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Sonia Nevermind’s Character Profile

Though her attempts at intercultural communication are often somewhat off the mark, sociable Sonia includes everyone among her circle of friends. Depending on the genre, she knows more about Japan than the Japanese!

Owari: Makango?! Can I eat it?!
Nanami: The ‘proper young lady’ character is a staple to any game.
Saionji: This pig bitch thinks she can get on my side?!
Koizumi: She has a real cool European style.
Mioda: Ibuki wanted to see her in a bikini!!
Pekoyama: She’s quite well-learned.
Monomi: Such a pwoper young lady is just wuvly!
Monokuma: Upupu, she’ll stick up for absolutely anyone.
Nidai: With that commanding voice, she’d be good at hawking newspapers.
Hanamura: You know, princesses have a reputation for being sheltered~
Souda: She’s totally completely one-hundred-percent princess!!
Tanaka: Truly the arcane mother of darkness!
Togami: With regards to global influence, she is a decent match.
Komaeda: Her noble rank is clear as soon as one lays eyes on her.
Hinata: Sometimes she acts strangely like the common people…


On that typhooning day, Trucy called Apollo to the office. “Apollo, it’s an emergency! Come over right away!”

“Geez, what the heck’s going on here, Trucy?”
“Whoa, you just storm in and ask, ‘What the heck’s going on’! You don’t just look like a drowned rat, you sound like one, too.”
“… Hey, there’s a typhoon out there!”

“Oh, right! Apollo! It’s an emergency! My magic panties got blown off the clothesline from the wind!”
“Wh-What?! What were you doing drying off your panties in this weather in the first place?!”

“Keh… Well, it can’t be helped. We’ll go look for them together once the worst of it blows over.”
“Ah!” “Huh? What–”


“M– Mr Wright…”

“Here comes the dryer~” “Wah– Waaah!!” “Daddy became a drying machine~!”

There, for a short time among the father’s friends, Mr Wright acted as a drying machine.


“Kyaa! I’m tangled up! Please don’t kill me, Ogre, I can’t die again, ‘right?!!”
“… Please calm down.”

“All I must do is snip my hair, and the trouble will be resolved.”
“Wait, time out!”

“The hair is where a person’s spirit dwells! You should hold off before cutting it!
"A woman’s hair shouldn’t be cut off so recklessly, 'right?”

“… As you wish.”

“(That was a close one. I’d hate to be caught in the Grudge.) Sorry, Ogre, it’ll just be a little more, 'right?”
“So this is how you’ll do it.”
“Yeah! … Um… Geez, it really doesn’t wanna come out…”
“Perhaps we could ask Asahina for help.”


“Objection! Hey, objection!!”

“Does it really make you that happy to see a lawyer you admire in front of your eyes?”
“Uh, well, I /am/ happy, but… Come on, did you have to be the main character /again/?!”
“Don’t worry, you’re sure to get your turn in the game too.”
“You really think so?”
“Of course! (Probably.)”
(“When you’re done, can I get your autograph?” “Sure.”)

Gyakuten Saiban Jiten

HEY GUYS, I have something to show you!!

This is a ‘game’ called Gyakuten Saiban Jiten! I don’t really know how well known it is. It was released in Japan with Apollo Justice, and is pretty much an encyclopedia of all the first three Phoenix Wright games!

More blathering – with pictures! – after the cut.

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“Hm… Do I order the salt-and-pepper flavor chicken, or the curry flavor…? I’d really like to try both, but… Hmmmm…

Ah! That’s it!

Step one, I have the salt-and-pepper flavor chicken.
Step two, I return to four minutes earlier.
Step three, I have the curry flavor chicken.
In the end, I’ll remember what both flavors tasted like!” [Fate averted!]

“… Well, to do that, you would need to die from eating too much.” “Oh.”

vernethewitch submitted:

i hate 2 be a bother but is there any way you could translate one or both of these… the calligrpahy is… something

千日の稽古を鍛とし, 万日の稽古を錬とす.
One thousand days of training to become adequate; ten thousand days of training to become proficient.

Even a drop of water can pierce a stone.

they’re famous proverbs (the first one’s a quote from miyamoto musashi, the second one’s an idiom lot like “slow and steady wins the race”). and though the smaller kanji to the left are his name, that’s not attribution to the quote like i thought; after doing research i learned that it’s the calligrapher who puts his name to the left.

which, i mean. it’s still putting his signature on. something he did. for his personal room. which is still a little ‘ok ishimaru’ but not as bad as – i thought they were quotes that he had made up at first & was attributing to himself. (“however strong the storm may get, if you plant both feet strongly on the ground you will not fall down.” –ishimaru kiyotaka.)


Well then, let’s begin the questions! Touch the answer that you think best describes you!

  • You don’t do well in groups. True / False
  • You change your mind easily. True / False
  • Your mind is often sharp and clear. True / False
  • You have confidence in your looks. True / False
  • You find it hard to say no when people ask things of you. True / False
  • You’re not very assertive. True / False
  • You cry easily. True / False
  • You have a knack for working with machines. True / False

……guys ae gave me chihiro (clearly) but looking back at these answers i think i. might. actually be souda kazuichi

UM lemme know if you wanna take the quiz & i’ll translate the questions for you!! /o/ (i’m pretty sure they change based on what character it looks like you’re going towards so they won’t all always be the same as these)