Xiumin - 150630 Fitness Trainer Nae Jongseok’s Instagram update: “김형제~~ 내 인스타를 마치 자기들꺼처럼 사용하다니ㅠ 다시 인스타 하셔~~ #등빨종대 #6층인들 #화보찍니 #넌살빼고넌살찌고 #어렵다 #내인스타야”

Translation: “Kim Brothers~ Using my insta like it’s theirsㅠ Have to make Insta again~~ #Jongdae'sback #6thfloorpeople #Photoshoot #Youhavetoloseweightyouhavetogainweight #Thisishard #MyInsta”

Credit: naejongseok.


Translation done by aph-albion, original video from here !

150630 Jhope

더쇼!!! 2위 감사합니다 ㅠㅠ아미 4랑해여!!!

정국이 신나서 형을 혀로.. 위협한다..무섭다

뱀 뱀 뱀 같은 남자 ~



The Show!!! TY for 2nd place ㅠㅠI love you ARMYs!!!

Jungkook being excited to his hyung his tongue.. Dangerous..Scary

Man like a snake ~



B1A4’s Side “Determining title song for comeback, Leader Jinyoung’s self-written song” [ARTICLE TRANS]

It has been confirmed that the group B1A4 will be coming back after 1 year with a title song made by their leader Jinyoung.

On the 30th, officials from B1A4’s agency told TV Report, “They’re currently preparing for a comeback that is targeted for August. The members are currently participating in the final tasks” as well as saying, “The title song has been decided. It’s a song that Leader Jinyoung has written. Filming for the title song has yet to take place.”

Last year B1A4 announced their July comeback of ‘Solo Day.’ Once the promotions for the album were finished, B1A4, who stood on the stage throughout the summer with their bright concept, focused on their individual activities.

In particular Jinyoung has been filming for the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Warm and Cozy’ while also working on the new song at the same time. Throughout this time B1A4 has chosen Jinyoung’s self-written song as the title song, receiving recognition for his ability and joining top ranked artists.  

translation by: thesuitelife547

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24 + 1 Last Dance Omake # 2 - English Translation - SPOILERS!

The first 24 + 1 Last Dance omake was the one dealing with Little Gil, Vince, and Elliot. This is the next one. The full translation + pictures are below the Read More due to spoilers and such. Enjoy! :D

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For those of you wanting translations and can’t wait for me… there is someone else doing their own thing with that.

timmydayo on Youtube is playing through the game with their own translations.

If you’re thirsty for FE:if translations, go and enjoy it!
Serenes thread here:

Dorky old gazette moment
  • 2004, Hevn Vol. 13 audio comment
  • (skipped front part)
  • Kai:So next, release information!
  • Reita:Release jofofofofofofo (情報・じょうほう) hohoho jichukuchujikuchu (trying to freestyle rap)
  • Uruha:yea yea (with Reita)
  • Kai:We will be releasing 3 singles with pv on September 28. Hehe (laughing at Reita) They'll surely be good, so please listen to it!
  • Reita:(continues in background) jijijikuchu jijijikuchu
  • Kai:(continues announcing) So, Ruki?
  • Ruki:C'mon!
  • Kai:(silenced for a while)
  • Ruki:dujidujiduji
  • Reita:donjidonjidonjidonji
  • Ruki:Gambarimasu!
  • Kai:hehehe!
  • Everyone except Kai:donjidonjidonjidonji
  • Kai:Then, Reita!
  • Reita:yoroshiku!
  • (all continues to make sound in the background)
  • Kai:so Uruha!
  • Uruha:don..
  • Everyone:Hehe! (laughs)
  • Uruha:(with robotic deep voice) Me.. me.. till the day we meet... i will work hard! OIII (at everyone)
  • Kai:next, guitar of Aoi!
  • Aoi:Hehe
  • Reita:so back to leader of Kai!
  • (everyone silenced)
  • Kai:(blah) So this is how the GazettE is! Thanks for supporting!
  • Ruki:dugudugudugudugudugudugu
  • Reita:Congratulations to Hevn 2nd anniversary! We're happy just like in heaven now! (Hevn and heaven pronounced the same in Japanese) And too, we hope to present you our cute side!
  • Everyone:Heaven.. heaven..
  • Kai:(laughs)
  • (comment ends)
150630 Hoya Twitter Update

“@inspiritddww: @kyuzizi  바빠서 몇일 집을 비웠더니  형들이 냉장고를 이렇게…휴.. 성규형,동우형 진짜 실망이다 당분간 아는척 하지마;;

Haven been home for a few days because I was busy and hyung make our fridge like this… hyu.. Sunggyu hyung, dongwoo hyung are really disappointing. Please don’t pretend to know me for now;; 

Translated by chu @ fuckyeahhoya

“It’s alright. I will accept you(*), after all I am…  the mother of everyone here. All the members of the company are my dear children… .  And you are also one of them. Serendine-san

Can we talk about the brilliant contrast in these chapters between Rurumu and Madeer? I mean, just look at them… they both say “everyone” are their children, and get “angry” at one of them… but it’s impossible to not appreciate the difference in feelings and sincerity.

(*) I’m honestly not sure about this line. I’m sowwy T^T


Marie: Callie, your tentacles… so cool.
Callie: I hate this! I keep getting targeted in turf wars and everyone says strange things to me!
Marie: I think that it’s probably nothing.
Callie: …Really?

Marie: (At least part of the reason why that’s happening is probably because you’re using a roller)
Callie: Ehehe, thanks.