soooooo i had already written a post asking for donations towards my general transition, but that was more of a macro overview of the necessary costs going towards my transition. Unfortunately looking at the remainder of my spiro, it seems I don’t have nearly enough to last the rest of the month. I have also been using the same dry/dull shaving razor for the last week and a half. My main source of income is inconsistent and I recently had to take a leave from school so I wont be receiving any loans/fafsa for a while. If you could please donate to me using the donate link on my page or through paypal (, that would be great.

Also if you have any sealed Gillette Venus razors that you would be willing to give up, I would be soooo down to work out a shipping arrangement over mail. 

Spirtonolactone 100mg (100 tablets)= 52.90$

Estrofem 2mg (140 tablets)= 92.00$

Venus Shaving Razors (4-5 pack): 25.00$ (estimate)

“So what’d your parents name you?”

“Oh, is your _____ real?”

“How’s your family taking it?”

“How do you have sex?”

“Did you come out as just gay first and feel like this was the next step?”

petition for people to never talk to me again thanks


photo unknown: found on mystic mamma

artwork: julia mai linnéa maria

Yesterday was the Black New Moon in Aquarius! It was also the end of the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, as the energy now shifts into the year of the Wooden Horse. So what have we shed? Like the serpent stepping out of its skin, we leave those things behind that no longer serve us. We create more space for the truth of who we are to rise and surface. This is not always easy, when some layers are uncovered, we discover there is still more to sort through under the surface. But let’s fall in love with the process. Like making clean spots on a dirty window, however we love the window, we love the dirt, we love the rag, and we love this space we have created to see more clearly. Soon the window becomes so clear that you need not look through it anymore. What is outside is in! The truth is clear, you are free!! Now you are ready, you find yourself atop a big beautiful horse. He starts to run, the wind whips in your hair as you both run faster and faster. With tears in your eyes you smile and laugh! You are completely attuned to all your surroundings. You both slow when you need to, catch a breathe, and rebalance. Taking in all the beauty. Feeling each others heart beat. You are the horse. Powerful. Beautiful. Grounded. Free.


For more on the year of the Horse and other astral insights please visit:
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{Always love the Aman aesthetic. The Amanruya in Turkey was designed by Emine Ogun and Mehmet Ogun.}

Combining Mediterranean design elements with contemporary Turkish features and local materials, Amanruya’s village layout features stone cottages, each with a private garden and marble swimming pool, and stunning views across the forests and coastline.


The void in my heart

So just recently I’ve been thinking about exactly how many few days I have left of high school and I just feel like I might be drifting off into utter disbelief and despair. It’s weird that I will never see some of the people from school ever again. And sometimes it just kind of weighs on me. Knowing that I’m staying here and some people have moved on and will never come back. Like from elementary, to middle school, to high school and then after that we just scatter like roaches caught in light. Off to go live our lives. It just really makes me glum. I’m trying to think of a way two weeks from tomorrow not to just burst out in to tears and be depressed from months on. I don’t like being sad and I wanted to give myself a pep talk to calm my hurricane of a heart down. But what motivational speech can I give myself really? “Aww don’t worry, you’ll never see them again but that’s okay. Walk it off!” I can see me being a depressed this summer feeling a black void eating at my heart constantly knocking and telling me “HEY GUESS WHAT? YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SEE YOU’RE FRIENDS EVERYDAY NEXT YEAR! YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SEE  SOME OF THOSE SAME PEOPLE EVERY AGAIN!” But of course I am speaking from the point of view of the uncertainty of the future. But it feels so real to me right now. And I am a VERY dramatic emotional person. A person can really make an imprint on my life (good or bad) pretty quickly since I am so sensitive. So it’s going to be challenging to let those memories sort of be nothing but memories. Those people who are so REAL now, will be nothing but my memories. Just seems so surreal and screwed up that it scares me. I think this is going to be a difficult transition I’m about to make and all I have in the end is…….. well me.

I got to chat with Dot Jones about Shannon becoming Sheldon for Vulture. It also gave me my opportunity to put my “Glee and AHS are the same universe” theory out into the world a little more. Enjoy!

EDIT: Because a few people are commented re: the headline and Unique, I have a discussion here.

EDIT 2: Vulture changed the headline since I screencapped this. Thanks to everyone who called both me and them out on it!

Publishing Our Story

I am not the biggest fan of the tabloids, so to agree to havea story printed took a lot of deliberationand discussion between Drew and I, as to who and what purpose it would serve. The media have been responsible for a lot of injustice to transgender people in the past, in the way stories have been portrayed. However, we came to the conclusion that it was counter-productive to throw the baby out with the bathwater and that after seeing an increasing number of positive stories in the media regarding trans people, we would both like to add to that narrative. There is some unfortunate misuse of terms; both Drew and I cringed when we saw the phrase “sex change” in the headline.  Danielle, the journalist we spoke with, was very sensitive to transgender issues and keen to make sure she used correct terminology, which the article mostly has.  I think the headline must have been added by the Mirror, we would have asked for that to be changed had we known.  The way it is written, in typical tabloid style, reads as slightly cringe worthy and embellished with a bit of sensationalism on the side. However, despite that I think the story comes across as a positive one. We hoped that by sharing our story, it would help to counteract the negative stories out there and play a part in normalising transgender people and increasing awareness and acceptance. What we hoped to get across more than anything is that we are just two people in love, who happen to be transgender.

Full story can be found here :

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Balaclava and Fake Tales Of San Francisco (Live at Pinkpop, 2007)
  • Balaclava and Fake Tales Of San Francisco (Live at Pinkpop, 2007)
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Arctic Monkeys: Live at Pinkpop, 2007

Arctic Monkeys perform a transition between Balaclava and Fake Tales of San Francisco, live at Pinkpop, 2007.

After 7 plus DMV trips where everyone now know my name there like the cheers bar, I am officially recognized as male on my license. I have been waiting for this day longer than I can remember. This is also my 7th drivers license within the past year because I am a shitshow.