translated by @thatyongkid

[1 Jan 2014]

[TRANS] @B2stGK: Everyone, this year, too, please be filled with more happy enjoyable and healthy things as compared to the previous year^^!!!!!! Our B2UTIES!!!!!! This year too, without changing, please give us greater love!!!! Let it go off with a bang everyone!!!!!!!

Translation credits: @thatyongkid


[11 Feb 2014]

@Joker891219 (bigbadboii): 맨날 누워만있는거 아니거든 #형님

[TRANS] @Joker891219 (bigbadboii): I don’t just lie around everyday, okay #hyungnim

Video Translation:

“Hyung-nim, come here, come here, you have to exercise, come here, come here.”

(Hyung-nim walks away)

“YAH come here.”

Translation credits: @thatyongkid