamiyama Tomohiro (Johnny’s WEST)
Hikaru-kun has an image of already being active at the top of the juniors when I entered the agency. And from then on, we didn’t have much contact, and even when we met during work, it was just basically simple conversation? Both of us often dye our hair so I think our conversations were just like “What colour did you add in this time?” or “Which salon do you go to?”. Recently, Hikaru-kun doesn’t really have an image of changing your hair colour often but what colour do you intend to dye next? Also, both of us bleach our hair, I think it will hurt the roots, so what kind of treatment do you do? By the way, I blend in two types of treatment with shampoo, spray keratin, which contains a huge portion of our hair, use a dryer and hair iron and other things to care for my hair. When I have work that requires me to stay over somewhere, or during concerts, I bring the full set and although it is like flattering myself, just like a “beautician”, I do many things like that (laugh)

Kami-chan often changes your hair colour so I have also always been curious over how you take care of your hair. But blending shampoo and stuff, you do many things and I am surprised! I don’t go that far…. I buy my shampoo and treatment at the salon, and I use a hairdryer which the hairstylist recommended to be good for hair, and as for leave-on treatment, I find it troublesome so recently I have not been using it. Because during work, before we do our hair and makeup, the hairstylist does it for us. And I thought that would be enough…. I always decide my hair colour based on my mood at that moment, so as for what colour I will dye next, I think I will decide when the time comes. When I have something I want to ask regarding my hair, I will talk to the beautician - Kami-chan again!


Turns out the week after my birthday is hell week, and I have three exams coming up. I already failed one today, so yay me. Monday is starting off just right.


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sometimes i get disappointed in myself
i trample on myself once again
you only amount to this much
you need to do much, much better
you need to become much cooler
you should die rather than lose
you need to win you you you you

falling short is such a painful thing
if you don’t go through it, you can’t know it
my ideals and reality, so very far
but still, by crossing that bridge
i want to reach you
the real you, the real me

all i need is me….


Should I try translating this Japanese findom dating simulator?

Naturally I bought the findom simulator I spoke about in a recent post: https://becquerelcaps.tumblr.com/post/179105527769/you-have-a-moral-obligation-to-buy-this-japanese.

But since an official English translation is, realistically, not very likely, I’ve started to think about the possibility of producing an unofficial translation of my own, since I can understand the text with relative ease. It comes with a handy scene select, which would make it possible to break it down into manageable chunks:

I’m not sure how many lines of text are in a scene on average, but they take around five to ten minutes to read through at my (quite slow) pace, so it can’t be that much. Since it’s a dating sim, what’s happening on the screen isn’t important, so I would probably just introduce each post with a single screenshot to establish context:

And then present the scene in script format, like this:

Papa (you): Ah, so that kind of thing happened at school.

Haruko-chan: Yeah, that’s right. At our school there’s a lot of people with old-fashioned ideas.

Narration: Today, I and Haruko-chan were exchanging idle chit-chat at a fast food restaurant.

Etcetera, etcetera. I don’t know much about how translation circles actually hook their scripts up into the games themselves - and I think this particular game engine is encrypted - but if you know anything about that, let me know. I’d like to bring this excellent little game (and it is excellent - going to write a proper review eventually) to a wider audience.


181023 NELL’s Instagram Post

새롭고 즐거운 작업이었어요~
Had so much fun working on this piece ! [RM의 ‘지나가’(With NELL) Release!]
넬이 참여한 방탄소년단 RM의 “지나가"가 수록된 믹스테잎 'mono.'가 공개되었습니다.
아래 URL을 통해 감상하시고 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다.
Apple Music
#NELL #Spacebohemian #넬 #스페이스보헤미안 #방탄소년단 #BTS #RM #믹스테잎 #Mixtape#mono #지나가 #언젠가

It was a refreshing and fun piece~
Had so much fun working on this piece ! [RM의 '지나가’(With NELL) Release!]
RM’s mixtape ‘mono.’ that features “everythingoes” which NELL participated in has been released.
You can listen to it in the URLs below and we ask that you give it a lot of interest and love.
Apple Music
#NELL #Spacebohemian #넬 #스페이스보헤미안 #방탄소년단 #BTS #RM #믹스테잎 #Mixtape#mono #everythingoes #sometime

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out

To my transgender/genderfluid/agender loves who live in the US: you are made in the image of the divine. And if you don’t believe in a divine, you are still beautiful and whole and sacred. Please know that.

Genesis is mistranslated often, and it is often used to justify our cruelties towards you. Please let me offer a better translation of Genesis 1:26-27 and 5:2. 

1:26-27: “And God said, ‘Let us make an earth-creature in our image, after our likeness. They shall rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the cattle, the whole earth, and all the creeping things that creep upon the earth.’ And God created the earth-creature in God’s likeness, in the likeness of God, God created all of them, male and female, and blessed them…”

In 5:2, “God created all of them, male and female, and blessed them and called them ‘earth-creatures’.” 

There are three important things to consider here:

(1) The Hebrew אָדָם (adam, often translated as “man”) is a wordplay on the Hebrew  אֲדָמָה (adamah, meaning “earth”). The best translation, therefore, of adam isn’t “man.” Rather, the most accurate translation ties the term to the word “earth,” insinuating that God formed adam from adamah. So, “earth-creature” is actually the closest rendering of אָדָם, even though it sounds weird in a bible quote. 

(2) The Hebrew  אֱלֹהִים is often rendered “God,” but it is technically plural. So God is conceived of as a multiplicity in this passage. So, God creates all earth-creatures in God’s likeness – and God’s likeness is a plurality. See where I’m going here?

(2) The phrase, “God created all of them, male and female,” has historically been rendered, “male and female, He created them.” But this isn’t the most accurate translation, in my opinion. It furthermore obscures the intent of the passage. By saying, “male and female, He created them,” one is suggesting that God (a single male here as opposed to a plurality, go figure) created only two types – male and female. And I agree that the text does say that God created male and female, but the text doesn’t specify that male and female are *all* that God created. Rather, God created, “them” –  אֹתָֽם in Hebrew. In my mind, this includes male and female, sure, but it includes “all” as well. So, “God created all of them,” is more accurate since it is expansive and not exclusive. 

I don’t often offer biblical commentary; if you read this blog, you know that I stopped believing in God many years ago and these texts to me are the relic of a bad upbringing. But I know many of you are believers. And I’ve been seeing the political discourse in this country and the way that texts like Genesis 1 and 5 are used as prooftexts to justify all sorts of violence. So, I felt compelled to offer a corrective to the crappy translations out there. 

To anyone whose church told them they were an abomination: you’re not. Your pastor can’t translate Hebrew for shit; that’s all that’s going on, I promise. 

(Also, if you want to talk about this, you can talk to me. I may not be religious, per se, but I read ancient languages and I have a PhD in old ass shit, so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to ancient Christian and Jewish texts.) 

when it rains
i Get a little feeling that I do have a friend
keeps knocking on my windows
asks me if I’m doing well And I answer
i’m still a hostage of life
i don’t live because I can’t die
but I’m chained to something …

Just like you, If I could
just knock on somewhere If I could kiss
the whole world so hard
would someone welcome me
maybe embrace my weary body 

please don’t ask any questions
but do keep pouring forever I’m not lonely when you’re pouring
please stay by my side
wanna live in the ashy world I know that there’s no forever… 


Nanase Riku: Garden Tea Party Rabbit Chat Part 5

Tsumugi: Riku-san, great work on wrapping up today’s short drama!

T: It was a long shooting from the scene where each of the teams created bonds to finding a way to build the tea party to the climax, thank you for working really hard!

T: Have you already returned to your room?

Riku: Good work manager! I’m already in my room. Nagi praised me about today earlier!

R: I was able to say the tongue-twister without messing up! I worked hard!

R: [Confetti Pudding Stamp]

T: [Thumbs-Up Pudding Stamp]

T: Congratulations! At the scene of the tongue-twister trio comedy, I watched it with clenched fists…!

R: Geez!! It was really frustrating when I said it right the first time but laughed so it became a blooper!!

T: It was close…! I thought “But he could say it properly…!!”

R: But I did say it properly!!

R: But Mitsuki was happy about it, he encouraged me that I could do it next time too, Iori also said “You can do it again,” without sarcasm…

R: I was so desperate to do it! The encouragement somehow put pressure on me to do well, but I tried hard! 

T: Maybe you could do it smoothly once you’d memorized it! It’s the result of your efforts at yesterday’s practice!

R: Really really! After that I met Iori in the hall and talked about the situation, and Iori and Mitsuki joined me at the studio. I was glad that we could practice together!

T: So was the training hard?

R: It was!!

T: [Sweating Pudding Stamp]

R: Iori’s ridicule is naturally sharp, and Mitsuki is so good at using the Harisen! 

R: But somehow training hard felt fun, so I could try hard while having fun!

T: At the field, I think their practiced teamwork showed!

*T: How was Iori-san?

R: He was in good condition, more like I felt like he was in a good mood! And he didn’t get mad much. Maybe he could relax because he was with Mitsuki? It’s not like he lost his tension, but there was the relief of being with his family.

R: This time, I could watch the others’ shooting, so I think I learned a lot.

R: I laughed a lot at each team’s entertainment scene!

T: Me too! If it was already that funny at the shooting, it will be a great CM and I can’t wait for it to be completed!

R: The ending was that, thanks to the princes’ tea party and entertainment being fun, the king became well and will choose the succession to the throne another time.

T: The king announced that the princes should live together peacefully!

R: It was my first time to see TRIGGER slide off an act! It’s rare right!

T: That direction was barely accepted by Anesagi-san…!

R: Tenn-nii was cute!

T: [Loving Kinako Stamp]

T: He was cute!

R: Speaking of, today the weather was nice so Tenn-nii was worried about my physical condition. He said “Are you drinking enough water?”

R: I was totally fine but we were together for a little while during the break so I’m happy we got to talk about various things.

R: [Sparkling Kinako Stamp]

T: It’s great that you had time to talk because Kujou-san was concerned about Riku-san’s condition.

R: Was he? Tenn-nii is so niiiiice! I’m glad that I could thank him directly!

T: [Nodding Kinako Stamp]

R: In the drama too, the princes worked hard and became friends so I think them living together peacefully was a good ending instead of one person being chosen.

R: How is Manager? If you were king, who would you choose?

T: I think I would get well from everyone’s entertainment too ><

T: Everyone’s entertainment was amazing, and seeing them getting closer grabbed my heart.

R: Right! Phillip-san said that too! 

T: Phillip-san… Ah! That old-guy actor who acted as the king right!?

R: Yeah yeah! We became friendly during the break and exchanged rabbit chat!

R: He couldn’t understand most of my Japanese, so Nagi translated for him when he was there, but I don’t understand about half of the English he sent so I’ve been conversing with just stamps lol.

T: Riku-san, you’ve become friends with someone older than you again! That’s great!

R: Ah, that’s true lol

R: But he was a friendly, nice guy! He told me that his Santa Claus’s beard is real!

R: Ah, hold on a sec! A reply came!

T: [Pudding-Peeking-From-Behind-A-Door Stamp]

R: He said he wants to visit us at the dorms next time!

T: [Confetti Pudding Stamp]

T: W-We would prepare tea and snacks to entertain him, so contact me when the date is decided…!

R: Got it! Then we can do another tea party with the king! I have more things to look forward to!

R: [Sparkling Pudding Stamp]


T: At the field, I think their practiced teamwork showed!

T: How was Mitsuki-san?

R: Because he is older than us, he was like an older brother; I felt he was reliable! I wonder how he did. Since he took care of us a lot, I think he was calm. He seems like he liked harisen!

R: This time, I could watch the others’ shooting, so I think I learned a lot.


T: At the field, I think their practiced teamwork showed!

T: How was Riku-san?

R: I was fine! Not only the tongue-twister, but I think I could do the other acting parts well too! I did get nervous, but there were our members, TRIGGER, and Re:vale, so it was really fun!

R: This time, I could watch the others’ shooting, so I think I learned a lot.