transitive reasoning

Transitions for Persuasive Pieces

Continuing with the same line of reasoning

  • consequently
  • furthermore
  • and
  • moreover
  • besides that
  • following this further 
  • pursuing this further
  • clearly, then
  • additionally
  • in addition
  • in the same way
  • also
  • in light of… 
  • it is easy to see that

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Honestly the only reason there are so many cis girls advertising themselves as nondysphoric trans or nonbinary is because tumblr has normalized the act of bullying cis people. 

If you’re nondysphoric, you’re cis. You have no reason to transition. Be proud of yourself! Be happy! Transitioning is one of the most terrifying, most difficult things a person can go through. 

If you’re nondysphoric and claim to be trans so that you can bully people, congratulations! You’re fucking psychotic! 

When you first transition to veganism, you often have to explain your decision to everyone you know! It can seem difficult or frustrating, especially when people question your decision.

Here are some tips that can hopefully help you!

  • Do your research! If you are educated in the health aspect of veganism, then you will be prepared to handle the questions that are often thrown at you like: “Where do you get your protein?”, or “Are you getting enough vitamins?”. It also helps to understand why you went vegan. The best explanation is an honest one. I made this transition for ethical reasons, so I try and communicate that to others and hopefully educate them in the process.
  • Be open to questions and try not to get defensive. Understand that there people will have their preconceptions and over dramatizations like, “What do you eat? Celery?”. Answer people with a kind heart and an open mind. Remember that you were once in their shoes. Veganism simply does not make sense to them yet, but if you approach them kindly and honestly, then you may be able to influence their choices. Being patient and understanding can make a huge difference!
  • Bringing food with you always helps! I love sharing vegan baked goods with others to prove to them that vegan food is NORMAL!! So many people are really confused and have no idea what we eat, but if you share some of the delicious recipes with them, then they might be more open to it!
  • If your family is concerned about your health, then try meeting with a dietitian who can assure them you will be perfectly healthy - sometimes it makes it easier for them to hear things from a professional.
  • Ask your friends/family if they would be willing to watch a documentary or visit a farm sanctuary with you! It is the perfect way to educate them.
  • Tell people in advance. If you are visiting friends/family, it can help to let them know ahead of time, so they can prepare something for you. Offer to cook your own food or bring something with you to make it easier on others. I usually bring my own dish to social gatherings, so I can share a delicious meal with others (and show them how amazing veganism is). This also prevents anyone from being able to complain that veganism is difficult - it doesn’t burden them in any way, so they have no right to complain about it!
  • Evaluate your situation. Depending on who you are talking to - you don’t necessarily need to tell them you’re vegan (I go into this more below).

Evaluating your situation:

There are many situations this may come up in and sometimes it is easier to just answer simply “I don’t eat animal products” or “I am lactose intolerant.”

  • With your close friends or family, it is definitely best to be completely honest with them and explain your beliefs, as mentioned above.
  • However, if you are just meeting with someone from class or someone you don’t see quite as often, then you could use one of the excuses I mentioned above without having to get into an explanation with them about it. Often when babysitting, I will just say I am lactose intolerant since I do not feel it is my place to be discussing veganism with the kids.

If you survey the situation, you can decide which option is best for the moment! I often tell people I am vegan, so I can hopefully educate them and influence them in a positive way, but I also know when to keep it simple to avoid a long argument or explanation.

If anyone is interested in transitioning and would like to join a support group, just send me a message :)

to the members of the trans* community:
just because you aren’t actively transitioning doesn’t mean you aren’t valid. maybe it’s not safe to, maybe life is a little bit easier if you stay in the closet longer. maybe you don’t want to transition because you’re still in school and you want a fresh start. maybe your parents are unsupportive. maybe you don’t want to until you have __ amount of money to put towards your transition. whatever your reason, you are no less trans. 

solartsistunagiska  asked:

I neeed some advice.. its about not being able to transition beacuse of ones medical issuses( not being able to take horomones, over all not being able to pass as male..) how dose one handle knowing thell never be able to be who the shouldve been do ya deal with that. Id appreciate advice on this depressing matter. Thank you :))

I’m sorry that right now your medical issues are now allowing for you to have hormones. Has a doctor specifically told that you cannot transition or is this just things you read? I would contact Mayo Clinic before losing hope.

I want you to keep in mind that never say never and things can change, we are advancing medically every year and who knows in ten years maybe you’ll be able to transition medically–never give up that hope if that’s what you strive for.

But I want you to remember there are a lot of trans people who cannot transition due to medical reasons and that you are 100% valid. Being a man isn’t about how you look on the outside, trust me coming from someone who has been told I’ll never be a real man because I’m too weak and too small. 

There are little things you can do to make yourself feel more masculine.

• Buy the masculine clothes you feel comfortable in or like

• Change your name

• Cut your hair

• Work out (if you are physically able, I have a muscular disorder so I understand the issues with this)

• Carry all the groceries up at once

It’s easy to call yourself a man, but to be a man, to own up to your problems, care for others, be a good father that comes from within. Every time someone invalidates you remember you know far more about being man then anyone of them will learn in their lifetime. They were given it, you had to make it.

That’s why we are self made men.

Same goes for self made women.You paved the path, you earned every second of it. 


anonymous asked:

Lol let the poor guy be jealous. Like yeah it's great a lot of people get to be on t but it feels shitty when you're the person who can't transition.

I’ve been the person who cannot transition and had to wait… you didn’t see me going around stopping my feet and making everyone who has been able to start their transition feel like shit for being able to start.
I never said he wasn’t allowed to feel upset or jealous but the fact his friend is reaching out because he’s constantly angry about it; isn’t good.
We have ALL BEEN THERE. We’ve all been pre t and had those struggles. I didn’t go around hating on all the guys who were on T or starting just cause I wasn’t able to yet. Yes I was extremely jealous and envious but I was also extremely proud and happy for them. I only let it show once or twice my jealousy and my friend (also trans and not being able to medically transition for medical reasons) showed me the correct way to handle the feeling(s) and that it wasn’t something to be angry or jealous over but to be happy they were able to start and that some day you will be able to start too.
And there are people out there who can NEVER transition for medical reasons and you don’t see them stomping their feet and yelling at people who can/have.
There’s a line between understandable and out of hand/rude


And God said, “Let there be one exception to the stereotype. The Deutsche Bahn.”

I once watched a video on what foreigners think of Germany, and a great many people said they expect our transit system to be awesome.
Oh my.
While punctuality seems to be one of the stereotypes that apply to many Germans (hardly all though!), for some reason our transit system is an exception. High prices, bad service, and an almost ridiculous amount of incompetence, have made the Deutsche Bahn fairly unpopular. It’s probably not the worst system, but boy is it infuriating sometimes!

anonymous asked:

lol ok idgas what u say but u started being vegan for the wrong reasons; to cure ur disordered eating habits and veganisms a good way bc u avoid so many foods. you still have a disordered mind bc you dont dare eat for example like chocolate once bc "oh im vegan" but then you never eat vegan chcolate either. fair enough be healthy 99% of the time but ur literally still trying to eat perfectly 100% pf the time. you didnt go vegan for the planet. maybe u are now but at the start it wasnt for that.

There’s no such thing as being vegan for the wrong reasons, people transition to a vegan lifestyle for there OWN reasons, no wrong way about it.. they are putting there bit into helping the animals and environment so it doesn’t matter why they are doing it, I’m sorry but you sound very narrow minded and judgemental. Yes I transitioned into a vegan diet to help my eating disorder at the time, but that not mean I not am grateful for the benefits I am giving to the environment, nor the animals I am saving?

And no I don’t eat perfect all the time, I litterally just ate a packet full of vegan rice biscuits, bread, chocolate date balls, peanut butter and jam.
But just because I didn’t post it doesn’t mean I didn’t consume it 😂😂😂

I don’t like when people say that ADD and ADHD are over prescribed and over reported because I was never diagnosed and it made learning incredibly difficult for me. I got through it, but it would have been so much easier if I could have just focused. Just had my brain stop going 1000 miles a minutes for two seconds. Thats part of the reason the transition to college was so difficult and subsequently upper level classes.

There are kids who are struggling because people don’t want the diagnosis of AD(H)D. Like how many kids want to learn but just can’t??? Too many, most likely. 

I wonder if people ever think that we are getting better at determining these things or if they just hear the scary word “disorder” and ignore everything about it altogether. 

It’s so frustrating.

call me tf out if i'm wrong on anything but (a rant)

(quick warning that this whole post was fueled by the anxieties of me, a transguy who often questions himself)

from what i’ve seen on detransitioning blogs, examining your motivation for transition is way more important than queer theory currently asserts?
many of the awesome girls willing to share their reasoning for transition have been able to point out the flaws in their reasoning, be it Freudian or otherwise. many of the awesome transguys who share their story often analyze their stories in similar ways but don’t find the same things detransitioners do.
it would make a lot of sense to promote both sides and encourage pre-transition ftms/transmasculine folks to examine themselves and their own motivations and be more aware of why they’re transitioning before they go forward.
i’m not suggesting that what they find in their search should 100% dictate what the questioner decides about their own trans journey. as said (well) by queer theory, how you decide to manage your dysphoria is 110% your business and cannot be determined by a trans narrative. however, trans ppl would probably get a lot more out of transition if they fully understood what was driving them to do so, and it’s not always just dysphoria.
(additionally, i don’t mean to imply that all people with motivations besides dysphoria are detransitioners or all people with no other motivations are trans. everyone is different, and they will be able to make the determination for themselves. however, they will be able to make that determination about themselves with more certainty and accuracy if they are actually considering every possible motivation, which queer theory doesn’t currently encourage.)




wantto do something, but fucking parents make that an impossibility.

So I’m doing this instead.

I will MAKE matching binders and boy shorts for trans kids that can’t transition for whatever reason, genderfluid kids that can’t get binders and need them, and nongender kids that sometimes just don’t want to have boobs (I understand, most days I’d prefer not to have them myself).

They will be pretty, funny, cute, whatever the hell you want. I’ll start shipping them out mid-November.

If your parents ask, they’re a gift from a faraway friend or a distant relative.

There will also be several other things in there, like a hand-knitted stuffed animal and a stress bottle for when you’re sad.

But Vaughn, why are you doing this??


I have insanely religious parents. Like, I will never introduce them to most of my friends, they’re so scary. My dad won’t let me go anywhere without him knowing. I don’t have a license because of him. I can’t go on the bus because he has to “teach” me, which will probably never happen.

I’ve been grounded for the last two months.

But yeah, why not be a wonderful person?

Okay, okay, that’s cool. But what all will be in this box?

Good question. Here’s the tentative list. I’ll update it if there are changes or I decide on a permanent list.

1) One, two, or three binder sets, depending on the level of riskiness for said person.

2) A hand-knitted cuddle creature, in the form of the person’s favorite animal.

3) A super cool glitter and glue bottle that’ll have something inspiring painted on it for when the person’s sad.

4) Music, because music is the best.

5) A personalized letter for each person, because you do matter and there are people out there who matter.

Maybe more. Maybe less. It depends. The binders stay, as do the stuffed creatures. I like animals. Sue me. *shrugs*

That’s great. But what do you need?

Measurements, of course. Your favorite stuffed animal. Your favorite color and favorite metallic (gold, silver, copper, bronze - this is for the glitter and glue/galaxy bottle). Your address, eventually. Your name and however you want this box of goodies sent to you (auntie? grandparent? random internet friend?). What do you want the fabric of your binder to be? Any extras? Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you want to help, that’s cool too. Maybe we can make this a yearly thing. That would be awesome.

I might be convinced to do it for cosplayers. Be super convincing.

Great, great. How DO we contact you?

At this point, go ahead and message me. I won’t publish the asks for this. I know how scary it can be to worry about parents finding out stuff they shouldn’t. If you’re still worried, I do have anonymous asks on. :)

Oh - if you’re an asshole? I will use my many many years of pent up rage to blast your ass and make you feel like a week, pathetic, crawly thing. I am an alexythemic and borderline insane, I will not regret making you cry, dick bags.

That’s all! I’ll start a list (don’t worry, it won’t be found) and get started making these as soon as I can.

Contact me for more information, reassurances, to add yourself to the list, or to volunteer.

anonymous asked:

I'm transgender,but for various reasons i'm reluctant to transition,i know surgery isn't for everyone,is there away to just feel accepting of your natural body? I know that there are plenty of people who do better when they get surgery,but it just doesn't seem right for me.

Some trans people dont medically transition for many different reasons. Some just dont feel the need to undergo surgery. Its not something you should do if you have doubts about it. Those who improve from surgery are those by which it was a necessity or just something they knew was right for them to do. If you are doubting, or at least questioning it, you may end up regretting it. Some do want surgery but for varying reasons choose not to, or unable to, they may find themselves in a similar situation to what you are asking here and learn to deal with what they have. Surgery is not in everyones path

I would suggest talking to a therapist about this. You seem to already know relatively well enough that its not what you want/need but may benefit from their help in how to deal with not undergoing it. Talking through everything with them can help to make things clearer. They can discuss it all with you as to why it doesnt feel right and what you can do. Therapy is generally a good idea as part of this process but especially if you are in this sort of situation. They cant decide something for you but they can help you to work things out for yourself

If you dont want surgery you could still look into other aspects that may help like binding, clothes, hrt etc if you havent already. Dont do anything that you dont feel is right for you. There may be a stereotypical trans pathway but that is by no means for everyone. Only do something thats right for you to. It doesnt matter where that process stops for you as long as you are comfortable with it. You dont have to medically transition at all if you dont want/need to

Learning to accept yourself can be a difficult process, its obviously not something just anyone can do as if medical transition is something we need to do no amount of accepting ourselves is going to just make that go away. Also needing to medically transition doesnt mean we just dont accept ourselves, its just something that cant be controlled. If its something you dont feel you need though then it may very well be possible for you and maybe a more comfortable option for you than going through a surgery you dont feel is right for you. Its something I think a therapist can help you with so I would advise you to look into therapists in your area (preferrably one with trans experience) and see if they can help you through this


I had a young tumblroo that I’ve been chatting with about coming out and they told me they saw something that said not to transition if you have feet bigger then size 9, a beard, and look like a man.  I definitely check the first two off and I guess the third might be debatable (I think I look pretty manly in that first picture). Its amazing what hormones can do it just 8 months and I can’t wait for the future, but If your trans don’t not transition because you’re not going to “pass.” Youre doing this for you not for them, and you will regret not transition for that reason when your older. Its probably the main reason I waited until 26 to come out. 

Be who you are, not what you think others want you to be.

Funnily, these pro-cure people seem to think the positive and negative aspects of autism come from separate places. They do not. The wiring in my brain that makes one thing easy is the exact same wiring that makes one thing hard. It’s just down to how you phrase it, look:

Thing I am good at: hyperfocusing and acquiring new information quickly over a short period of time.

Thing I am bad at: hyperfocusing and being unable to transition easily between tasks

Reason: my ability/disability in hyperfocusing

How the medical model would phrase it: people with autism have a deficit in their ability to think flexibly and will become stuck in repetitive patterns of thinking, unable to transition between tasks as easily as the average person

How a neurodiversity model would phrase it: autistic people have a strong ability to narrow their window of focus and can become absorbed in a single task for a prolonged period of time, granting them the ability to quickly acquire new information and skills in areas of dedicated focus much more easily than the average person

Both are completely true. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses that stem from the same places. You cannot “get rid of” the exceptional trouble transitioning and keep the exceptional dedicated focus - they come from the same place. You can’t cure what makes me how I am.



Right. What was that for again? Oh yeah. Tobias had
been doing that thing where he rambled and rambled
and Steve had found himself distracted by his stupid
lips and had stopped paying attention at some point,
and then—
simply shrugged.
don’t know. Reasons.”
He cleared his throat lightly, cheeks burning hot, and
“Um… to shut you up, mostly, but also- ya know. I

"I hate that.” It doesn’t have much heat to it.
Maybe it’s meant to, but the poor man can’t find the capacity
at that moment.

He does eventually find enough to narrow his gaze and offer up
an incredulous and quizzical look.

“Reasons? What reasons?”

anonymous asked:

Wouldn't it be great, if it was actually Kuvira, who was one of the members of team Avatar instead of Asami? Or if she was introduced somewhere in B2 as Mako's partner in the force? I know it would've change the story a lot, but imagine the level of emotional investment in Korra/Kuvira B4 conflict, if Kuvira was actually the reversed Zuko of new TA. She starts as lawful police officer, travels with the Krew to Zaofu and gets literally possessed by Su's ideas of progress in B3.

Kuvira as a member of Team Avatar would have been amazing.  It’d have definitely added a ton of weight to Book 4.

I think her backstory in Zaofu is pretty important to her character, though, so I can’t see her joining the team any sooner than Book 3.  So here’s what I’d do, changing as little of the first half of the show as possible:

  1. Turn Asami into an airbender.  This would create a perfectly reasonable transition point for Asami and the Fire Ferret trio to go separate ways – she’d leave with Tenzin to go to the Northern Air Temple in In Harm’s Way.  That’d leave an empty spot in Team Avatar as of The Metal Clan.
  2. Introduce Korra and Kuvira early in The Metal Clan.  Maybe she’d come over to Korra after Su introduced herself but before Su called Korra on her lie – she’d tell Korra how much the change Korra made in the world inspired her, and maybe express a bit of frustration that Su didn’t mention that she was her foster child.
  3. Have Kuvira assist Su in teaching Korra to metalbend – say, Su uses Kuvira to demonstrate techniques on, or something, then has her go back to her guard duties.
  4. Involve Kuvira directly in Team Avatar’s search for the traitor.  It’d be a good way to show how aggressive she can be towards people who betray her trust, as well as give her more of an opportunity to become closer to the team.
  5. Have Su send Kuvira along with Team Avatar to find Aiwei.  This is the real changeover – from here on, she takes much of Asami’s role.
  6. Korra and Kuvira are the ones who stay behind when Mako and Bolin go into town, giving them more time to talk. 
  7. Kuvira’s the one Mako sends off with Korra on Naga.  This requires some rethinking in regards to their capture – earthen barriers aren’t going to mean anything to her.  I’m thinking they get taken by surprise and the Earth Queen’s forces threaten Naga (offscreen; Kuvira tells Korra about it when she wakes up).
  8. The adventure in the desert goes differently (the escape would be more about Kuvira being an unexpected metalbender in a metal airship than about the airship being a hunk of junk), but it offers a good opportunity for Kuvira to be a bit overly willing to do nasty things to the airship crew and Korra to hold her back.  If Korra still ends up frying the sandshark, Kuvira kind of calls her out on it.  ;)
  9. The fight on Laghima’s Peak goes a bit differently – Kuvira doesn’t get thrown off the side by a combustion blast incidentally, but instead jumps over the side purposefully in order to save Tonraq.
  10. Kuvira wants to go to Republic City to make sure Korra’s going to be alright, but Su tells her she can’t.

Cue a very similar Book 4, except that Korra is a lot more invested in Kuvira’s fate, Bolin has a better reason to side with her, and we’ve already seen some of the characteristics that define Kuvira, like her aggression, inability to deal with betrayal, and her issues with Su.