translated the tweets that went with these photos just because


SCANDAL; “Dinner Situation” blogpost by RINA☆

It’s the last day of rehearsals for our「Kyu ni Kite Gomen. In Kita」tour! It’s got a really good feel! I have nothing but the best presentiments. After this, we’ll only be going to meet all those who’ve been waiting for this. I’m trembling with excitement. I think there’ll be people who’re coming to a live for the first time or coming alone but it’ll be good so don’t worryー Please just relax and come have fun. Don’t come with heels or accessories! Please come and leave in perfect physical condition.

After the rehearsal, we have yakiniku with the live team. We’ll be together everyday during the tour but because we don’t usually have meals like this together in Tokyo, I was delighted. It was deliciousー!

※Extra: Just a while ago, when I went to have yakiniku with the members. This woman who had her paper apron on all the way till in the car. What feelings did you have when gum was given, shop assistant-san.

For those who’re guessing which particular member this is (with the paper apron on), the answer’s HERE (:

Translations by me. Original photo of the above edit is from Timo’s old tweet HERE.