White Day 2014 illustrations part 1/2

(Toboso Yana blog post translation March 14th, 2014)

English translation:

This is the collection of the illustrations I posted on twitter as a present in return for this year’s Valentine’s Day. On this year’s Valentine’s Day, I received many presents. Among them were chocolates and tea, handicrafts such as a handmade doll (to my surprise, it was Sullivan! lol) or miniature sweets. I’ll show them to you with pictures anytime soon!

I also received many letters which gave me a lot of strength and motivation! Thank you so much. Apparently, there are many people who have been reading [the manga] for a long time but have never sent fan letters. However, the [recently held] exhibitions and [published] artbooks seem to have motivated them to send me letters for the first time this year.

Anyway, I didn’t finish posting these gifts until late night. This year, I didn’t announce the ranking [as to which character got the most chocolates] as I usually do, but drew [the illustrations] in random order instead. […]

Sebastian. Out of all the characters, he got the most presents; mainly tea, “adult-like” dark chocolates or chocolates in the shape of a kitty and a cute wrapping. What a gap. (lol)

Ciel received much more presents than last year. If he had got one more present, he would have surpassed Sebastian. He received many cute chocolates, such as silk hats and rabbits. I received a letter from a girl who’s about Ciel’s age and she wrote “Ciel is my first love and my main boyfriend!”, and somehow this made me feel shy. ^^; It’s so sweet!

His pose is inspired by the Fran tv commercial. I could imagine him dancing like that… “who is the fake star〜♪” [*lyrics of the song used in the commercial]

Master, alias Alois, still has a lot of passionate fans. He received many butterfly and spider accessories. As Alois and Claude are anime original characters, I thought it would be better to hand their chocolates over to the anime staff (and unlike last year, I have the opportunity to meet them due to the new anime airing this year). But then I thought it wouldn’t be nice if I just handed them over, so I bought new chocolates myself and gave them to the staff as well.

This is Charles Grey. My assistants and I were like “Huh!? Could it be that he’s actually popular?” When he first showed up in the manga, he was totally fine using violence even towards a woman, so I thought he’s quite disliked…
Moreover, a lot of people who watched the anime and like Alois seem to like Grey as well. (lol)

Tailoress Nina unexpectedly received several presents and I was surprised!
I mean, she hasn’t appeared in the manga lately, so why [is she popular]…!? (lol) Anyway, she’s one of my favourite characters so I’m glad that people like her. The chocolates she received were typically feminine and came, for example, in the shape of heels and measuring tapes.


♡Proofread by lovely minacchin

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow =D


Lay - 150802 Wang Wen Jun’s weibo update: “十年之前我们是朋友,十年之后我们是对手@努力努力再努力x 艺兴,这就是命啊#极限挑战#”

Translation: “Ten years prior we were friends, ten years after we are enemies @Yixing, this is what we call fate #GoFighting1

Credit: 大衞豆腐. (1Note: In reference to them initially being teammates on Go Fighting, and then being placed on opposing teams)

あと、Shinyaくんと。 かれこれ10年くらい仲良くしてもらってますけど、一緒にリズム隊出来たことが嬉しいですね。 あと、さいたまと福岡もShinyaくんとのコンビネーション楽しみます。
And with Shinya. We’ve been friends for about 10 years, but I’m so happy we were able to play together. I’m looking forward to Saitama and Fukuoka where I will do a combination with Shinya as well.

MASASHI from Jupiter

150802 Media Interview with Luhan

L: Luhan ; Y: Yang Mi

Q1: Beijing successfully becomes the host for 2022 Winter Olympics, will go to the stadium in person to support?
L: If I have free time, I will definitely go.
Y: How old will you be by then? /Luhan smiles and never replies/

Q2: Will you bring along your girlfriend or wife? Or will you bring Lao Gao?
L: /shyly/ I will see the situation by then.

Q3: In the movie, you and Yang Mi are so close like real siblings, how did both of you get closer to each other?
L: We would make the atmosphere more lightly and also talk about games.

Q4: Beijing won the bid in hosting 2022 Winter Olympics, since both of you are from Beijing, will you feel differently(from other people)? What kind of sports will you pay attention to?
L: Of course I feel very good. I pay attention to every kind of sports.

Q5: Why do you think you have so many fans? How do you send out positive energy?
L: To be honest I don’t know why, but that’s great if everyone likes my positive energy. And if I can continue spreading my positive energy to more people, that will be even better.
Y: There’s a period of time when we wrapped up filming at nearly 6am, yet Luhan still jumping here and there at the site. He can perfectly do all the little details. He won’t bring his personal emotions to the site, instead he will console everyone. Luhan is a hot star right now yet he’s still working hard, his spirit will surely influence some of the people.

Q6: You have some breakthroughs in the movie, like action scenes and rollerskating scenes, is there any more breakthroughs?
L: As for breakthroughs… I guess it’s my personal image. I don’t have to care about my idol image, I would be cursing or being more gangster.

Q7: Then do you feel great to be able to curse? Because most of the time you have to behave in front of the public.
Luhan panicked and Yang Mi helped him to answer: It’s just like a normal youngster’s life.

Q8: Before that, there are rumours saying that you’re hiding your marriage status..
L: To my surprise, there are people who really believe in the rumours, I am ‘drunk’! I want to clear up (the rumours) here, why will people believe in that? If the rumours are real, then I am really too powerful. Now it’s settled with the studio, I am really ‘drunk’… (Note: ‘drunk’ here is a slang word, it means speechless)

translation cr. to ludeerbambi 

Muto Tomu G+ 2015-08-02


The SSA LIVE performances are over!!

They really, how should I say it, they filled me with many different emotions.

At noon Kuramochi’s, and then at night Kawaei’s graduation ceremonies

With Kawaei, I’ll be performing together with her at her last stage performance the day after tomorrow. But with Kuramochi, I wonder if this was our last time standing together on stage…

However, it was good to be able to sing a song together with everyone from my beloved Oshima Team K ☆

And also among the units with Kawaei, I’m glad we were able to perform Hashire Penguin together (´ω`)

That song is definitely an important one for Kawaei, I think, so it made me happy when I learned we could do it together ♡*゜

Kuramochi and Kawaei are both close to me, and are beloved seniors to whom I owe a great deal, so if I consider that until now there has never been a time when we were not active together, I start to feel extremely lonely.

But, the two of them in their dresses were truly beautiful, dazzling and sparkling, and

from the bottom of my heart I thought they were lovely.

I’ve been truly fortunate to be able to meet such wonderful seniors.

Everyone who came to watch these two days, and everyone who supported us, thank you very much!!

The photo is with Kuramochi ♡

川栄さんとは撮れなかったー、(´・ ・`)
I didn’t get a photo with Kawaei… (´・ ・`)
I will the day after tomorrow ଘ(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭✧

In the comments:

About the live this time, I’ll send a mail later with the details (^^)

Question: Which member is the most 4D?

Yongseok: Within our members, the most 4D one is definitely Sangmin. He always pretends to be naive. It doesn’t matter what I ask him, his answer is always I don’t know~don’t know~. Supposedly as a hyung, he should give me guidance but it turns out, I’m the one helping him. Also, he’s always so carefree.

Takuya: I agree! Recently, Sangmin has gotten in the habit of taking other peoples cell phones to take selcas. My cell phone will suddenly have an increase of over 30 pictures of him, it’s a little scary. In doing this, Sangmin really is very 4D. (haha)

Yongseok: My cell phone has fallen victim too!

Takuya: However, recently Seyoung-hyung is strange too.

Yongseok: True! True! He doesn’t sleep, right? I’ll wake up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty and get up, and then I’ll see him watching a movie. When does he sleep?

Takuya: Recently, he’s become a night-owl. Speaking of which, Yongseok, do you believe UFOs or supernatural stuff like that exist?

Yongseok: I do! Because aliens and the supernatural are all forms of life. Although… I haven’t seen any with my own two eyes.

Takuya: I don’t. Even though if I think about it, I get a little scared but I haven’t seen any.

Yongseok: Takuya is very stubborn about this. (haha)

Takuya: Also, right now I feel like there is something strange about Korean people and that’s that… how can they eat such spicy stuff? Even though I can eat some spicy stuff, I end up drinking a lot of water.

Yongseok: Because it’s not spicy.

Takuya: It’s strange, right? (haha)

Yongseok: When we’re little, we get used to eating tteokbokki or kimchi stew, which all helps us get used to eating spicy stuff. After that, spicy stuff doesn’t have much effect anymore. In Japan, I felt the strange thing was the variety food vending machines there. With such an advanced hospitality/restaurant industry, they shouldn’t need that many food vending machines. Although, this is very interesting and is also a good method.

Takuya: There are food vending machines that sell stuff like ramen, cold noodles, eggs and other farm goods too~

Yongseok: It’s awesome! Ice cream vending machines are the best!! I’ve had some with Casper-hyung before, it was really good. I want to eat it again.

[T/N: I did my best translating from a Chinese translation (so it’s a 2x translation @.@) the question originally said “inconceivable” but that can be translated as “strange (hence Takuya’s statement about Korean people being “strange”) or being 4D]

[Conclusion: They are all 4D]

Other translations

As I answered to the anon, there are several DL-translations out already, more or less complete. The ones I found are:

Diabolik Lovers Translations; here you can find Laito’s route up to Ecstasy 4, and I used it a lot while playing his route

hdb.himeutsugi.org; they have a few chapters of every guy, I think, though how much differs a lot (Reiji, for example, already has all of Dark translated, while Subaru has only like 7 chapters translated at all)

Sakamaki House; they have Kanato and Ayato from Haunted Dark Bridal, and Ayato from Dark Fate. Don’t know how far they are, though, since I haven’t played Ayato/Kanato yet, let alone started Dark Fate.

Yume Miru Sekai; I think I use this one the most now, since they already completed all the guys. However, it’s not really done like a translation but instead more like storytelling, so they only have the answers that raise your Love Points, and those for the M-Choices in Chapters 7-10 (Though they also summarize the S-choices for Maniac and Ecstasy). Still, if you understand part of the game and just want to make sure you got it, this blog really is incredibly helpful.

IMPORTANT! Fancafe notice regarding fangifts

To Unicorns

Hello. This is UNIQ fanmanager.

This is a notice regarding delivering gifts to UNIQ members.

Aside from official delivering gifts to Yuehua building directly or via fanamanager at the prerecordings and other public activities as allowed, there are a lot of fans who handle their gifts to members in airports and other locations.
We understand that you love the boys, but this creates dangerous situation to the boys and other fans, especially in places with busy trasportation. 

From now on it is strictly forbidden to deliver any gifts to the members personally anywhere (ESPECIALLY at airports) except giving them to a fanmanager / officially delivered to Yuehua building. 


As well, there are some fans who send very expensive gifts to UNIQ members. We are asking you to avoid this in future, and gifts that are too expensive will be returned to sender with no exception.

And of course we are always thankful for your love and support that you give to UNIQ.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was hoping you could translate something into Elvhen for me? How would someone say 'I'm smarter than you'? Also is there a word in Elvhen for 'cry baby' or something along those lines? Thank you so much if you get the chance to answer this, I really appreciate it!


I’m smarter than you: Eolasan melo na. - I know more than you.

The closest you could come to a direct translation of ‘cry baby’ would be esha’lin’numal - crying child. 

Hope that helps.