[ENG] 150526 

[From.KAI] Everyone, Kai’s here.

Hello. I am EXO KAI.

Everyone, Kai has arrived.

How did you spend May’s golden long weekend?

I spent it with my family, and everyone enjoyed it too, right?

For people who possibly weren’t able to spend it well due to the holiday not being long enough or due to their lives being busy, I’ll give you a gift.

* * *

There~!! Almost half of the year 2015 already passed.

When life gets tiring and hard, I hope you’ll find strength in this holiday or these pictures~


[TRANSLATION] Kai - 150526 Official EXO-L website update: “여러분 카이 왔어요.”(’Everyone, Kai is here.’)

“안녕하세요. EXO KAI 입니다.

여러분 카이 왔어요. 5월의 황금연휴 어떻게들 지내셨나요?

저는 가족들과 함께 보냈는데 여러분들도 즐거운 시간 보내셨죠?
혹시 연휴가 아쉽거나 바쁜 일상 때문에 휴가를 못 보내신 여러분을 위해 선물 드릴게요.”

Translation: “Hello. It’s Kai of EXO.

Everyone, Kai is here. How did you spend your golden weekend of May?

As for me, I spent the weekend with my family. Did you guys have a good time? If you couldn’t enjoy in leisure time away from a busy schedule, or simply didn’t find it enjoyable, here’s a small present for you.”

“짠~!! 벌써 2015년의 반이 지나가려고 하는데요.
일상 속에서 지치고 힘든 일 이번 연휴나 이 글과 사진으로 힘 얻으세요~


Translation: “Ta-da~!! We’re already halfway through 2015. Please cheer up and recover from your tiring lives with my picture and encouragement~


Photo links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Credit: translation,, Source: Official EXO-L Website.

pyeongchon lotte store fansign - 150526

because my name is hella crappy i didn’t want to tell it to shinee so, at first, i asked not to write my name but jjong was like: “then what would you like me to write?” but suddenly my mind went black so i just asked him to write my actual name. while he was writing it i wanted to tell him i’ve gotten a lot of comfort from blue night but, when i got as far as mentioning blue night, i suddenly burst into tears. jjong got flustered and asked: “why are you crying?” and the manager was telling me to move along so i just left and, while i was crying and waiting in jinki’s line, i briefly made eye contact with jjong and he mouthed “don’t cry”. even while i was getting jinki’s autograph jjong poked me in the arm when he had a break (in his line) and told me not to cry. i was seriously having a mental breakdown so i couldn’t tell shinee anything i’d planned to say and went back to my seat and was waiting then jjong wrote something and a staff member brought over this note from him. even though i wasn’t crying because of my name, i was actually crying because of shinee. it’s embarrassing but it felt like all the times i’d been hurt because of my name were being healed.

the note reads: “don’t cry. it’s a pretty name. it’s the other people who are foolish. you’re incredible.” (source: sullaem via dc gallery)

  • Coda
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure The Anthology Songs 2 - Coda

“IGGY WALK” by Coda

In honor of the one we lost last week, here’s the translation for Iggy’s character song. A chill and relaxed theme fit for the lazy dog.

It ain’t my problem
Do what you want
It ain’t my problem, don’t want none of it

I won’t wag my tail
Obedience? Not interested
Just get me my coffee-flavored gum

It ain’t my problem
Do what you want
I’m carefree in my sand-drawn life

Idiots always engage in meaningless fights
Acting like a hero… you’re crazy

After the third yawn
It’s obviously time for a nap
I make this peaceful and boring world my bed
and say “Good-night”

It ain’t my problem
Do what you want
I’m busy, can’t you see?

To make love with a hot female, and indulge in luxuries once in a while
When you let it out, it feels so good

After the fourth yawn
I guess I’ll follow those shitty guys
Got no choice huh? Fine, I’ll fight
You really cause me a lot of trouble!

Even if my breathing stops
I’ll live by my own rules
I spit on this peaceful and boring world
and say “Perfect”


26/05/15 Jongsuk Weibo/Instagram Update

음.. 안녕! 나야! 오늘 좋은 소식을 들어서 이렇게 메시지로 나마 감사 인사를 전하려 합니다~!! 투표로 결정되는 상이니 만큼 연락을 늦게 받아 일정 변경이 불가피해서 저는 아직 일본에 있는데요.. 그대들의 예쁜 마음 잘 받았고.. 어떤 마음일지 알 것 같아 속상하고.. 현장에서 함께 기쁨을 나누지 못해 누구보다 아쉽고… 이렇게 메시지로 여러분에게 고마운 마음을 전하는 것도 미안하고.. 음.. 일에 대한 자신감과는 별개로 스스로 자존감이 낮은 내가.. 유일하게 빛난다 싶을 때가 그대들이랑 마주 보고 있을 때인 것 같아. ㅋㅋ 그러니까 내 말은!!!!!! 고맙다고.. 그리고 상은.. 내년에 내가 연기 잘해 가지고!! 직접 가져올게!! 기다려.. 보여줄게!! 엄청난걸!!!!!………이라고 말은 하지만 무슨 작품을 해야 할지 모르겠다는 게 함정이지만.. ㅠㅠ 아무튼 사랑한다!!! 이제 티비 끄고 자!!!

Mm… annyeong! It’s me! I heard good news today so I’m leaving a thank you message like this~!! Because this award was decided based on voting, so we were contacted late and could not change the schedule, I’m still in Japan..I received your beautiful thoughts..I know what kind of feeling that is so I’m very upset.. I regret it more than anyone that I am unable to be there to share the joy of receiving an award with all of you.. To express my thankfulness like that, I’m very sorry too.. Mm..Different from the confidence I have at work, I actually have low self-esteem.The only time I feel like I am shining is when I am facing you. Keke So, I’m saying!!!!!! Thank you.. and the award.. I will act well!! I will go and receve it myself!! Wait for me.. I will show you!! It will be great!!!!!………Although I say it like that, I don’t know what work to do.. ㅠㅠ No matter what, I love you!!! Now, switch off the TV and sleep!!!

Note: That white top he is wearing is a gift from the China fans.


Voice Actor: ???

Captain of the Shinsengumi’s 9th division.
Mikisaburou is the actual younger brother of Itou Kashitarou and he joined the Shinsengumi along the way with his older brother.
Harboring an interest in the protagonist he starts out by making a pass at her.
He later withdraws from the Shinsengumi with his older brother and becomes part of the Guardians of the Imperial Tomb.

Quaeris quot mihi basiationes
tuae, Lesbia, sint satis superque.
Quam magnus numerus Libyssae harenae
laserpiciferis iacet Cyrenis,
oraclum Iovis inter aestuosi
et Batti veteris sacrum sepulcrum,
aut quam sidera multa, cum tacet nox,
furtivos hominum vident amores.

C. Valerius Catullus, Carmina 7.1-8

“You ask how many of your kisses, / Lesbia, are enough and more than enough for me. / As great as the number of the Libyan sands / that lies at laserpicium-producing Cyrene, / between the oracle of heated Jupiter / and the sacred tomb of old Battus, / or as many as the stars, when night is quiet, / that see the secret love affairs of man.”  

Um… hi! It’s me! Today I received the good news so I must express my gratitude in words~!! Firstly, as you all know, it is an award decided by voting, so we received the notification too late to change the prearranged schedules, thus I’m still in Japan right now… I have received your beautiful well-wishes… I can understand how you are feeling now, so I am sad also… I’m more disappointed than anyone that I can’t arrive at the ceremony and share your happiness… I’m sorry that I can only send my gratitude through a text message like this…

Um… different from how I look when I work, I actually have a rather low self-esteem, the only time that I feel I’m shining is when I’m facing you guys. ㅋㅋ Therefore, what I mean is!!!!!! Thank you… As for the award… I’ll work hard at acting this coming year!! Then I’ll go get it myself!! Please look forward to it… I’ll show you guys!! Something really awesome!!!!!

…… though I say this, I’m still not sure what project it will be… ㅠㅠ Anyways, I love you!!! You guys can switch off the TV now and go sleep!!!

음.. 안녕! 나야! 오늘 좋은 소식을 들어서 이렇게 메시지로 나마 감사 인사를 전하려 합니다~!! 투표로 결정되는 상이니 만큼 연락을 늦게 받아 일정 변경이 불가피해서 저는 아직 일본에 있는데요.. 그대들의 예쁜 마음 잘 받았고.. 어떤 마음일지 알 것 같아 속상하고.. 현장에서 함께 기쁨을 나누지 못해 누구보다 아쉽고… 이렇게 메시지로 여러분에게 고마운 마음을 전하는 것도 미안하고.. 음.. 일에 대한 자신감과는 별개로 스스로 자존감이 낮은 내가.. 유일하게 빛난다 싶을 때가 그대들이랑 마주 보고 있을 때인 것 같아. ㅋㅋ 그러니까 내 말은!!!!!! 고맙다고.. 그리고 상은.. 내년에 내가 연기 잘해 가지고!! 직접 가져올게!! 기다려.. 보여줄게!! 엄청난걸!!!!!………이라고 말은 하지만 무슨 작품을 해야 할지 모르겠다는 게 함정이지만.. ㅠㅠ 아무튼 사랑한다!!! 이제 티비 끄고 자!!!

(Instagram 20150526)

Arthur and Frey cocktails

Kodomari20 (小泊二十日) went to Cafe Bar Kirin, a bar in Japan where they will create cocktails based on a movie/anime/game/original character for you . She asked for cocktails based on Arthur and Frey. With her permission , here I’ve roughly translated her thoughts and reprinted the photos from her tweets.

Frey’s cocktail. It is the same pale green as her hair, very pretty. Elderflowers and peach flavors give it a cute femininity. It was sweet and easy to drink. It gave the impression of being light but also packing a punch. 

The glass charm with the flower and wing is cute lol

Here is Arthur. It’s actually yellow-colored [it just looks orange in the photo]. A gentle sweetness, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. My friend said “They must have played the game!” The bitterness brings to mind a logical personality. The high class aroma of whiskey befits Arthur’s identity as a merchant and a prince.

The charm on Arthur’s glass is a pair of glasses and a crown.

How it looks like when you stand the glasses side-by-side. My friend said, “The glasses’ heights represent Arthur’s and Frey’s relationship!”. It’s the best when you can converse with friends that know the same games.

Here are the character sheets Kodomari gave to Cafe Bar Kirin to create these cocktails:

Frey: She fell from the sky into a town called Selphia and was forced to play the role of a princess. She takes care of others before thinking about herself and has a bright and vivacious smile.
Capable of fighting and farming.
She has amnesia, but she’s an earthmate who can communicate with nature and monsters.

Arthur: He’s supposed to be the prince, but he gave that role to the main character in order to live as a merchant.
He’s a real prince, so his speech is very polite and formal, and his personality is nice and gentle. He loves cute things and glasses. In battle, he fights as a mage.

anon asked: can you translate these spoilers?  ( x )

Naruto interrupts Sasuke. He gets upset at what he is doing, Chocho is with him. Sasuke explains that he know it is Sarada but he wanted to make sure she is not a illusion or a manipulation set by the enemy.

The reunion was not how Sarada wanted things to go so she remains in shock and in tears. Sasuke and Naruto speak into another room.

Sasuke explains to Naruto that his mission was to find out why Kaguya wanted to build an army, the sharingan eyes Obito had kept seem to be in the hand of the one who is leading Shin. Also, the white Zetsu(s) kept in the room could have gotten their hands on the sharingan which is a possibly a product of what Shin is. (not sure about this)

Next week! Shin appears!?! Sarada is in a bind.

note: these spoilers may not be legit.

note 2: i don’t personally trust these spoilers unless its confirmed by Rai, Evil, or OD so i don’t trust these spoilers as of now.