2011: Year of the Full Length

List of bands with any potential or announced full lengths for 2011:

Title fight - Spring 2011
Might be the first major full length of 2011.  Just signed with Sideonedummy Records and the record has already been recorded and produced.  Although, it does not have a name yet, it’s nearly ready to go.  Look out for a May release date on this debut full length from the Wilkes-Barre crew.

Balance and Composure - Spring 2011
Perhaps one of the most hyped records for this year, Balance’s first and much anticipated full length is set for a May release date.  The band is currently in the studio now recording and from the couple songs I’ve heard through friends or seen live at the shows, this should be fucking ridiculous

Fireworks - Spring 2011
Fireworks is a reallllll busy band.  Constantly touring and releasing records and they’re not stopping.  They’re in the studio now recording for the new album which hits the streets in Springtime 2011.

Such Gold - Summer 2011
A Debut full length this Summer/Fall will make this year incredible for Such Gold.  They have a split with A Loss For Words coming along with a split with Into It. Over It. in the early springtime, late winter.

The Wonder Years - Summer 2011
Easily the most hyped full length for 2011.  Along with Transit and Man Overboard, The Wonder Years were the least likely to release another full length only a year or so after the previous album.  There’s a chance this could be overshadowed by the insane support The Upsides got, but it’s bound to be a good record.  Not too intra-personal this time and less “I’m Not Sad Anymore!”.  Yay musical negativity!

I Call Fives - Expected in 2011
Not official yet, but they’ve at least referred to a full length in passing.  If it happens, it will probably get overshadowed by the other full lengths from bigger bands but it’s definitely not one to sleep on!

I Am the Avalanche - Hoping for 2011
One can only hope that IATA can get something going for this year.  It’s been rumored and for all I know they could’ve said something about it.  It’s been about 5 years since the last one and if Drive-Thru puts one out, could be album of the year.

Transit - Fall 2011
My personal favorite from 2010, Transit is back, this time on Rise Records.  So happy that they’re releasing another full length because Keep This to Yourself made my summer perfect.  Potential album of the year in waiting.

Man Overboard - Fall 2011
Fellow Rise mates with Transit, Man Overboard is also set to release a full length this Fall.  Real Talk had album of the year material and was the best Man Overboard to date.  Can’t imagine they go anywhere but up.  Expect delicious things.

If I forgot any, let me know!  There are bundles of EP’s you should look out for too.  Feel free to make comments!

Year of the fucking full length


Transit holds a special place in my heart. I’ve seen them more times than I can count and have been photographing them every chance I could get. They were one of the first bands I really shot at a basement show in 2010 with Make Do and Mend.

Few bands mean as much to me as Transit does and I will miss them terribly. I’m glad I got to see them as many times as I did and that I’ll be able to catch their last show in CT. 

Keep Running. Keep Shining On. @transitmakesmusic