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Life is short, it’s simply going to flash past us. Say, shouldn’t we grab tightly to the good times now, and live each day to the fullest?

So, I don’t want to waste any more time.

Let us live this life together, so we shall have no regrets.

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Bonsoir , est ce que vous pouvez traduire du portugais vers le français des textes entiers Merci

Non, je ne parle pas le portugais.

Mais si un de mes abonnés traduire entre ces deux langues, laissez une réponse sur cette poste, et peut-être cet anon pourrait parler avec vous!

Et pour moi, je ne traduis pas “des textes entiers” comme ça. Si quelqu’un a un problème avec un mot, ou une phrase, ça ne me gêne pas de lui aider. Mais pour un texte entier (ça veut dire un document d’une page ou quelques pages), je veux être payée pour mon temps et mon travail. Je suis honnête du début! Aussi, je suis très hésitant d’accepter des projets sur tumblr, parce que j’essaie de rester anonyme ici ;)

Happy International Translation Day! For all those translators out there, keep up the hard work.

For those of you without work or without as much work as you’d like, keep on trucking. You can do it, you’ll get there. I’m almost *there* myself, and since it’s my passion, I continue to push myself to reach my goal.

It’s a hard job. It’s challenging to be able to find the words and phrases that convey the meanings of the original work. But this is something that we need in our ever-changing, ever-smaller, global world.

We need to be able to communicate with each other, and we need to have access to ways to see things from other points of views- ex. literary translation.

I love getting to work with French and English,  to read and write, and to create things on a daily basis.

On a unexpected note, the Director of Pokemon Sunday, Hiroshi Yamamoto, ranked who he considered a great future bride. The results were kind of surprising.

They started out with Serena who was third due to how she tries to reach out to Ash with her feelings. 

But surprisingly, Misty beat her out at second. Which is shocking considering how long Misty has had an appearance on the show. Hiroshi Yamamoto cited Misty’s maternal instincts and how’d she be a good mother thanks to her time with Togepi. 

Jessie was first. Apparently Jessie has a passion for love, as evidenced during her time with Dr. White in XY063. The reasoning is kind of weird but I guess it kind of makes sense? 

Anyway, I’m just kind of amazed that the people who run Pokemon TV would still go that far to still make a reference to Misty. I know a lot of Japanese fans on Twitter and the message boards are complaining that other girls should’ve taken Misty’s spot and Misty didn’t deserve to be ranked. So it’s interesting to see the opinions of someone who has been a part of Pokemon’s long broadcast history from the very beginning.

thx to @0negirlarmy for transl8ing.