translating for fun and profit


“Kyaa! I’m tangled up! Please don’t kill me, Ogre, I can’t die again, ‘right?!!”
“… Please calm down.”

“All I must do is snip my hair, and the trouble will be resolved.”
“Wait, time out!”

“The hair is where a person’s spirit dwells! You should hold off before cutting it!
"A woman’s hair shouldn’t be cut off so recklessly, 'right?”

“… As you wish.”

“(That was a close one. I’d hate to be caught in the Grudge.) Sorry, Ogre, it’ll just be a little more, 'right?”
“So this is how you’ll do it.”
“Yeah! … Um… Geez, it really doesn’t wanna come out…”
“Perhaps we could ask Asahina for help.”


Well then, let’s begin the questions! Touch the answer that you think best describes you!

  • You don’t do well in groups. True / False
  • You change your mind easily. True / False
  • Your mind is often sharp and clear. True / False
  • You have confidence in your looks. True / False
  • You find it hard to say no when people ask things of you. True / False
  • You’re not very assertive. True / False
  • You cry easily. True / False
  • You have a knack for working with machines. True / False

……guys ae gave me chihiro (clearly) but looking back at these answers i think i. might. actually be souda kazuichi

UM lemme know if you wanna take the quiz & i’ll translate the questions for you!! /o/ (i’m pretty sure they change based on what character it looks like you’re going towards so they won’t all always be the same as these)