Comments about “Natsume Yuujinchou 5th season” and
Scene-cut of the 1st episode.


“ It’s been a long absence to cast Natsume Takashi in front of the microphone.
Delicated, cautious, a bit mature boy. For Natsume’s voice, each lines and script have also been recorded carefully.
Please everyone to support a new start moving of Natsume and his friends continuously.”

“ After a long time, the world of Natsume!
I’m really happy~ All casts gathered. Atmosphere around was so familiar incredibly after voice testing.
Their smile was impressive. I was so glad being Nyanko-sensei~~maybe even a bit too excited by high tension.
Let’s all being waku waku together with Natsume’s world. ”

**Reminder that the 1st episode of Natsume 5th season will on on 4/10!!!
Getting super excited!!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Naruto proposes to Hinata in the doujinshi  Ouchi Date no Susume (The At-Home-Date Proposition), translated English and original Japanese.

When a rainstorm threatens to cancel their date, Naruto suggests Hinata just come back to his place instead. But having Hinata in his home makes Naruto realize just exactly what his home is missing.

This doujin artist gets it. Though, I still find the way that Japanese people propose sometimes, by inviting you into their family rather than requesting you become their spouse, to be equal parts odd and sweet. There’s a pop song that makes all the middle aged women swoon called “Let’s become family”. Can you imagine that in another culture? 


Seungkwan & Wonwoo acting out how Wonwoo would handle an angry girlfriend