1 Week On T

Today marks a week on T! Not much of a milestone but I wanted to document any changes as I went along.

More muscle mass. Not by a lot, but my muscle definition has definitely increased. The muscles themselves, especially in my arms, feel a lot firmer too, presumably because the layer of fat around them is going elsewhere.

I’ve had a little bit of downstairs growth. Again, not a lot, but it’s only the first week.

Hunger. I’m so hungry. All the time. I want to eat everything. I’m trying hard to stick to healthy proteins, but my body craves carbs and sugars like nobody’s business.

I have way more energy. I can be up at 7:30am no problem, and work through the day until past midnight without getting tired. It’s crazy. Mornings used to be a real problem for me.

I’m a bit stinkier than usual, aha.

Hoo boy. My moods are so level now. I’d get so worked up about things before I started T, felt like my poor heart was being stabbed a lot if I got upset. Now I’m a lot calmer.

I’m sleeping a lot easier. I can get to sleep almost immediately when I snuggle down in bed now, I think because I’m more at ease.

That’s it so far! But, so far so good! I’m really enjoying the gel so far as well, as I get a constant dose daily, which I think helps with my moodswings a lot! I’ll keep you updated as I go! /o/ 

tbh I’m really excited to get my chest tattoo’d in a month because then I can wear low cut shirts since it’ll hide my chest hair??? I think it’ll help me get misgendered less if I can wear low cut shirts, because mostly I wear baggy-ish clothes. Folks can’t really see that I have boobs because of that? And my boobs aren’t exactly not noticeable tbh. So having some cleavage showing will have a more functional purpose, despite, well… creepy ass cis people lmao.

I’ve made a lot of plans for the future this week tbh. Done a great job at saving money, and I plan on being absurdly frugal and sticking to a really strict budget. I want to be frugal so I can send friends money, as well as save up for an additional two months of rent. My partner’s lease is up two months before mine, so they need a place to live then. I can slowly move in at that point, just need to save up a… well, shit ton of money tbh.

I’m gonna try to really commit to growing my hair out too. Like, if it’s in my face too much and overstimulating me, then I’ll bobby pin it out of the way. I know I just want to pass and be selectively stealth, I gotta commit to it if I ever plan on making it actually happen.

Also! My boxing gloves and wraps came today, and tomorrow is a gym day. Already wrote down a workout for it, and I’m switching from strict strength lifting and doing a bit more body weight stuff. I’ll probably go from 3 days a week to 5 days a week honestly.

anonymous asked:

Is there a way to transition without being either gender? I'm gender fluid and want to get on hormones, but I was wondering if there were any that make gender more neutral? Rather than more masculine or feminine? Does that exist or is that just a long shot?

Many non-binary people medically transition. What that means and involves is specific to them and what they require. There are only 2 sex hormones so you will have to be on either testosterone or oestrogen, there is no neutral option. If oestrogen is your current dominant hormone, what some non-binary people do who want to appear more androgynous or neutral is go on a low dose of T then come off it when they have obtained the changes they wanted or when they dont want it to go any further. With that you have to bear in mind the fact you cant decide what changes happen and what dont nor the timeframe in which they happen. You may experience some changes you dont want so you need to weigh that up before doing anything whether you are prepared for that or not. Some changes can happen quickly and others take longer but its always down to genetics and what happens, when and to what extent cant be predicted

Consider what changes you are looking to have and whether it is realistic for you or not. For example, you may want your voice to drop a little but not go too far, you may wish your body shape to change. The former is more controllable as stopping T would keep it at the pitch it had reached. That is a permanent change. The latter would only be temporary and patterns would revert back once you had stopped T. Weigh up the permanent changes with the non permanent, consider the ones that tend to happen the quickest with those that dont and the general kind of timeframes for their induction. You can stop T at any time but you still need to consider the fact that some changes are irreversible and whether you are ok with that or not. You dont really want to be stopping and starting hormones as it causes disruption to your body. It is effectively inducing puberty again. Also what is a ‘low dose’ to one person can be a high dose for another due to the different ways our bodies respond so you would need regular blood tests to check its at a reasonable level. Some bodies respond more to a lower level of T than a higher one so it wouldnt necessarily mean changes would happen really slowly, you would need to be monitoring it and considering everything with decisions on whether you wanted the dose increased, decreased or whether/when to stop and come off it

Sorry that is quite long. Theres quite a lot you need to think about regarding this. Medically speaking its the only real way you can go about doing this in terms of neutrality but its not completely controllabe. You could always consult with your doctor or an endo to discuss it further if you wanted to pursue it. You may also wish to talk with other people on the non-binary spectrum who have gone this route in terms of how they went about it and what their experiences with it were

anonymous asked:

So I wanted to ask being nonbinary, does it ever get difficult to navigate different aspects of your life because of you being nonbinary, specifically things like dealing with career, or a hobby or a passion that you have, where it feels like you have to hide or compromise who you are in order to retain that aspect of your life. I ask because right now i'm thinking of transitioning and even though i'm financially independant it feels like my different interests are tying me down 1/2

and that in order not to loose those interests I have to compromise various aspects of me being nonbinary, like for instance I do singing and karate and it feels like if I ever wanted to start transitioning I’d have to give those things up or say that i’m binary trans in order to justify transitioning, It feels like i’m at a crossroads between nonbinary and other aspects of my life ( career, passions, e.t.c) so I was wondering how you manage to navigate being nonbinary in relation to other aspects of your life? 2/2 

i’ve been at the crossroads that you speak of for years now, anon. at least in regards to moving forward with life in general, but my career also factors into that.

on one hand, in deciding to remain in Japan it feels like i’ve simultaneously and yet unwillfully decided to forgo things regarding my gender, subsequently compromising my quality of life. on the other hand, it feels like if i were to decide to move back to the US to pursue gender related things and improve my quality of life on that front, such a decision would simultaneously be borderline “career suicide” for me for various reasons… just as pursuing gender related things in Japan in my current field of work would also be borderline “career suicide”– or rather, at the very least, current-job suicide.

a no-win situation.

actually, a lot has been happening for me over the past month or so in regards to my career and things in general are incredibly turbulent right now. i hope to make a video touching on this topic this coming weekend, so i won’t go into detail about it here, but things are in the process of changing for me career and lifestyle wise. i’ve had to / am having to reassess how to navigate things on the gender and offline queer activism front in relation to my career and it’s really tough.

when it comes to hobbies / passions, i’m lucky in that gender (and sexuality) is (/are) more-or-less irrelevant to my biggest passion / hobby, ie. photography. that said, gender (among other things) does (/do) make cycling more challenging… i used to cycle with a group of cyclists and i enjoyed doing so, but it didn’t take long for the dysphoria and other shitty feelings of not being able to bind while cycling to ruin my enjoyment of that. it’s a struggle to even cycle with friends who are trans / non-binary themself because chest. ugh. even cycling alone, i still feel like i compromise my own comfort every time i step foot outside of my apartment binderless because that’s the only way i can do what i enjoy, ie. cycling. i don’t mind being condemned to cycling solo since i’m a loner anyway, but i still feel the loss of cycling with friends, of the added safety that exists when cycling in a group in traffic, etc.

you asked how i manage to navigate being non-binary in relation to other aspects of my life, but really everything i do boils down to nothing more than compromising to some extent or another; to cautiously gauging how far i could get away with pushing the envelope in regards to my own feelings, needs, etc without incurring unmanageable consequences, etc. aside from the likelihood of having to lie in order to gain access to HRT, i don’t feel like i ever have to say i’m binary trans in order to “justify transitioning”, as you put it, largely because in my case, i feel like the thing that people would see as unjustifiable would be the very act of “transitioning” in and of itself; having a binary gender wouldn’t circumnavigate that, even if it would make my gender arguably more “digestible” for others.

…i don’t know. i know that life in general is nothing but an endless series of crossroads, decisions, compromises and that that is true for anyone, but often there are scripts available or at least precedent for a lot of the crossroads that people find themselves faced with. when there is none– or at least, none in so far as you or anyone around you are aware of– all you can do is try your best, right? as hard as that is…

The sun has just entered Pisces, marking the start of the very last sign’s season before the new Zodiac year begins. Pisces’ energy is currently very strong because Neptune (its ruler) is posited in it. From the 25th to the 27th of February, there’s a Pisces stellium composed of the sun, moon, Mercury, & Neptune, as well as Pallas and Chiron. This will be an intensely emotional period for many. Sensitivities of all kinds will overwhelm us, but since it’s a new moon and an Aries stellium (moon, Venus, Mars, Uranus) immediately follows, it should also be cleansing. The next few weeks will be a hurricane of feelings, delusions, strange dreams, psychic intake, and then volatility, powerful urges, inspiration, and intensity. It will be a lot to handle. After March 10th, when Mars enters Taurus, things should begin to settle down, although there is still a heavy excess of planets unevenly distributed in these two signs.

The most important thing to maintain for these next few weeks is self-control. Don’t let your emotions & impulses overtake you. Use this abundance of intrapersonal activity to your advantage; do some soul-searching, be creative, sort out persistent problems through intuition and determination, etc. If you remain grounded, these next two months may be very fruitful for you.


Watch: We can’t stop crying about the beautiful letter one trans man wrote to his younger self about the ups and downs of transitioning

YouTuber James Raines explained feeling like a “freak” as a child, not feeling comfortable with himself until a documentary helped him realize that he was transgender. So with his girlfriend’s encouragement, he decided to put together a video in which he reads a letter to his pre-transition self.

Gifs: Jammidodger


mercury is retrograde yet again!

that’s right everyone! mercury has officially gone into its retrograde motion, appearing backwards to us for about three weeks. it stationed at 15 degrees capricorn, where it will appear backwards in our sky until it stations direct again and begins to move forward at 28 degrees sagittarius.

i’m sure several of you are feeling like ron swanson in that gif right now, wanting to smash your phone into oblivion. you’re not alone in this phenomenon, when mercury goes retrograde, many experience faults in technology: loss of service, crashes, miscommunications, and this can extend to larger vessels of communication like public transit and air travel. 

but really, the more common afflictions the majority of people face are simple bouts of fogginess, unease, confusion, and nostalgia. this is the time we (in kayla’s case especially) have weird friend requests on facebook from people we haven’t spoken to since middle school. retrograde seems to send our minds backwards as well, pining for days gone by, wishing to make right what has been laid to rest years ago.

many complain of trying to get back with exes during this time as well. 

this is a pretty overstated transit, admittedly; it is a (seemingly) new cultural trend to make a huge deal about how our lives are going to end three to four times a year. this is a joke i participate in because, again, it’s a joke, but it’s crucial to be levelheaded despite your brain wanting to overthink and overthink again. 

mercury’s motion through your own natal chart can show a more detailed look at how it will affect you, in which areas of life you may feel uncertainty and confusion and doubt and longing. but as long as you put your keys in the same place every day this month and don’t check up on the people who hurt you (opting this phrasing from the lovely ALB), you should get through this relatively unmarred! 

much love to you all, especially through the holidays and new year until mercury goes direct again <3
It's about to be easier for transgender teens in Australia to get their hormones
"Every step of the way it feels like it's a fight to let her be her."
By Lane Sainty

Australia is the only country in the world that requires transgender teenagers to go to family court before they can access hormone replacement therapy. And now, a community legal organization will help teens get the transition care they need without breaking the bank.

The group Justice Connect will connect trans youth with pro bono legal representation for the process of getting hormone treatment and/or puberty blockers. A family that doesn’t have pro bono representation can spend as much as $20,000 on the legal process.

People working with the project also acknowledge that it’s a temporary step as activists work to completely abolish the legal component of getting hormones. 

Young transgender woman Georgie Stone, who has collected thousands of signatures on a petition to overturn the Family Court process, said going through the court was “one of the darkest times of my life”.

“I felt bad that my being transgender was forcing my family to go through court, my brother had a hard time. It impacted on all of us and I felt responsible for that. I know it’s not my fault and my family never made me feel that way, but that how this situation made me feel and that’s a burden I shouldn’t have to carry,” she said.

In late December, Family Court judge Peter Tree labelled the process “inhumane” and said there is an “urgent need” for government intervention to overturn it.

This is incredibly important work. More power to you all. 

Productive Lunar Cycles

Act during masculine (Yang) moons, and react during feminine (Yin) moons. Yang is for doing, Yin is for being; mimic the tide by rolling in with the masculine phases & receding with the feminine phases. Go with the flow.

Instinct, force, intention, initiation, projection, will, wishes, new ideas, birth, spontaneity, risk, hope, impulse, inspiration, beginnings. This is a time for brainstorming and starting new projects, but resist the urge to jump in head-first because this phase can be dark & murky – it is the very beginning of the cycle and there’s likely to be truths that have not yet been illuminated. Instead of wasting your energy on potential accidents or mistakes, channel it into plans & desires that you can follow through with at a more appropriate time.

Most comfortable for Aries, Sagittarius, and Capricorn moons.

Observation, activation, relaxation, contemplation, collection, inspection, reflection, appreciation, perception, intuition, interpretation. This is a time for pausing to analyze the facts and reflect on the known information. Intuition is your main tool during this phase; feel your way through the shadows – begin to understand what they’re made of with patience & self-control. Attract rather than seek. The moon is still young as a Crescent, so settling, acceptance, decisions, and finality should be avoided. Reach, but don’t grasp.

Most comfortable for Pisces and Scorpio moons.

Preparation, support, clearing, unblocking, building, direction, adjustment, solving, answering, advancement, progress, improvement. This is a time to work out the kinks in your plan, desire, or intention now that you have become intimate with its essence. Eradicate the flaws to make room for new, better methods or routes. Use this phase to build upon your current course and prepare for the favorable end result in a productive way. Make the necessary steps toward completion; don’t rush, and don’t worry about the details just yet.

Most comfortable for Gemini and Virgo moons.

Integration, acceptance, tolerance, openness, maturity, insight, organization, connection, correspondence, cooperation, patience. This is a time for buckling up & enjoying the ride. Continue to allow your energy to flow into your plan, desire, or intention, but relax knowing that it has been set into motion. Spend this phase reflecting on the ideal course of action, and remain hopeful but realistic in your mindset. Align your expectations with the current likelihood.

Most comfortable for Taurus moons.

Culmination, amalgamation, climax, full awareness, insight, manifestation, finality, completion, momentum, truth, answers. Your plan, desire, or intention has been fully initiated & followed through to this moment, the perfect opportunity for full force, definite action – this is where the process completes itself & all the truth comes out. Every detail is available to you now; everything is ready; everything is illuminated & conscious. The results will reveal themselves & you will know whether it is a success or a failure.

Most comfortable for Leo and Aquarius moons.

Gratitude or disappointment, new hope or resignation, contentment or complacency, satisfaction or dissatisfaction. The results are manifesting independently of you & action on your part is no longer necessary. This is the time to be grateful for the fruition, to recollect yourself, to come to terms with whatever consequences, and to accept the outcome of the process. Inner peace and/or conviction must be achieved before the next phase.

Most comfortable for Libra and Pisces moons.

Fairness, bargain, repayment, showing gratitude, making up for mistakes, correction, elimination, readjustment, cleansing, making way. This is a time for giving back what you have been given & balancing the gifts/rewards (or unfavorable circumstances) between forces. Settle the score & clean up the lingering energies to clear a path for the next lunar cycle. Regroup, review, recalculate, do not dwell. Begin preparation for the next New Moon.

Most comfortable for Libra, Scorpio, and Taurus moons.

Reflection, rest, restoration, recharging, incubation, closure, surrender, moving on, putting everything to rest. This is the time for letting go & allowing energies to return to you so you’ll be able to use them in the next lunar cycle. This is a perfect time for meditation; there is no need for any action or deep analysis at this point, this is the very end, where everything is meant to be quiet and peaceful. Calm yourself – your soul, body, heart, & mind – and just be.

Most comfortable for Pisces moons.

All lunar phases are comfortable for Cancer moons.

Applies to natal moons, lunar transits, & natal moons during lunar transits.

Which House(s) has Saturn in Sagittarius Transited in Your Chart? How has Saturn been affecting your Life?

Saturn will enter Capricorn on December 20th, 2017 and will stay there until March 24th, 2020. Saturn has been in Sagittarius since December 24th, 2014, went retrograde back into Scorpio throughout the middle of 2015, then back thru Sagittarius until the end of 2017.

When Saturn goes retrograde, we feel like we want to be productive, but situations just aren’t manifesting. We are being held back. April 2017-August 2017, Saturn will be retrograde in Sagittarius, from 27 degrees down to 21 degrees. So if you have planets in your natal chart at those degrees, transiting Saturn will make an aspect and you can predict what you will be going thru during that time. Saturn was retrograde in the teen degrees from mid April the middle of August 2016. For example, my natal Jupiter is 14 degrees Virgo, so at the beginning of 2016, Saturn was moving direct in Sagittarius, squaring my Jupiter, then went retrograde to continually hurt my Jupiter. If you want me to show you an example of how Saturn has been treating YOUR planets, you can ask me to give you a lesson.

Depending on what degrees your house cusps are, Saturn in Sagittarius might have entered two of your houses, even three of your houses if you have Sagittarius on two house cusps in your chart. Bear in mind that whether you use Koch, Campanus, or Placidus, you will get different double signs and different intercepted signs. If you live at a very northern latitude it is possible to have the same sign on three house cusps, therefore, Saturn might transit four of your houses in one sign.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 1st house: Your jubilant attitude has been dampened by the harsh realities that make you feel restricted. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 2nd house: Now is the time to learn money discipline, prioritize needs over wants, and develop your skills of ration.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 2nd house: You are expanding your skills that will earn you more money. Remind yourself to balance indulgence with ration. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 3rd house: You are refining your communication abilities, becoming a wiser speaker.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 3rd house: Feisty speaker you! You’re combining speed with accuracy in academic pursuits. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 4th house: You aren’t feeling nurtured by your family, they’re pointing out your faults.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 4th house: Your family is being pushy and you feel wanderlust yet not able to explore as much as you want. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 5th house: You’re not able to play and do creative pursuits as much as you wish. Perhaps having problems with fertility.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 5th house: Your children are acting wild and you’ve been learning to put restrictions on them. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 6th house: You’re getting important work done. You’re possibly having health difficulties, likely involving bones, teeth, hair, or skin.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 6th house: You’re enjoying your work more while honing effective productivity skills. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 7th house: Feeling cynical towards relationships.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 7th house: The balance between your desire for a wild love life and being committed. Perhaps an open relationship would be good for you. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 8th house: Feeling a block from being able to experience intimacy. Facing your fears and inadequacies regarding sex.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 8th house: Feeling held back from experimenting sexually. Or perhaps you’re becoming more sexually indulgent, depending on how you handle Saturn personally. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 9th house: This is a good time to go back to college, you’ll be able to focus on studying very well and become competent in your chosen subject.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 9th house: Expanding your horizons by learning and exploring while staying sensible about it all. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 10th house: Now’s the time to manifest your career goals! You like being in charge of others.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 10th house: You can be an inspiring supervisor who motivates other people! AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 11th house: You’re realizing who your true friends are, or perhaps you’re being the lone goat on the mountain top because others have disappointed you. You’re cynical about how other people are idiots.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 11th house: You’re expanding your circle of friends with people who matter, and cutting those who were previously toxic to you. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 12thhouse: You’re facing your subconscious fears, finding stability as you navigate your psyche.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 12th house: You’re soul searching, perhaps having an existential crisis. You can gain great wisdom during this time if you’re open to what the universe wants to teach you. You’re working thru your inner demons. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 1st house: You are becoming more competent at mundane tasks. Others perceive you as more mature now.

Bear in mind that when Saturn was in Scorpio, he would have had a hurtful effect on whichever house(s) in your chart that contain Scorpio. As you can see, the sign a planet is in when it enters a house of yours makes a radical difference on how you feel it. Saturn isn’t happy in Scorpio, but Capricorn is Saturn’s domicile.

If you need help knowing how to tell which houses Saturn transited and when, I am available for readings OR classes. Sellieve Neptune, professional astrologer.

The sun just entered Sagittarius. Its only major aspect is a loose square to the Virgo moon, and it will square Neptune later this week; this is not a perfect start to the season but it looks like a pretty good time to brainstorm creatively.

There’s going to be a Sagittarius stellium at the end of the month including the Sagittarius New Moon, so although it may be a bit stressful, it’s a perfect opportunity for deep, honest self-reflection and may mark the beginning of a new personal journey. The inspiration you find between the 28th-30th can be set into motion between December 3rd-16th when Mercury enters Capricorn and the sun conjuncts Saturn. This Sagittarius season seems like a period of preparation for Capricorn season, so put it to good use!

New Moon in Capricorn 12/29/16

There will be a New Moon in Capricorn at 1:53am EST. The New Moon is a time for new beginnings, going inward into the dark in order to plant seeds and slough off all that we no longer need. Capricorn is a sign for plans - this is the perfect time to think about your New Years Resolutions, to plant seeds for 2017. The New Moon will be conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn. We may have been looking back in time this week (retrograde from Dec 19-Jan 8), in order to let go. We are all scaling our own mountains of success and destiny - this is the time to let go of any extra baggage, anything that’s holding us back, so that we may proceed forward on our paths. A time for goal-setting, for envisioning who we want to be in the public sphere, out in the world. What do you no longer need? Be specific, write it down. Tell the universe what you’ve decided to let go of, and what you’ve decided to be. Questions of career may be prominent at this time - we may be looking forward into the next year and wondering if we are on track for our greater goals in life. There may be a new start in the realm of career, a new beginning. Set your intention at this time: make your wishes, and the universe will hear you.

Mars will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and so our sense of drive is wound up with our dreams and ideals. We may feel as if we are acting on a plane that we cannot see - that we are imbuing our drive with emotions. Keep dreaming and imagining - and Mars will slowly do its work. Our energy is connected to the divine impulse at this time. We act when we feel called to.

Uranus retrograde ends on the day of the New Moon (Dec 29). It started on July 29th. The past four months have been an internal revolution. We are feeling a deep desire for change, specifically around how we assert ourselves and how we act (Aries). Internal shifts have been occurring so that we can be more independent and free. As Uranus goes direct, this energy will be freed up, and the changes we desire will begin to manifest in the external world.

-Pegasus Astrology / Lauren Crowley


How To Go Natural WITHOUT doing the BIG CHOP in 4 Easy Steps!  

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The sun has entered Capricorn; it’s in a tight sextile to Mars in Pisces and Mercury recently went retrograde. We will likely have a lot of productive energy flowing through us this week but it will feel hindered by obstacles outside of our control. Emotions & sensitivity are running high, but so is creativity. It may seem like a bad time for serious action, but as long as your determination, grounded mentality, and passion aren’t led astray by this season’s negative inclination, you can really get a lot out of your plans. Just stick to them. The 25th through the 31st of December is the best time for reflection, planning, & contemplation, and the 9th through the 14th of January is the best time for taking action. The Cancer full moon opposing the sun-Pluto conjunction will be extremely enlightening when it comes to personal needs, ambitions, and flaws, and the Saturn-Mars square along with it make the end of the 2nd week of January a perfect time for making executive & possibly life-changing decisions.