[TRANS] 160208 GOT7′s Chinese New Year Messages to ahgases

2016 Baby birds ❤️‍  

Jackson: (May you eat) lots of fish and meat 🐟

Junior: Happy New Year!!

JB: (Wishing you) joy for the whole family

Youngjae: (Wishing you) happiness and prosperity (literal: congratulations and prosperity)

Yugyeom: May everything go well (literal: may a thousand things go well)

Bambam: (Wishing you) good health 💪

Mark: (May you) have long lasting good luck

HIRUKO by Yamagishi Ryouko
one-shot | 40 pages | horror | download zip to read

About this work: Yamagishi Ryouko (b. 1947) is considered one of the major contributors of the “Fabulous Year 24 Group” along with Hagio Moto and Takemiya Keiko. Yamagishi has published many influential manga, among them Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi, which received the Kodansha Manga Award for shoujo in 1983; Arabesque, which is considered the first realistic ballet manga; and Terpsichora, another ballet manga which garnered her the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2007.

Yamagishi has published countless short stories over the years, most in the genres ballet, history, mythology, and horror. “Hiruko” (1985) is a work of psychological horror in which a young university student befriends a young boy who is her distant relative. She is initially taken in by his beautiful appearance, but slowly starts to realize that strange things are happening around her…

Warning: This work contains elements that might be triggering to some.

Credit: Cleaned by laikagohome, lettering by CJ Joughin. Thank you!

Related work: Read “Yasha Gozen” by Yamagishi Ryouko

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This translation is meant to be a sample of the artist’s work. If you wish to read more manga by Yamagishi Ryouko, please contact your local manga publisher!

blue night radio ♡ 160209

jonghyun: i used to live with my grandparents on my mother’s side when i was in my first and second year of primary school. grandma, grandpa, noona and i lived together. it was during primary school, so it was at an age that i didn’t know much (about life, etc.) and they took care of me. i felt a lot of warmth back then. i’m living with my grandpa on my mother’s side again right now. i came back home from japan recently and he said: “it’s been awhile, jonghyunnie~” i felt a little sorry. it wasn’t that i did something wrong, but he greeted me so warmly and i thought that maybe i should have given him a call while i was abroad. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)


Road Knight Ch.10
Download here

Finally, the promised double release!! And a Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it!! Did you guys get red envelops?

Magi 295 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, so I cannot guarantee the following snippets are completely accurate. In other words, these can be completely wrong, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Also, feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST these snippets anywhere.

In which spoilers are late, short and… weird. Very, very weird, and difficult to understand. My personal suggestion is that we wait a bit more until better spoilers are out… then we can maybe celebrate Aladdin potentially being back soon… .

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Let's Play Video Games! I Won't Lose, 24 Hours a Day
  • Let's Play Video Games! I Won't Lose, 24 Hours a Day
  • Tsurugi Takuma (CV: Miki Shinichirou)/Kougami Shinya (CV: Seki Tomokazu)/Kagari Shuusei (CV: Ishida Akira)
  • PSYCHO-PASS Radio CID 24 Hours a Day: Mandatory Happiness

Psycho-Pass Radio CID 24 Hours a Day: Mandatory Happiness #05
Let’s Play Video Games! I Won’t Lose, 24 Hours a Day

This is the audio drama from episode 5 of PP Radio - Mandatory Happiness.

In this episode, Kagari invites Kougami and Tsurugi to play a game on an old Xbox One during their time off, and those who lose need to participate in a penalty game.

Translation after the cut. Have fun listening~

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