Are you always going to play with Boruto here?




The living room and kitchen. It’s a place that’s overflowing with livelihood and warmth.


Boruto’s room. He has numerous things that are neatly tidied up. There are a large amount of posters on the wall!


It’s the huge release of the spacious interior of the Uzumaki home!

今回はうずまき一家過ごす家の中まだ案内するぞ!4人が普段どんなところに住んでいるのかがわ かる!!

This time, it’s the guide to the inside of the home of the Uzumaki family! Discover what kind of spacious place that the the four of them usually reside in!



Baekhyun - 150703 Instagram account update: “EXO-L이 보고싶다면 보여줘야지 ! 😊 아맞다 그리고 EXO-L 을 엑셀이라고도 하잖아요 ? 근데 너무 딱딱하고 뭔가 이렇다할 애칭도없는것같아서 생각해봤어요 . 엑소엘->엑소엘이->엑소에리->에리 해서 에리가좋을것같아요! 어때요 ? 귀엽고 이쁜느낌 ! 그냥.. 그렇다구요.. #에리야가자”

Translation: “If EXO-L misses me then I’m here! 😊 Oh, and you know how people call EXO-L ‘Excel’? I feel like that’s too dull and I came up with a better one. EXO-L->EXO-L-ee->EXO-Erie->Erie so I think Erie is better! What do you think? Cute and pretty! Just.. An idea.. #LetsGoErie”

Credit: baekhyunee_exo.


Hey people, you can stop pretending I made it up now. The marriage scene is on YouTube and watching it matches the translation perfectly. Soleil is drugged against her will to view Kamui as female so she falls in love with him, and as such is cured of her lesbianism that caused her to not be a “strong woman”.

Stop pretending otherwise now.

Utada Hikaru’s blog: “News for all of my fans” (3/July/2015)

I have some news for all of you.

Um, recently,

We had a baby!

He’s a very calm, quiet boy who’s been drinking his milk and sleeping well.

Once again I’d like to say thanks to all the many people who’ve supported me, the people who’ve been close at my side, and to my mother and father.

I worked on a new album while I was pregnant. Looks like it’ll take a little bit more time before it’s finished, but I can’t wait to work on the next part and show it to all of you. Wait just a little longer for me!

July 5, 2015

Utada Hikaru

[NEWS] EXO - 150703 Mydaily: "’30 Trophies and counting’ ... An Overview of EXO's Half-Year Achievements In 2015"

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that the first half of 2015 was EXO’s time. Their fanbase has grown with the release of each new hit song. EXO has been crowned the ‘Double Million Seller’, and has also outdone many other famous artists on numerous music charts. All this, however, is merely a fraction of EXO’s overall achievements.

EXO began 2015 happily by placing 1st on KBS 2TV’s ‘MUSIC BANK’ on the 2nd of January, with their special winter album ‘December 2014’, released last winter.

This was only the beginning of EXO’s trophy-swiping. Following the release of their 2nd regular album ‘EXODUS’ in March, they won a total of 18 trophies with the title track 'CALL ME BABY’, through multiple broadcasters. Next came their repackaged album, 'LOVE ME RIGHT’, released last month, which won them a total of 11 trophies, resulting in EXO receiving a total 30 trophies by mid-year - an uncommon occurrence considering the high level of competition on today’s charts. Even amidst the many comebacks by various popular artists, EXO remained on top and preserved their reputation.

When it comes to SM Entertainment, there was a stereotypical notion of their male idols’ being less fruitful when it comes to music achievements. But EXO broke this stereotype with flair. 'CALL ME BABY’ and 'LOVE ME RIGHT’ both placed 1st on mutliple charts, moments after their release, and continued to chart with successful longevity. Despite senior artists also making their comebacks, EXO still managed to be most successful. Both these songs, 'CALL ME BABY’ and 'LOVE ME RIGHT’, are still rankings highly on music charts.

Album sales are another one of EXO’s successes. A total of 1.19 million copies of 'EXODUS’ and 'LOVE ME RIGHT’ we sold, as of June 30th, continuing the million seller trend of their 1st regular album. With both their 1st and 2nd regular albums selling more than one million copies, EXO has achieved a double million seller status.

Furthermore, the 'CALL ME BABY’ music video has recorded a total of 52.3 million views (4.062 million views on the Korean version and 1.176 million on the Chinese, a total of 6.282 views)1 as of 8AM on July 2nd. The Korean version of the music video was named the most viewed K-POP music video for the first half of the year (January 1st ~ June 30th).

EXO has also been participating in multiple variety shows, dramas, and movies, to raise their profile and build a closer relationship with the public. D.O recently appeared as a guest in KBS 2TV’s 'I Remeber You’, and was cast as the main character in the upcoming film 'Pure Love’, giving further proof of his acting abilities being recognised by the public. He is even known to some as an actor, rather than the idol group EXO’s D.O.

Chanyeol also took his first steps as an actor by taking part in the film 'Jangsu Shore’, while Suho is to make his actorial début through the film 'Glory Day’, which is currently in production. Additionally, Lay of EXO-M was cast in the film 'The Baby from Universe’, produced by China’s top actress Zhang Ziyi, and is travelling between China and Korea to fill in his busy schedule.

Meanwhile, EXO will be holding their solo concert 'EXO PLANET #2 The EXO'luXion’ in Beijing on the upcoming 18th~19th.”

Credit: translation,, Source: mydaily. (1Note: The error in the placement of decimal points is present in the original)

Highlights from SNK seiyuu interviews: Ono Daisuke (Erwin Smith)

Included in the merch lineup for the newly released SNK theatrical cut (Shingeki no Kyojin Kouhen - Jiyuu no Tsubasa) is a collector’s pamphlet, which has among other things, interviews with voice actors Kaji Yuki (Eren Yeager), Kamiya Hiroshi (Levi), and Ono Daisuke (Erwin Smith). (You can see some of the sample pics of the interview portion of the pamphlet from the official SNK anime twitter here, here, here, here, & here.)

I read all three and thought they were very interesting! I would like to share the details from all of them, but since things are getting a bit wordy even without full direct translations, I decided to focus on each interview one by one.

First, here are the highlights from the interview with Ono Daisuke!

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So, a list of some stuff I can make out on the relationship chart posted here. Note that THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING, just what I can make out:

  • Lee Jr is Lee’s son. I’m still not over that. Lee you actually procreated. I’m so shocked. Oh, and Lee Jr is in fact named Metal Lee (OMFD LEE WHAT NAMING TASTE…) but no, his mother isn’t mentioned.
  • Shikadai’s constant complaining his him taking after his dad (no, really? i would never have guessed…) 
  • Chouchou looks just like Chouji (really. such new information…)
  • Inojin takes after Sai (will any of these kids take after their mothers) with his pureness.
  • Sarada seems to not be able to do something with Sasuke. The kanji’s too blurred so idk what it says. She’s unable to spend time with him maybe? Random guessing here guys.
  • Boruto becomes Sasuke’s disciple to show up Nardy.
  • Mitsuki has a lot of mystery around him.
  • Uchiha Sakura is listed as Sakura’s full name
  • and Uzumaki Hinata for the hime-sama

*I’ve since been linked to a clearer image, here’s the updated full translation of all descriptions.


Chanyeol - 150702 Instagram account update: “외출준비완료”

Translation: “Ready to head out”

Credit: real__pcy.