Part 3 あめりか50州全部描いたよ The fifty states of America drawn

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I FEEL LIKE LYING DOWN ALL DAYYYYYYYYYY. But anyways here’s part 3 ^^

Also tell me if i messed something up XD

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Chen - 150830 SPAO Instagram account update: “LIVE YOUR LIFE 스파오 FW 엑소 촬영장 비하인드컷 ♥ . 매력 포인트는 광대? . #스파오 #SPAO #EXO #엑소 #첸 #종대 #CHEN #스파오포맨 #LIVEYOURLIFE #MYCORE”

Translation: “LIVE YOUR LIFE SPAO FW EXO filming behind cut ♥ . Charming point is cheek bones? . #SPAO #SPAO #EXO #EXO #Chen #Jongdae #CHEN #SPAO For Men #LIVEYOURLIFE #MYCORE”

Credit: SPAO.

[Translation: Ameblo/Jurina] 「Thank you☆Juritan」30.08.15

Thank god, today the weather was also an ally

Rena-chan was so pretty right…

With a last smile

[J inserts tooku ni ite mo lyrics]

Tooku ni ite mo sora wa tsuzuiteiru
Even if we are apart, the sky continues

Onaji jikan ga nagareteiru
The same time flows

kyou wa wakare wo tsugete mo
even if say good bye today

bokutachi wa, soba ni iru.
We will still be next to each other.


Still more to come, so do your best and lean forward.

GiGS Magazine chapter 5: Inside of the Band Magic. REITA & 戒.

戒 speaking about his former self:

I guess I can only give an advice to my former self (laughs). First of all, I wish I was told something like “Be more stoic!” back then. Honestly, the me from the past did not bother at all, but now the more I think of it, the more I understand that I should have set my purpose more clearly.
It’s just that although my perception of playing musical instruments have changed over the time, communicating with people is what I’ve been liking the most from the very beginning. For this reason I met with different people, received an incitement from them, absorbed it bit by bit, and that’s how the present me appeared. For example, now as well, when a tour starts, I go and speak to the staff. Though the topics are totally different, it seems to me the atmosphere hasn’t changed.

REITA speaking about 戒:

When I met 戒-san for the first time, I was like: “Hmmm… that guy is somewhat interesting”. He had bare feet (laughs) and was holding his drumsticks back to front, because “this way they were heavier, thus sounding better” as he explained. But I thought he’s going to fit in, because the sympathy was mutual.
However time passed and he had to become serious. Because the drums are the base of everything, right? They bring you that peaceful state of mind, don’t they? Having that said, now [he] is extremely credible, you know. Besides, being the most meticulous and anxious of us all, the responsibility of a leader suited him the best. And he was like: “ok, I’ll do it, no problem”.
Now he carries this duty and everyone is like being dragged along by him. For instance, I’m not a [leader] type of guy, in the band I’m the one being saved the most.

REITA speaking about his former self:

Right now I’d rather say I’ve better started playing with fingers first (laughs). But because I’ve started with a pick first, the moment I tried fingers, it felt like the instrument itself was totally different. So if I could play both ways from the start, I guess, it would have a greater influence on my playing style, because it’s the same, as being bilingual. But anyway, I think it was good I haven’t dropped playing bass. Being the person who easily gives up on everything, except for the bass there’s no other thing I’ve been doing continuously. Yet it seems that playing bass formed my character, I have a feeling this musical instrument defines my individuality. Besides it’s not that I think I want to play in the GazettE. It’s more like I don’t think that I want to play bass with someone [other] than the GazettE.

Sehun - 150830 SPAO Instagram account update: “LIVE YOUR LIFE 스파오 FW 엑소 촬영장 비하인드컷 ♥ . 흑발 세훈 최고야 짱이야 . #스파오 #SPAO #EXO #엑소 #세훈 #SEHUN #스파오포맨 #LIVEYOURLIFE #MYCORE”

Translation: “LIVE YOUR LIFE SPAO FW EXO filming behind cut ♥ . Black-haired Sehun is jjang, the best . #SPAO #SPAO #EXO #EXO #Sehun #SEHUN #SPAO For Men #LIVEYOURLIFE #MYCORE”

Credit: SPAO.

VIXX LR Leo, transformation into L from 'Death Note'...from his clothes to his pose, 'perfect'

[Tenasia = Reporter Kim Ha-Jin] Leo of VIXX LR, a unit from the male idol group VIXX, has transformed into the character L from ‘Death Note.’

In a recent post on an online community’s board, two photos were posted under the title “Leo of VIXX LR and L of Death Note’s synchronization.”

In this photo of Leo that was taken at a broadcast program, from his hairstyle to his pale complexion and crouching pose, Leo is like L, one of the main characters in 'Death Note.’

In particular, Leo’s strong yet deep gaze and his expression that is filled with tension which re-enact the mood that is unique to the distinctive character L are attracting the public’s gaze even more.

Meanwhile, LR are doing activities at various music broadcasts etc. through their first mini album’s title song 'Beautiful Liar,’ which they released on the 17th.

Reporter Kim Ha-Jin
Photo. Jellyfish

Chen - 150830 SMTown Studio twitter update: “마지막 주인공은 EXO의 매력적인 보컬, 첸입니다 레코딩실에서 녹음하시는 모습을 보여주셨어요 스튜디오에서 실제 아티스트들의 녹음 환경과 똑같은 곳에서 아티스트 못지 않은 나만의 앨범을 만들어 보는 건 어떨까요? ”

Translation: “Our last character is EXO’s charming vocal, Chen. We got to see him recording in the recording room; don’t you want to record in the same place and make an album like your artist?”

Credit: smtownstudio.