Hello from Washington! As those that follow me know, my kids and I have flown out to Seattle to visit my sister, brother-in-law, neice, and nephew.

The flight (first pic) was great and on time. After we got settled in at my sister’s house and I had some down time, I took a few selfies and fell in love with the soft lighting and the colors they decorated with. The light in their house is very kind to me. Picture number 6 above is my new absolute favorite photo without my glasses. Pics 7, 8, and 9 were from when we all went to the Sequim Lavender Festival where I had a yummy lavender hard cider. On the way home we went to Port Townsend. We watched cruise ships leaving their harbor as we waited for our table at Doc’s Marina Grill. The meal was incredible. The last pic was from today as we were exploring a dock and watching jellyfish swim in the town of Gig Harbor :)

More later!


Hey, if you don’t want hormones, that’s fine.
You’re not required to get hormones. And even if you do want them, really think about it beforehand, because you may like some changes, but not others. And a lot of it isn’t reversible! So if you like facial hair, but don’t like the dropped voice, there’s a serious problem there and you have to consider everything. Don’t take hormones lightly as a tiny decision.

Questioning how far you want to take your transition is a good thing, and it doesn’t make you “less trans”. There’s no such thing as “less trans”. There’s no set standard you have to follow, just go as far as you have to to make you happy. Maybe that means top and bottom surgery with hormones. Maybe that means just bottom surgery. Maybe it just means hormones. Maybe! Maybe it means nothing! And that’s okay too!


Accepting yourself as transgender is not an easy thing to do. I can tell you that it is so worth it. I am early in my transition, I began several months ago. It was a series of realizations, one leading to another that helped solidify my decision.

I don’t want to give the impression that life as a transgirl is easy. If it is who you feel you are though, it’s worth it. You’ll likely be harassed by people who can’t understand. Just keep in mind that for every one person who is rude, there are more who accept you. The rude ones may be jealous of your bravery, its hard to say. Don’t let anyone question your validity. There is no rule book for being trans. It’s like we’re all on the candy aisle, some people buy snickers, some reeses, some just need gum. We’re all enjoying something sweet though, so why judge others based on what they choose.

Trans is beautiful. We are all beautiful.


(via CTA Trolley Bus | CTA 9547 heads east on Roosevelt Road in A… | Flickr)

CTA “trolley bus” 9547 eastbound on Roosevelt Road, passing over a Rock Island switcher and their business car Lake Michigan on the tracks below.


August 1971

Photographer unknown

Transition Uncertainty

Coming out and transitioning can be hard. It can be hard knowing what you want and how you feel when there are so many other things in your life pulling you in every direction. I want to tell you today that it’s okay to not be a hundred percent sure of every step of your transition. That’s normal. Most of us have felt that at one time or another (whether that be about transitioning or other aspects of our life). So why do we expect it to be any different when it comes to our gender and decisions we make on it?

Please remember to stay strong, listen to yourself, and always do what’s best for you!

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I love Ali but I just think this year she hasnt been in best form. You can argue and say that she hasn't been given the opportunity by Jill to really show something but she didn't play well last game against Chicago and in the SheBelieves Cup game against England she didn't play fantastic either. I think that she is a good sub to come off the bench in games but I just don't think she is what Jill is looking for. Jill wants an attacking outside back and she gets that with Kell and Casey not Ali

By posting this I’m opening a can of worms but I will respectfully disagree. You can only do so much as a defender if your entire backline and midfield are a mess. Which was the case in the uswnt game. Orlando actually played a good game vs. Chicago. But Chicago was just better at forcing mistakes and capitalizing on opportunities. Idk.

And tbh just because she’s not a player Jill is looking for doesn’t mean she’s not in good form bec lmao it’s Jill

Gods, shout out to enbys that have to carefully transition because getting too close to one binary gender makes you more dysphoric

Shout out to enbys that bind but get dysphoric when you look in the mirror because you look like a man

Shout out to enbys who grow their hair out but get dysphoric because it makes you look like a woman

Shout out to enbys who fear hormone therapy because they don’t know if relieving the dysphoria for their assigned gender is worth the dysphoria of becoming too much like the opposite binary gender

Shout out to enbys who get top surgery but wear padded bras when looking too much like a man makes you dysphoric

Shout out to enbys that start estrogen and get more dysphoric when their breasts start developing

Shout out to enbys that get electrolysis after starting testosterone because facial hair makes you feel too much like a man

Shout out to enbys who have to stop wearing makeup for weeks because it makes you feel too much like a woman

Shout out to us enbys who feel like transitioning is just a trade off of dysphoria for one binary gender to the dysphoria of another - I pray that one day we all find a transition that makes us feel the most comfortable