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- Benedict Cumberbatch when asked if his wife Sophie Hunter is jealous of the attention he’s getting from female fans, June 9 ‘17 [x]

jasamdominik #tbt zum shooting mit @thelastshadowpuppets im soho house berlin. die fotos von alex und miles - geschossen von @peterkaaden - und die geschichte dazu - geschrieben von mir - gibt es ab nächsten donnerstag in der neuen ausgabe des @musikexpress_magazin

#thelastshadowpuppets #alexturner #mileskane #musikexpress #shooting

(Translated from German):
“#tbt to the shooting with @thelastshadowpuppets in soho house berlin. pics of alex and miles - shot by @peterkaaden - and the story included - written by me - will be available next thursday on the new issue of @musikexpress_magazin"

Suck it, ya filthy, fake Redcoat!

LTL, FTP and all that Jazz. Compared to some of the stories here mine is fairly tame, but considering my age at the time, the effort I had put into the whole affair and the resulting payoff, I would consider this pro enough to fit in here.

I’ve lived in Germany almost my entire life, yet through a twist of fate, I grew up learning the English language as a native speaker, since my father emigrated to Germany from the USA. As such, I’ve always had an American accent when speaking English and I’ve never met anyone who thought they felt the need to complain about it. Every time a teacher asked why I spoke English so well I replied that I am a US National by birth because my Father is from the US. All my teachers seemed quite impressed, except this one Hag, half a lifetime ago… If there ever was an award for creepy Anglophilia, she’d be neck deep in honors and certificates. Instead of encouraging me to speak more so that the other students could learn proper pronunciation from an actual native speaker, like many other English teachers at my school back then did, this woman thought it necessary to berate me for “speaking in such a horrible and filthy manner” and “cure [me] of that insufferable atrocity of an accent.” Mind you, these were actual quotes from this woman. My dad was no help at all. He was fairly ignorant about me being bullied by one of my own teachers, and even went so far as to yell at me to “suck it up and respect my elders”. So, yeah, I stuck it up. It didn’t help that I also wrote in American English (you know, color instead of color, tire instead of tyre, cookie instead of biscuit, that sort of thing) and the Hag had the audacity to write these “mistakes” up as double errors, meaning I got twice points deducted for spelling errors that weren’t even actual errors! I was so fed up with this woman and it wasn’t even two months into the school year.

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REA: Why? Must we not love the homeland more than any other thing in the world?
ROMULUS: No, we must never love it more than a being who is dear to us. On the contrary, it’s exactly of the homeland that we must always be wary. To no one is killing so easy as it is to the homeland.
ROMULUS: The State always makes others call it homeland when it prepares itself to assassinate.
REA: It was our unconditional love that made Rome great.
ROMULUS: But our love for Rome didn’t make her kind. Our virtues served to raise a ferocious animal. This vision of our homeland’s greatness inebriated us like generous wine, but now what we loved in her changed for us in as much bitterness.
—  Romulus der Große, Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Foo Fighters talk Taylor Swift (translated from a German interview)

bento: If you could be a different star, whether The XX or Lady Gaga, who would you like?

Dave: I’d like to be Taylor Swift.

Dave: She just has beef with everyone, which is such a she-against-the-world thing. But if these people in the media blasphemous about her, you can hear nothing from her. And then (he makes the gesture for the Mike-Drop), then throws her album on the market. And lets everyone else look like the total novice!

Taylor: She can get you ready.

Dave: Exactly. All you have to do is publish a track on Spotify the day you release your album.

bento: So first rule in the bizz - never begin a small war with Taylor?

Dave: We would never dare. (He laughs, bends over the recorder calls “WE LOVE YOU, TAYLOR!”)


[Quantum Immortality; Part 1]

He doesn’t remember much
What he does remember, however, is pain.

Lots of it.

He remembers the searing feeling of having his arm ripped off without any warning. And the burning that had followed as the clawed prosthetic latched onto his nervous system.

Had he had mother, he supposes this would be her.
The pain.
The very first thing he remembers.

The second thing is the blood.
Lots of it, too.
Something that had filled his nose with the stench of metal and fading life.
The only kind of warmth they’d ever permitted him to have.

(A distinct part of him had complained at first; recoiled at the sight of violence and taking insignificant lives. He had learned very quickly not to listen; it hadn’t been him thinking that, anyway. Just the echo of the Original in his mind.)

Had he had a father, he supposes this would be him.
The violence, and the bloodshed; the death.

Nobody bothered naming him.
He was Subject1121181514.
Stage 2.

His short life had passed in blurs and hissed orders.

In the beginning, he remembers being pushed into an open space.
Almost blind.

He’d learned to react quicker than whatever had been pushed into that space with him.
Had learned to bury his claws, fangs, (or whatever else he’d been able to get a solid grip) in a vulnerable part of his opponent.
To incapacitate them.

To prevent having his own chest ripped open.

(To feel the warmth of blood trickling down his arms; to feel the addicting heat kissing his lifeless skin; to feel something. Anything. Anything at all. To-)

It had went like that for a while.

Sometimes he’d caught snippets of a language the Original hadn’t known.
After some more time, he’d managed to make sense of them.

(It was the one thing that was his own; the one thing that didn’t have its roots in the Original; but he supposes that doesn’t count for much when it was the Original’s intelligence enabling him to adapt so fast in the first place.)

Vrepit Sa!

The one thing they bothered to actually teach him.

(Other than following orders and maiming opponents, that is.)

And that was the end of it.

That would continue to be his existent until… until something
Probably death.
Most likely death.

(He blamed the Original for the paralyzing fear at that thought.)

ID #52405

Name: Ksenia
Age: 19
Country: Russia

Hi everyone!

I’m a university student and I’m studying translation. My main language is English and next month I’m starting to learn German, so if you speak German, I’d really appreciate any help and emotional support :D I’m also learning Italian and want to start learning Icelandic. I’m really into languages and I can talk about them for hours.

I don’t watch a lot of TV shows or movies. I like cartoons and I’ve been into Voltron and Young Justice for quite a while. I used to write a lot in high-school, both poetry and prose. I’m a couch potato, but I like to go for a walk to a local park or explore the city. Oh, also, I really like memes!

What I really enjoy is music. I can’t play any musical instruments, but I still can’t imagine my life without music. I don’t have any genre preferences, I love both rock and country music equally. A special place in my heart belongs to 80’s music. Recently I’ve been listening to such bands as New Politics, Vinyl Theatre, Architects, We Were Promised Jetpacks and Say Hi. And I really enjoy Eurovision, haha.

I’m a good listener and I’m always there when you need to share with someone your thoughts and feelings. I don’t really like to talk about myself, but I’m a really passionate talker when it comes to one of my hobbies. I’m quite open-minded so if I have a heated discussion with someone, I listen carefully to their arguments and try not to impose my own beliefs on someone else or hurt someone’s feelings. Which doesn’t mean that I allow such behavior towards myself, haha.

I’ll be really happy to get to know any of you, so don’t be shy and write me!

Preferences: 16+, because from my experience age gap can be quite a problem.

Fan Fiction in Translation

You guys, I have a favour to ask. Some of you know that I’m doing a research project on the translation of fan fiction as part of my masters in translation studies. For those of you who don’t know, my thesis is based on studying examples of translated fics, so as to determine whether fic translation is a genre of translation in its own right (much the same way as fic is a literary genre in its own right). Of course, the key part here is the examples, and that’s where the favour comes in: I really need fics which been translated from English to German or from German to English (I have to use German examples due to the constraints of a scholarship) so if you guys happen to know of any fics like that, could you please send me a link? I would also really appreciate it if people could spread this around a bit, because I’d like a wide variety of examples. Any fandom, any ship, anything that you happen to have come across in with that language pairing, please send it to me. Thanks!

Some Fire Emblem Heroes Takumi quotes (some of them translated from German)

“I really love the food from my home country, especially Miso soup. Maybe we can cook together sometime.”

“I heard you can’t fight at all, so you can count on me. No matter what people are saying behind my back.”

“I always make sure that my Fuujin Yumi is in top condition. You are only as good as your weapon after all. So it’s important to always take care of them.“

“Don’t worry, I’ll obliterate anyone who gets in our way.”

“I have to get stronger. Way stronger. Stronger than my siblings anyway.”


“Must be nice to have free time.. Oh uh.. sorry I didn’t mean that.”

“Heh, nice to be needed. But nice to get compliments too.

“Were you happy to see me when I showed up? Hope so..” (yeees I was)

“I have nightmares that you wouldn’t believe. I wish they’d go away.”

“Are Hinata and Oboro around? Not that I need them to relax or anything..“ (omg)

Someone give him a hug please.

The art of erasing queer subtext German translations of Sherlock Holmes

When I first came to tumblr for reading all the fantastic analysis of the Sherrlock Holmes stories and adaptations, I was quite confused. Of course I read the Holmes stories before, well, most of them, but a lot of the quotes I read here didn’t sound familiar at all. I thought, well, I must have forgotten that or didn’t read properly. That doesn’t sound like me, but I never picked up my (german) copy and looked it up. One evenening, I sat over a glass of wine with my friend and she denied the gay subtext of the Holmes stories so vigorously, that I felt like proving my point and so I took her copy and wanted to show her some of the evidence. To my suprise, i could not find it. Starting with the „Quick. Hide if you love me“ part in „the dying detective“ wich was translated to „Hide if you want me to be thankfull forever“ (Verstecken Sie sich, wenn Sie sich meines ewigen Dankes gewiss sein wollen). That made me curious and I bought a copy of the original english ACD stories.

I will now start to read along with you, in german and in english to see what had been changed and why.

First, we have to note, that the most common german translation is the one by Adolf Gleiner, Margarete Jacobi, Louis Ottmann and Rudolf Lautenbach. It is an early translation (the first in some stories) and is used until today. I had a look at five different copys of the translated canon, modern ones and old ones, but they all had that translation. There is one other common translation by Gisbert Haefs, but I don’t have it, so I can’t say anything about that. Maybe someone has read those.

Then we have to note some general problems with translating from english to german, wich is not only true for Holmes but also for many other stories. There is, for example the „Sie“ and „Du“ problem. „Sie“ is the formal, polite way of saying „You“ wich one would use to adress strangers or respected people or people you don’t now well, „Du“ is the more intimate way of saying „You“ which one would use if you are adressing friends or family or people of your own age if you are younger than 25. Of course, it is always hard to get the point in a movie, book or series when people stop to use „Sie“ and start using „Du“, for it requires a permission or invitation in the spirit of: „Please, you can say „Du““ which is a big deal. In the Holmes stories, Watson and Holmes always talk to each other using „Sie“ and it is hard to create this natural intimacy between two people who do that. In translated english stories, it became quite normal that two people use „Sie“ even when they know each other quite well, especially in stories written before the 1950s. Even children adress their parents as „Sie“. Maybe it was just a way of showing how posh the English are.

Then we have the trouble of words with a slightly different meaning in both languages. But we will see that when I point out some examples.

When I read through the first three stories (TheGloria Scott, The Musgrave Ritual and The Spraceled Band) I recognized some parts that were translated pretty wrong and had to come to the conclusion, that it was done on purpose. By the third story I knew which part would have been changed before I even looked at the translation.


The Musgrave Ritual:

The „certain quiet primness of dress“ that a lot of people refere to by pointing out a queer reading of the canon was changed to „In his appearance he showed a certain accuracy and punktuality“ which is not the same and they could have used many german expressions wich would have been closer two the point. (German: Was sein Auftreten betraf trug er eine gewisse Genauigkeit und Pünktlichkeit zur Schau). But I see, that it is not easy to catch that exact meaning for the word „quiet“ is not really used in german in that manor.

Holmes „mischivious eyes“ were changed to „smart smile“.

„He (Musgrave) was a dandy“ was changed to „He emphasised his suit“. Wich is understandable because the term „dandy“ hadn’t been used in Germany.  

Fun fact: The term „woman“ refering to Rachel Howells was changed to „Weib“ (a deprecative term for woman) or to „Mädchen“ (girl) on various occations.

The Gloria Scott

In this story, Holmes speaks to Victor Trevor using „Du“. That might be because of their age.

Then they left out were Holmes was going the day the dog bit him, („I went down to chapel“).

„before the end of the term we were close friends“ was changed to „before I recovered, we had formed a friendship“ (German: Ehe ich wieder auf den Beinen war, hatten wir Freundschaft geschlossen.). And there is a term for „close friends“ in german (enge Freunde). There is no reason to change that.  

But these two stories aren’t the interesting part. Let’s move on to „The spraceled band“

It starts with minor changes in the description of Holmes (They changed „love of his art“ to „Love of his work“) and in the way Holkmes adresses Watson („my dear fellow“ was translated to „My dear boy“) but they mix up the boy/fellow thing in every way, all the time.

Then, when Holmes wakes up Watson, Watson accompanys Holmes down to the sitting room in the english version, while in the german translation, Watson follows Holmes to the sitting room. They could as well have translated the sentence word by word. But they didn’t.

Holmes intruduction of Watson („This is my intimite friend and associate Doctor Watson before whom you can speak as freely as before myself“) stayed the same. I wanted to point that out.

When Holmes says that „(The gun) and a toothbrush are all we need“, the translator went through some trouble because he obviously was concerened about the singular. Instead of just changing it to plural, he invented a comb, so you can read the german sentences as plural or singular. Its hard to explain… („Wenn wir Kamm und Zahnbürste mitnehmen, haben wir alles was wir brauchen“).

When Holmes and Watson go to „the Crown“, they engage „a bedroom and a sitting room“ in the original version, while in the german version, they get „two rooms“. Well, I guess that is not exactly wrong, but it is not the whole truth either.

These are not the big ones, those will come later on, when we read more stories. But you can find this sort of changes in every Holmes story, while the rest of the story (For example the Cases) are translated with a certain accuracy.

Why did they do that? Well, I think they realised how strong the subtext is and didn’t want that to come out. I don’t think they said:“Oh my god, this is so gay, let’s not write that“, I think they thought: „Well, if I translate it word by word it sounds wrong in german, to intimate. I have to look for less strong words or discriptions.“. Maybe it was because of differences in german and british culture at that time. But they clearly changed most of the parts which one could read as „to intimate for friends“.

Thanks to @handl0ck for talking to me about this and to @astudyincanon for encouraging me to write it down… and sorry for the mistakes. I am still learning.

Konstantin Batyushkov (1787-1855) - was a great Russian poet and translator of the Romantic Era.

Batyuhkov was born in 1787 in an old Russian aristocratic family. He received a brilliant education, which helped him to start a literature career of a poet and translator from French, German, and Latin. His first poem was published in 1805. In 1807 the young poet, against his father’s wishes, joined the Army. He was seriously wounded at the battle of Heilsberg. Next yeer was awarded the Order of St. Anne for bravery.

In July 1809, he wrote his famous “A Vision on the Shores of the Lethe”. With “Videnie”, Batyushkov’s reputation was established; he began to regard himself as a mature and original poet.

Soon after the Napoleon’s invasion Batyushkov entered military service, with the rank of junior captain. It was the events of 1812 that dictated the mood of an epistle-elegy, “To Dashkov”, a turning-point in Batyushkov’s poetics. The poem echoes his personal letters and expresses his feelings on seeing Moscow in ruins. He has also loses his best friend Ivan Peting in the Battle of Leipzig.

During the next couple of years Batyushkov travels to France, Germany, Sweden, and England, returning to Russian Empire eventually.

In 1815 Batyshkov proposes to Anna Furman, a young orphan, living with a family of his friends, and she is ready to accept the proposal. However, Batyushkov finds out  that Anna is just acting according to the wishes of her guardians, and is not in love with him. He breaks the engagement. “There is a big difference between not being repulsed by a person and loving them. If you’re in love - you are proud”, he later writes.

It is said, that unrequited love became one of the the triggers for the poet’s mental illness, which manifested itself in depression, gallucinations, anxiety attacks, and persecution mania.

In 1818 Batyuskov leaves Saint Peterbsurg for Venice. In 1822 he returns to the Russian Empire. By that time his mental illness became truly tragic: he several times attempted suicide.

Konstantin Batyushkov never married, nor did he recover from his mental illness.

His final poem was written in 1853; it is a quatrain which concludes as follows: “I only wake to fall asleep / And sleep, to awake without end”.

He died on 7 July 1855 from typhus.

Gerame Headcanons

If I’M and awkward virgin, and YOU’RE an awkward virgin, then WHO’S FLYING THIS GAY PLANE?

Seriously though these boys both have very limited experience but they’re figuring it out together.

Together, they are The Dorkiest Couple. America makes sure they’re tricked out to the max for every holiday and Germany would love crafts and activities like scrapbooking and letterboxing.

Behold, THE NO FUCKS GIVEN DUO. Find two people who give fewer shits about what you think of their relationship and what they do together. I dare you.

Ludwig listening to Alfred bouncing and talking incredibly quickly and waiting patiently for him to finish and paying very close attention to his boyfriend.

Germany knows better than anyone that his lover is not an idiot. America blows him away with his (incredibly selective) intelligence sometimes.

America loving and respecting Germany’s need for space and his discomfort with PDA and defying everyone’s expectations for how a couple SHOULD act in public and being totally willing and happy to do so.

America does not have an automobile kink, he has a Germany working on automobiles kink.

Germany uses direct translations from German to English sometimes, especially when he’s tired. The first time he called his pillow a “head kiss” America was just… blown away by how cute his lover is. Wow.

They are both terrified of ghosts, and every time one of them becomes convinced the house is haunted, they both abstain from sex just to be safe because that’s who the monster always comes for first, it’s a simple fact!

Simple, dependable happiness and stability are what they both want most out of a relationship and they will bend over backward to give it to each other.

Neither of them really get jealous, possessive, controlling, or demanding and the older nations don’t really understand how these young kids can do that.

‘Wir sind die Roboter’
Daft Punk Phone Interview: Translated

(I promised one of my German translations for my next post, and I deliver! This is an HAA-era interview, and one of the many clippings available through @ifcwdjd‘s archive; for that reason, I can’t source which publication exactly this comes from, and defer to the tumblr mention instead. This is an interview with only Guy-Manuel, and for that alone it was worth some attention; the entire interview has been patched into the above image, but if you’re on mobile, there’s still a text version available!)

Text version: [Link]
Documentation: [Link]

Disclaimer: The original speech of this interview, given by Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo, is not copyrighted by this blog nor by the author of this post. Therefore, the original German text will not be distributed here. The author claims ownership of the wording of this translation, which does not deny nor seek to possess the existence of other translations. This translation may be subject to changes in the future.