Major astrological events in the near future

The sun moves into Scorpio tomorrow (10/23) at 7:15am ET! Get ready to settle down, get serious, and get deep. You’ll feel a push to focus on your work or reconstructing an area of your life (check the house it’s transiting). This along with Venus still being retrograde will probably reveal some things that cause you to make some major changes. Use that extra drive and determination to your advantage. Happy Scorpio season!

Mercury enters its pre-shadow phase on 10/28! You’ll begin running into some minor communication errors, along with some mishaps having to do with transportation and technology. Nothing major just yet (not until it stations retrograde on 11/17), but you may feel a slight shift.

Mercury also enters Sagittarius on 10/30! We’ll find ourselves shift from focused, fixed and skeptical mindsets to a bit more open-minded and willingness to explore concepts that are foreign to us. This is all about broadening your mental horizons.

Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on 11/6! This is an exciting transit, because Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius. We’ll feel like getting out into the world to expand our minds and experience new things, and luck with be on our side! If you’re part of the Pluto in Scorpio generation, you’re probably already experiencing some major productive energy, and determination to gain some sort of success and make some big impacts. If you have Pluto in Sagittarius, we’ll begin feeling that on 11/6 once Jupiter catches up with your natal Pluto!

Venus will station direct 10 days after Jupiter enters Sagittarius! We’ll finally feel some relief from the heavy and sobering energies from Venus retrograde. This is the perfect time to start making the changes you need to make from the lessons and realizations you’ve gotten from Venus rx. You’ll still feel some lingering energy until it leaves its post-shadow, but it won’t be nearly as serious.

☔️ Daily Horoscope for October | 22 | 2018 ☔️

Today, the Moon in Aries is square to Saturn, making it really hard for you to feel emotionally autonomous. You may feel your emotional impulses stifled, and this can be very frustrating.

Today’s tarot card is the Eight of Wands, reversed. It feels frustrating whenever your plans are delayed, stifling your progress. With Uranus opposing the Sun, ask yourself: What changes in perception do you see when you stop defining yourself through progress?


When I started this blog, I was a sad boy nearing the end of school, not even sure what I was sad about. I hadn’t been happy for years and I simply realised I could not see a future for myself. Despite having always had big dreams, I saw no way of achieving them, and I could not picture myself in them. The world simply was not cut out for me.

That’s why I started writing again. I needed some way of processing, and writing allowed me to organise the world; this blog was a product of this, but I also wrote a never-ending story about a girl, living my life, thinking my thoughts: almost like a third-person diary. My writing came up in the therapy I was receiving (for depression, anxiety, eating disorder related thoughts, the usual) and one thing the therapist instantly pointed out to me was that I was writing as a girl. I initially thought nothing of this - it’s what I’d always done.

Weird as it sounds, when you don’t know what options there are, you don’t consider them as possibilities. But when I began to think about it, there was, in fact, a link between the dark clouds of what I was feeling. One of my first memories of being depressed was when puberty was about to hit. I realised the changes I was being told about were terrifying and not what I wanted at all. Throughout my teens, I imagined myself as a girl constantly, and online always took female personas, feeling more comfortable in them. Once I made sense of this, I did some research - and what I found, quite frankly, terrified me more.

Perhaps that’s not what you’d expect me to say: I had, after all, just woken up to the idea I might be transgender - which you’d think would bring comfort, but in fact, brought very little. Lifelong medication. The fact I was already 18, having to shave, my voice deeper and my hair cut round my ears. Even the idea of having to tell my family about any of this, my friends, anyone - the whole process terrified me almost as much as the idea of being a man did, and so to cut a long story short, I tried to work my way around this.

I took up drag almost as soon as I left school. I performed, I thought perhaps this outlet for femininity would be enough to tackle these weird feelings. I made friends with LGBT people, drag queens, people with varying gender identities. I felt more at home. But one day I stood by the mirror, wiping the makeup off my face after a shaky performance, and another queen said ‘and here’s the boy behind the makeup!’. It was a throwaway comment from her; a nasty reminder for me. Drag is a costume, and I didn’t want a costume. This was about more than dress up and acting. Despite my efforts, occasional drag was not enough. I stepped back from the drag world and I took a good long look in the mirror.

By now, I was 21. I’m still 21 , and I still worry it’s all too late. But I knew I had to try and be true to myself. The bottom picture is taken just one night ago - the top, over two years ago. Medically, I have done nothing yet, but I am hoping to start my medical transition in a matter of months. While it may just be a new haircut, better makeup skills and a different wardrobe for some, for me it is a step closer to being the person I’ve always wanted to be. The person who, in a way, I was always meant to be. Gender dysphoria is a crazy and horrible thing, but I am doing everything I can to stop it from beating me. If it doesn’t make sense to you, trust me, it hardly makes sense to me either. But it is what it is, and at 21, I don’t want to waste any more time. I am at uni now; I have an appointment with a gender specialist in less than a month; I am carefully considering what steps I must take next.

And I’m really fucking looking forward to it.

My heart goes out to all trans Americans today, and that is partly why I am posting this now. The people trying to make decisions for people like us do not understand us; they have not lived our stories. But frankly, whatever they change on paper, cannot undo who and what we are and what we have been through. I continue to exist, whether you like it or not.

I was a sad boy when I started this blog. Now I am something else, and I am trying to be happy. I have left behind many things, because the person in the top picture, quite honestly, is someone else. I can barely remember that life and I have no wish to return to it. And that is why, in a way, I’ve gradually been leaving this blog behind too, useful as it sometimes is as an outlet. I hope you all understand that and never think you don’t all matter to me a lot. I will keep you all updated.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the silence. As always, take care x


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Had a course at university today and went to the library afterwards 😍 I loooove libraries! 😱 Browsing for cool books about nutrition sciences I stumbled across this gem of a book.. It’s English title would be something like “colored microscopic atlas of plant based drugs” 😋

Oh! And I have to get a lab coat 😯 guess a lab coat would look really hot with only some lingerie underneath 🤔😜 I also have to give a presentation on millet in two weeks 🤪

Ohh! And fun fact - it’s my birthday on Thursday 😱 I’m turning 31 *shock*

I sent this to my family

This is hard as I have never asked any of you this. Considering what is being attempted by this administration and the Republican party. I ask that you not vote Republican this year. I know our political views don’t always align but this is my life on the line. If you vote Republican this year please know you are voting for me to not exist and voting that it would be better if I were dead. I am not angry with any of you I love you all but I need this from you. I am not answering the phone today or messages just please keep me in your mind as November comes.


“Mission: Transition boxes are subscription boxes full of different items related to being trans and/or transitioning. Each box is catered specifically to the person who’s ordering it - their identity, their needs, etc. It seemed like a really awesome concept, so I bought one a few months back, and it just got in! So I’m going to run through what’s in here, as well as the steps involved in getting one.”

Also, if this sounds cool to y’all, @missiontransition is selling their second batch of boxes right now!

I’m going to transition.

I’m going to buy clothes from the “man” section of the store and mix and match with my “woman” clothes.

My pronouns are they/them/their/theirs.

For now I go by Darya online although that might change. I still go by my birthname irl and I might get that legally changed at some point. I want to start finding my true name and transition to having that be used irl even if I haven’t legally transitioned.

I’m going to buy a binder.

it’s back for 2018!

full moons

january 1st - sweating out past neglects; sheltering ourselves; tender hearts

january 31st - the dream of something else; empathizing

march 1st - sacrificing; all or nothing; hooked on a feeling

march 31st - pressure; the push towards understanding

april 29th - sorely KARMIC; reviving appreciation; desperate for validation

may 29th - taking what you can get; absent of filtering; reckless leeway

june 27th/28th - the ego omen; fighting your own dreams; stinginess

july 27th - being called upon; burdens from our role; outbursts

august 26th - feelings of abandonment; frustration of inadequacy

september 24th/25th - lackluster; denying the self; justifying your pain confines you to it

october 24th - breaking through a breakdown; the peak of carelessness

november 22nd/23rd - impatient; a juggling act; inconclusive

december 22nd - harsh variations; reaching out for answers; seclusion

new moons

january 16th - a jackson pollock; creating something in the disarray 

february 15th - stirring devotions; friction; squandering for loss time 

march 17th - the impaired hedonist; efforts to escape morality lead us to contempt

april 15th - hitting vulnerable points

may 15th - engrossing notions; astral projection; idle but inwardly moved 

june 13th - fleeting distractions; rebellion

july 12th - distortion & exclusion; feeling inferior 

august 11th - the anti-hero complex; getting so caught up in our own devices that we lose definition; relationship strains 

september 9th - in need of a guide; looking for our yoda, splinter, our mister miyagi! frustrations and overlooking what is in front of us 

october 8th - temporary setbacks; deluding ourselves with misplaced desire 

november 7th - unpredictable; risky business; a change of heart 

december 7th - rapture or the blues; sensing things that are not so; indulging just because

The first new moon of 2018 (January 16th) is going to be WILD.

There will be a whopping SIX planets in Capricorn. The Sun, Moon, and Venus will make a square to Uranus, suggesting that we’ll be tempted to make a responsible, structured change during this new moon that will propel us toward whatever significant goals that we have. Mars in Scorpio makes a conjunction to Jupiter in Scorpio, meaning that we’ll have ample opportunity to pursue these changes along with the drive and energy to actually follow through successfully.

Also notable to mention is that those born during the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn will have transiting Pluto in Capricorn conjunct their natal Uranus and Neptune, along with the transiting Sun, Moon, and Venus, further demonstrating that this is a time for innovation and making strides to achieve our ideals and dreams. The same goes for if you have Saturn in Capricorn.

Think about what you want from your life, and prepare for this new moon in whatever way you see fit. New moons are good for “new beginnings”, so now is the cosmic time to start something you haven’t had the courage to pursue before. It’s going to be potent.

Saturn is in Capricorn, now what?

As many of you may have heard already, Saturn has finally ingressed into Capricorn for the final time, and has begun its tenure of the sign for the next few years. Understandably a lot of people are freaking out about this, since it’s likely the first major Saturn transit that they’ve witnessed as part of their observation of astrology. That being said, however, I do have a couple of things I want to comment on:

1. Where do you think Saturn has been all this time? Oh right, it’s been in Sagittarius. Have all Sagittarian lives completely disintegrated?

2. This is not your first, or your last rodeo with Saturn. You’ll have had all manner of aspects and configurations with Saturn in your life already unless you were literally born yesterday… In which case you likely have it conjunct your Mercury and the point is moot. You’ll survive this just fine.

3. Life is hard sometimes. There is no debating this fact. If everything were sunshine and daisies we would never appreciate anything and we would have no impetus for growth and evolution. As they say: stagnation is death.

On the first point: Sagittarius is a sign that is equipped with a unique brand of emotional buoyancy due to it’s ruler Jupiter. It has by no means had it easy these last few years, but because of their innate sense of optimism they’ve been able to keep that light inside lit as they’ve suffered in silence. Capricorn does not have that same buoyancy, but what it does have is its very own unique gift bestowed by its very own ruler… you guessed it, Saturn. This is the gift of hard work. Capricorn is no stranger to doing what it needs to in order to succeed. Nothing was ever handed to this sign freely, so why should now be any different? What is required of Saturn transits is that very same work ethic, so Capricorn is actually at an advantage during this time.

I have a lot more that I can say about the meaning of Saturn transits in general and why they are extremely beautiful and massively important in our lives, but in lieu of diving in to that I’ll instead provide a cursory overview of a few configurations that you might be facing during this time. I don’t want to hear people getting fatalistic about it. Saturn is a BLESSING. It is the ONLY planet that has a guarantee, and that guarantee is that if you put in the hard work necessary you WILL BE REWARDED. No other planetary archetype makes that claim. Even the so called “benefics” are a crap-shoot at best.

Sun/Saturn – If there’s been any hand-holding, gold stars, and pats on the back for you over the past years expect that to dry up. Why are you so reliant on other people to tell you how good you’re doing anyway? Your direction in life might be called into question, and you’ll either need to put in the work to defend your choices, or adjust course for a better plan of action.
Moon/Saturn – This might be a period where you’re prone to melancholy and depression, where you don’t feel as though others understand you emotionally and you can’t reach out for help. You need to learn to self-soothe, and stop trying to ignore your emotions. Mastery over them does not imply control, rather acceptance.
Mercury/Saturn – At first thoughts and ideas will seem scattered and useless, and as time passes you may struggle with inability to complete what’s required of you academically and communicatively. It might seem like you have to do twice as much mental work to get to the same spot you used to get to with ease. You can bet money on the fact that you’ll master skills that you do develop, however, and what you learn now you’ll know for life. Mercury is dexterity. Learning to play an instrument is a very real possibility with this configuration.
Venus/Saturn – Your love life will probably dry up, and your self-esteem is likely to take a nose-dive. Why do you keep trying to find validation from others though? Aren’t you good enough? It may feel like the color and beauty has drained out of your life, but I guarantee you’ve been taking it for granted. Music won’t have the same spark that it used to, and art won’t move you in the same way. You’ve got to start from within.
Mars/Saturn – With a strong Mars it’s likely that you’ll work yourself into exhaustion every day and end up completely burning out. It’s also likely that this burnout will do lasting damage to your relationships because you’ve been over promising for so long. You’re allowed to be human and take breaks. You need to find a better balance between working smart and working hard, and don’t take on more than you can handle. With a weak Mars you may find that you haven’t been taking on enough responsibility. It might be thrust on you at this time, and you’ll be asked to step up to the plate in ways that you haven’t previously. You’re not going to be given any extra energy though, so make sure you’re using your head and prioritizing what’s necessary. Both strong and weak Mars would benefit enormously from physical exercise and Martial Arts.

Saturn transiting the 1st House – If you don’t already have a strong sense of self-esteem and personal identity you’re going to have to get one quick. Who the hell are you anyway? What do you actually want from life?
Saturn transiting the 2nd House – Say goodbye to your money! Financial hardships are the most common thing for this transit, but as usual it’s not actually about money. Why do you let your financial situation control your self-worth so much? Why do you need objects to make you feel happy and secure? What does that say about you? Better learn how to stretch those dollars.
Saturn transiting the 3rd House – Your siblings might face some hardships, learning new things will be hard AF, and in general it’s not likely that you’ll be able to effectively communicate with others. Education might become a focal point in your life, and this might be the time when you get serious about going back to school or learning a new trade.
Saturn transiting the 4th House – Your home life will probably become pretty unbearable. It’s going to feel stifling, and relating to your family gets really tough. If you’re overly attached to your mother life will cut the apron strings for you. If you can’t find a way to build stronger internal stability all on your own then things can get really out of hand.
Saturn transiting the 5th House – Another “say goodbye to your love life” transit. Why are you dating all of those losers that aren’t worth your time and attention anyway? Why are you so afraid to be alone and wait for someone worthwhile to come knocking? Your creativity dries up like a well in a drought, and if you don’t make creativity a consistent priority in your life then it can seem like the entire world loses its luster.
Saturn transiting the 6th House – You might develop a chronic health issue. It’s not going to kill you (unless you ignore it) though. It’s mainly to force you to pay attention to the health you’ve been neglecting. Keep in mind that health isn’t “working out to get ripped” or “having a hot bod”. What have you been putting into your body, and what is your relationship with it? Do you have a sound mind-body connection? The other manifestation of this transit is that you become so busy and stressed that you want to pull your hair out 24/7. How can you be more efficient and prioritize what’s really important so that you can keep afloat?
Saturn transiting the 7th House – You might meet a partner that you’ll be in a long-term relationship with. You might get married. You might get divorced from that same person because what the heck were you thinking? You might get sued and have to go to court. Your business partner might steal all of your money. You might get a divorce from the spouse you’ve had for years. What’s for sure is that you’ve got a lot to learn from relationships, friendships included, and so you’d better pick your associations wisely.
Saturn transiting the 8th House – There’s likely to be a reckoning when it comes to debt if you’ve incurred it. You may also get an up close and personal brush with death that really forces you to reevaluate your life and priorities. What is truly important to you? What are you willing to do to keep it?
Saturn transiting the 9th House – Like the 3rd House this can signify a time when you get serious about returning to education. Travel might become difficult and experiences abroad during this transit might not be the best… They will, however, teach you a lot. You’ll be forced to question the big things in life, like what do you believe in? It might be a time when it seems like every dream you have gets squashed, but the ones that survive are surely worth your time, right?
Saturn transiting the 10th House – This can be a great time for buckling down and working on your career and life goals…. It can also be a time where you get fired from the job you’ve had for years and are forced to start completely over from square one. You might be asked to go back to the drawing board of your life if you haven’t sown your seeds in the right places.
Saturn transiting the 11th House – Say goodbye to most of your friends!! It’s okay though, they probably weren’t that great of friends to begin with if they don’t survive this transit. You’re going to be forced to seriously look at who you’ve been associating yourself with, and reflect on what that says about you. We’re as good as the company we keep after all.
Saturn transiting the 12th House – This can be a really depressive time, and it can easily feel like you’re isolated and alone a lot. You’re not alone though, we never really are. It’s up to you to discover that. A lot of things will pass out of your life during this time never to return again. Get comfortable with loss, as it’s a part of life. You must clear away the old in order to make room for the new.

As a final note I want to point out that Saturn is domicile in Capricorn, which means that it is much stronger than elsewhere in the Zodiac. This also means that Saturnian themes won’t be joking around, and this taskmaster will expect results. Because it is in its own sign, however, we can expect to see (in general) more positive manifestations of the energy (up until the conjunction with Pluto anyway). Take a very hard look at the world right now. It is in desperate need of change. We cannot allow it to continue down the same road it’s been on, and it is for that reason (among many others) that Saturn is so vital. A lot of us have hard work to do in the coming years, and we’ll be asked to steel ourselves for a much longer battle ahead. Saturn will give you the inner fortitude and strength that you need to create beauty and meaning in your life. It will teach you how to hold what is truly important close to your heart while it strengthens your outer layers against the harsh realities of the world. Take this time to do some serious work. Learn the lessons of the Great Teacher, and when this transit has passed count all of the powerful and enduring gifts that you’ve been given.