transitive reasoning

Support trans people who can’t transition for financial reasons

Support trans people who can’t transition for medical reasons

Support trans people who can’t transition because they’re deemed “not trans enough” by doctors

Support trans people who don’t transition because they want to wait

Support trans people who don’t transition because they want to think though it more

Support trans people who can’t transition because their closeted

Support trans people who can’t transition because they’re in a dangerous situation

Support trans people who don’t transition because they don’t want to

Not medically transitioning doesn’t make a transgender person a “faker” or a “transtrender” or “basically cis” 

  • Trans people who have a medical condition that prevents them from medically transitioning in the way that they’d like to are valid
  • Trans people who are unable to afford access to medical transitioning are valid
  • Trans people who are minors and have parents who prevent them from medically transitioning are valid
  • Trans people who are waiting to medically transition for any reason are valid
  • Trans people who aren’t comfortable with the end results of certain surgeries and would rather not do them are valid
  • Trans people who are mentally ill and therefore unable to access transitioning because they can’t get a letter in support of them and their mental health are valid
  • Trans people would rather not go through the whole process of getting surgery and going through the recovery are valid
  • Trans people who can’t afford to take time off from work to get surgery are valid
  • Trans people who are comfortable with their bodies because their bodies are their bodies even if most people of their gender have a different body are valid
  • Trans people who don’t want to change their bodies are valid no matter what their reason is
  • Trans people who don’t plan on ever medically transitioning are valid
  • Trans people who aren’t able to medically transition right now but plan on medically transitioning one day are valid

Transgender people who haven’t medically transitioned aren’t “less trans” than trans people who are on hormones and have had surgery

When I went to my psychiatrist to get my T letter, the guy told me that I was one of the most informed people about HRT that he’s had a visit with. He told me that he’s had people like me(referring to other trans people) or identified otherwise, trying to get him to give them a T letter, but not many were informed on what it would do. He was explaining how appointment after appointment, he still wouldn’t provide the letter because they didn’t need it. They WANTED it, but had no need for it. They didn’t have dysphoria, thus they didn’t need the medication needed to treat it. If you don’t have dysphoria, I want you go think long and hard before you decide to get in HRT. Do your fucking research man. Cause testosterone won’t make you a pretty boy™, it will make you a man with a hairy butt and deep voice and hair, everywhere. And I mean everywhere. You will stink, your face will chance and will be a man, not a boy. Think of yourself when you are 50, is this really what you need? Do you feel so out of place in your body that this is the way you know you need to go? If so, then go forth, but be informed. Don’t go in blind. I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, I’m saying this because I am genuinely concerned, and do not want you to be upset when your doctor won’t allow you to get on hrt when you don’t need it, or when you do get on hrt and it does more than you expect. If the changes are too fast and too much, that’s understandable, but if the changes aren’t things you want at all, then maybe you aren’t trans and weren’t meant to transition buddy. There’s a reason you need to visit a psychiatrist for a T letter, it’s so you don’t make a mistake. Really do think about what you are doing, cause this isn’t a choice of life, it is a need of treatment, and if you don’t have the condition, then you don’t need the treatment.

the neptunian fog 🔱

neptune disperses a cloak of illusion over whichever planet it touches, clouding the judgement; personifying sacrifice, neptune diffuses the core at the expense of gifting the native with extrasensory perception; an extraordinary intuition and connection beyond the physical dimensions. ruling over the sea, neptune was the roman counterpart to the greek god poseidon who, following a disillusioned affair with medusa, created a boy who roams the sea as a pirate. similarly, neptune carries similar themes of fogginess, haziness, temptation and deceptiveness within astrology - whether this is played out within the psyche or externalised out into the world. neptune is the shapeshifter of the planets that shows you how to transcend; it can be as genius as uranus through its clairvoyance and it can be as feared as saturn and pluto for it calls for spiritual awakening with or without the native’s cooperation; essentially a subtle and mysterious force often shunned by current society’s hyperfixation on what is material and concrete. soft neptune aspects to the personal planets indicate wisdom beyond reason, smoother transitions into transcendental experiences, a vessel of spiritual realisation; hard neptune aspects indicate false appearances, addiction, as well as deception of the self and/or others; may project weaknesses or desires onto others.

🔱 sun-neptune aspects diffuse the ego; the conception of the self is vague and unclear, the individual’s vitality is softened and the will is submerged deep in murky depths; the native may be inspiring to others but feel much confusion and uncertainty in their motivations and role in society. parental figures may have lacked structure or failed to provide it. the native is quite impressionable and feels unfulfilled by menial routines

🔱 moon-neptune aspects diffuse and soften the emotional nature; the native is extremely impressionable and receptive to their emotional surroundings, values and foundations are noble yet dissolved and changeable, themes of confusion and adaptive challenges often play out within the psyche. parental figures may have been neglectful or inconsistent in their nurture; the native is sacrificial and incredibly idealistic, struggles to form a realistic outlook. psychic sensitivity gifts the native with much unspoken awareness or familiarity with the unknown

🔱 mercury-neptune aspects diffuse and disperse the intellect; thoughts are disorganised and unstructured, flowing freely from one trail to the next. the native is easily distracted and struggles to plan ahead with practicality but picks up on complex abstract patterns with ease; a creative learner with incredible intuition and wandering thoughts, mystical imagination

🔱 venus-neptune aspects diffuse and confuse the affectivity; the affections are strongly influenced by the native’s subconscious desires - they indulge in elaborate fantasies of romance and beauty, often projecting their ideals onto their loved ones only to be met with disappointment when the veil of illusion is lifted. wishful thinking is a theme as the chart holder indulges themselves in their own gratification, highly romantic with idealistic perceptions and a rich imagination, extreme naïveté

🔱 mars-neptune aspects diffuse and plunge the drive and active will; the native’s individuality or reliability may often be questioned, desires are deflected and undisciplined, boundaries are dissolved. the approach is unstructured and indirect, often creative and unusual in its expression. goals may be directed to spiritual means or matters often considered impractical. the native may often employ roundabout or deceptive tactics to get their way, may give into temptations easily. aimless and dazed wandering is a theme here; strong psychic perceptions guide the native
Iron Crown (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jinyoung

Rating: 18+ (sex, violence)

Genre: Vampire!AU, Royal!AU

Word Count: 5,564

Summary: As the Crown Princess of Vitus, your land has always been peaceful. When your power-hungry Uncle decides to stop paying the tithe though, things take a turn for the worse. The vampires who reside in the mountains are not happy and in retaliation - they set their sights on you.

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Any reasons you have for wanting to transition  (to any extent) are good reasons.

Dysphoria is only one reason to transition, but there are others, too.

You, better than anyone, know what you need to live a full and satisfying life.

As long as your reasons seem sound to you, then they should be good enough for everyone else.

time lapses/jumps v continuity errors

it’s come to my attention that some of y’all tend to confuse one for the other,,, which saddens me bc skam is literally all about time lapses/jumps; it’s one of the things that makes it!!! so special!!

the time jumps in skam are meant to show you exactly that – a time jump from one cut to another. it’s a very, very small cut that could mask as a continuity error, but taken in the context it’s actually presented to us (a time jump) it has a huge impact on the scene if you keep an eye out for one

thank you @stardefiant for being a bae and helping catch some of these

anyway ahem

an example of an actual continuity error:

even’s arm in this shot is obviously around emma

but when the shot pans out, even’s arm is back at his side:

we know this is a continuity error because this scene is dialogue-heavy and meant to transition smoothly. no time has actually lapsed between even’s greeting and emma’s excited greeting in return, so there is no reason why his arm shouldn’t have stayed around emma. silly skam editors. 

now, here’s a (very obvious) example of a time jump:

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Kaneki and Touka: Parallel Journeys, Part 1

Tokyo Ghoul (the original series at least) is the story of Ken Kaneki’s transformation from a harmless human into a powerful monster. But while Kaneki is undergoing this journey, Touka is making the opposite transition. The reason for their mirroring paths? A simple matter of chemistry.

Ghouls are not inherently evil and humans are not inherently good, but the worlds they each inhabit clearly have different values and qualities. The world of the ghouls is characterised by violence but also by strength, whereas the world of humans is characterised by peacefulness but also by weakness (The CCG, despite being humans, spend more time in the Ghoul World than out of it, and so some investigators end up being more ghoulish than some ghouls).

So as Kaneki turns from man into monster (and all the strength that comes with it), Touka turns from monster into man (and loses the power she once possessed). But their transformation, although not entirely because of one another, was certainly influenced by their admiration for and absorption of the other’s qualities.

When Kaneki evolved from this:

Into this:

Touka evolved from this:

Into this:

Touka’s Influence on Kaneki’s Transformation

Although Kuroneki’s transformation into Shironeki is usually attributed to Rize and Yamori, it was in truth a much more gradual process that merely spiked during those events. The threats posed by Nishiki, the CCG, and Tsukiyama, the poking and prodding of the Clowns, and his child abuse (though this was only revealed in :re) were all various pressures that sent him down that road. But the example of strength set by Touka and his voluntary entry into her battles was a turning point.

Kaneki rejects the human-esque passivity of Anteiku after hearing how Touka had fought the doves, and though he is not yet willing to go to the full extent she did, it is an important first step into the ghoul’s world. Kaneki’s request for Touka to teach him how to use his kagune, the physical symbol of his ghoulhood, reflects this subtle evolution, and indeed that’s exactly what he goes to do - a lesson full of the violence characteristic of the ghoul’s world.

…And it works. The threat of death makes him stronger, and allows him greater control over the ghoul inside him, leaving him one step closer to the strength of true ghouldom.

Touka’s strength in the face of a harsh world is part of what makes Kaneki learn to protect himself and begin to accept the ghoul side of his nature, and, through their joint operation to defend Hinami, see its positives in how it can be used to protect his loved ones and fight against his fear of loneliness. He sees the ghoul in Touka and is awestruck.

Kaneki’s Influence on Touka’s Transformation

Yoshimura and Yoriko had begun pushing Touka towards the human side of the spectrum, but it’s the subtle admiration she has for Kaneki that really swings her into the peaceful lifestyle of the Human World. 

She is baffled but warmed by the simple human love and care he shows for her, for Hinami, and for everyone he meets, even enemies like Nishiki. It helps along a great change within her that Tsukiyama, someone extremely far gone in the Ghoul World, notices and laments.

But just as Kaneki had two ‘fiends’ to push him over the edge in Rize and Yamori, so does Touka. Her fiends that push her into human pacifism are Kureo Mado, whose wedding ring forces her to re-examine her perspective, and Ayato. In the ultimate mirroring event, just after Kaneki fully accepts the ghoulhood that begun when Kanou implanted a kakuhou in his body, Touka’s kakuhou is devoured by Ayato.

If the kagune is the expression of the ghoul, then Kaneki’s mastery of his makes him a true ghoul, whereas Touka’s inability to use hers makes practically human.

But this is far from the end of their journeys. In the next part, I’ll be looking at their attitudes to the other’s changes and the pivotal event that allowed them to begin reclaiming their old selves in union with their new - to become, as it were, half-ghouls.

Link to Part 2 here.

Who's the Emison baby sperm donor?

I have to say before we begin that I’m sorry for what you’re about to read ahead of time. The moment this idea popped into my head, I literally couldn’t think of anything else.

So, who’s the sperm donor for the Emison baby (well, babies)? Well… Technically… Charlotte.

Yep. Charlotte.

It’s entirely possible that before Charlotte transitioned from Charles that she froze her sperm in case she wanted biological children in the future. I’ve read multiple articles from trans women who froze their sperm as they were transitioning for this very reason, so it just may be plausible that technically speaking Charlotte is the missing link in the chain here.

And if I am correct with Mary being A.D. and doing this… It would give an entirely new meaning as to why she’s doing it. She lost her daughter Charlotte, she lost Bethany (whom she saw as a daughter), so what better way to have a fresh start than to have a child (or *cough* twins) and take back what you felt was taken from you?

This would make the child biologically connected to the Drake and DiLaurentis family while making Alison the second cousin to the children.

I kept asking myself “Why would they make Alison pregnant?” There had to be some underlying reason for what A.D. wants and does, and I think this is it. A new start.

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A few notes on the history of the term “Gender Dysphoria”

Dysphoria has never been a precise term. It literally means “hard to bear” and refers to suffering, depression, restlessness and anxiety. Norman Fisk, the psychiatrist who coined the term “gender dysphoria”, used it to describe a wide range of psychological distress concerning sex and gender that often lead the sufferer to want to change their sex, from “true” transsexuals to people with psychosis. Fisk worked at the gender clinic at Stanford University as part of a team researching transsexualism and sex reassignment. He found that many different kinds of people were coming to him looking to change their sex, not just those who fit the current criteria for transsexualism. This included fetishistic transvestites, “masculine” lesbians and “effeminate” gay men, psychotic people and sociopaths, among others. He created the term “gender dysphoria syndrome” because transsexualism wasn’t broad enough to describe all people with “gender disorders” or who were distressed enough to want to change their body. It was never intended to refer only to what transsexuals experience, quite the opposite in fact.

It’s important to note that by “gender” Fisk was also referring to biological sex as well behavior, social role and psychology. What most people today would categorize separately as sex and gender, Fisk grouped together under “gender”. What some trans and dysphoric people describe as sex dysphoria would have been included as a form of “gender dysphoria” by Fisk.

Fisk wrote that “gender dysphoria syndrome” could present itself in a wide variety of forms and arise for many different reasons. He thought that transsexualism was the most extreme form of gender dysphoria and probably had biological causes. He also believed that dysphoria could be rooted in psychosis, neurosis or sociopathy, that some gay people were gender dysphoric and that transvestism was also a form of gender dysphoria. He thought that some gender non-conforming gay people and some transvestites unconsciously took on the symptoms of transsexualism and sought out sex reassignment to become more socially acceptable and escape the stigma of being “perverted” or otherwise ”deviant”. Thus Fisk used “gender dysphoria syndrome” to describe all manner of “gender disorders”, regardless of if he thought they had biological, psychological or social origins.  

If you’re a gay person who ever felt enough distress about your sex or gender to the point where you wanted to change your body, guess what? “Gender dysphoria” was invented to talk about people like you. It’s part of the history of how gay people, especially gender non-conforming gay people, have been pathologized and medicalized. Fisk explicitly talks about how some homosexuals have gender dysphoria and goes on to to say that some seek out a transsexual diagnosis and want to change their sex due to social pressures and stigma. Lesbians today talking about how we’re dysphoric or how we took on a trans identity and transitioned due to misogyny, lesbophobia and other social pressures aren’t straying too far from the original thinking behind the term. In fact, we’re more faithful to the original conception of “gender dysphoria” than people who insist that only trans people have dysphoria and that it’s entirely rooted in biology.

Whether we should be content with this term is another issue. Do we want to use a term invented by a (presumably) straight male doctor to talk about people with “gender disorders”? It was developed to better classify those deemed abnormal in terms of how they relate to their physical sex and sex role. It’s been used to mark some women as disordered, as psychologically and perhaps even biological distinct from “normal” women. It was never meant to empower us. It certainly wasn’t created to help us move towards greater social and political liberation. 

Fisk created the term partially to legitimize operating on patients who didn’t fit the criteria for transsexualism. This included some patients he saw as gay people and transvestites. The thinking was if these patients could adjust well to living as the other sex and were committed to doing so, why not operate on them? It was easier to make the patient happier by changing their body than to change society to accept the person as they were. Do I really want to use a term invented by a man who could’ve approved me for surgery even if he thought I was a self-hating lesbian caving into social pressure?

I’m not telling anyone to stop using the term “dysphoria” to describe their experience. I still use it. It fills a void. We need some kind of language to talk about what “dysphoria” is presently used to describe. But it’s good to be aware of where that term comes from and the thinking behind it and it’s good to question whether we should work towards new language in the future. Uncovering our history makes us stronger and expands our perceptions. We need to understand how we came to this present situation where many women continue to be pathologized for not fitting the female sex role and end up pursuing transition for social reasons. The better we understand how we got here, the better equipped we’ll be to get beyond this mess and create a world where no woman is “dysphoric”. 


Fisk, Norman M: Gender dysphoria syndrome: The conceptualization that liberalizes indications for total gender reorientation and implies a broadly based multi-dimensional rehabilitative regime. Western Journal of Medicine 120:386-391, May 1974

Transitions for Persuasive Pieces

Continuing with the same line of reasoning

  • consequently
  • furthermore
  • and
  • moreover
  • besides that
  • following this further 
  • pursuing this further
  • clearly, then
  • additionally
  • in addition
  • in the same way
  • also
  • in light of… 
  • it is easy to see that

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Why is it that transmedicalists want to keep non-dysphorics from identifying as trans?

Hoo boy, this is going to be quite a sensitive topic. People are definitely going to have an issue with what I have to say on this one way or another, but I have to answer nonetheless. Hopefully people will be mostly civilized.

My only request is that you at least make the effort to read thorough and think about it before even making a comment.

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to the members of the trans* community:
just because you aren’t actively transitioning doesn’t mean you aren’t valid. maybe it’s not safe to, maybe life is a little bit easier if you stay in the closet longer. maybe you don’t want to transition because you’re still in school and you want a fresh start. maybe your parents are unsupportive. maybe you don’t want to until you have __ amount of money to put towards your transition. whatever your reason, you are no less trans. 


When you first transition to veganism, you often have to explain your decision to everyone you know! It can seem difficult or frustrating, especially when people question your decision.

Here are some tips that can hopefully help you!

  • Do your research! If you are educated in the health aspect of veganism, then you will be prepared to handle the questions that are often thrown at you like: “Where do you get your protein?”, or “Are you getting enough vitamins?”. It also helps to understand why you went vegan. The best explanation is an honest one. I made this transition for ethical reasons, so I try and communicate that to others and hopefully educate them in the process.
  • Be open to questions and try not to get defensive. Understand that there people will have their preconceptions and over dramatizations like, “What do you eat? Celery?”. Answer people with a kind heart and an open mind. Remember that you were once in their shoes. Veganism simply does not make sense to them yet, but if you approach them kindly and honestly, then you may be able to influence their choices. Being patient and understanding can make a huge difference!
  • Bringing food with you always helps! I love sharing vegan baked goods with others to prove to them that vegan food is NORMAL!! So many people are really confused and have no idea what we eat, but if you share some of the delicious recipes with them, then they might be more open to it!
  • If your family is concerned about your health, then try meeting with a dietitian who can assure them you will be perfectly healthy - sometimes it makes it easier for them to hear things from a professional.
  • Ask your friends/family if they would be willing to watch a documentary or visit a farm sanctuary with you! It is the perfect way to educate them.
  • Tell people in advance. If you are visiting friends/family, it can help to let them know ahead of time, so they can prepare something for you. Offer to cook your own food or bring something with you to make it easier on others. I usually bring my own dish to social gatherings, so I can share a delicious meal with others (and show them how amazing veganism is). This also prevents anyone from being able to complain that veganism is difficult - it doesn’t burden them in any way, so they have no right to complain about it!
  • Evaluate your situation. Depending on who you are talking to - you don’t necessarily need to tell them you’re vegan (I go into this more below).

Evaluating your situation:

There are many situations this may come up in and sometimes it is easier to just answer simply “I don’t eat animal products” or “I am lactose intolerant.”

  • With your close friends or family, it is definitely best to be completely honest with them and explain your beliefs, as mentioned above.
  • However, if you are just meeting with someone from class or someone you don’t see quite as often, then you could use one of the excuses I mentioned above without having to get into an explanation with them about it. Often when babysitting, I will just say I am lactose intolerant since I do not feel it is my place to be discussing veganism with the kids.

If you survey the situation, you can decide which option is best for the moment! I often tell people I am vegan, so I can hopefully educate them and influence them in a positive way, but I also know when to keep it simple to avoid a long argument or explanation.

If anyone is interested in transitioning and would like to join a support group, just send me a message :)


Hey guys. I know I’ve been pretty inactive here for a few weeks, now. I felt like I should give you guys a bit of an update. Things were very hectic for me the last couple of months. Cards on the table, I lost a family member and got a new job. So, you could say that it’s been a bit of a transitional period for me.

Another reason you haven’t seen much fan art out of me lately is that I’ve been working really hard at developing that original comic series. I’ve gotten pretty sick and tired of being that guy who keeps saying “yeah I’m just working on that new project” for two years and has nothing to show for it. I’m also sick of jumping from one idea to another before actually executing on any of them. Well, I’m setting myself a deadline and I can assure you that you will definitely start seeing something from me at some point in the coming months. Like, for real.

That being said, you probably won’t see content in general as frequently in the meantime, at least until I feel comfortable enough to start sharing some of my original work. So during that period of time, please hang tight. Hopefully what I end up putting out there will be worth the wait. I think at least some of you will probably enjoy whatever I end up doing, but mostly I just really want to create something (hopefully) original that I personally really enjoy making. I’ve decided that even if I end up thinking it’s garbage, I’d rather dislike something I did rather than regret something I didn’t do. And if it is garbage, then I’ll learn from the experience and make something less garbagy next time.

Hopefully I’ll still put out the occasional fan comic as well (if inspiration strikes me) because I really hate to leave you guys hanging, and a lack of activity on my online platforms makes me feel sad.

And please feel free to pummel me as frequently as possible with questions about when I’m going to start posting that original series (I mean, you know, just not spam levels of questioning). I think it’ll help keep me on track.

gemcuttlefish replied to your post “ok i think the last time i asked you about this you ignored it, and…”

Here are the specifics, then; getting done up by one’s sisters and emotional as a child is big a stereotype. Accidentally feminine and therefore unchanged name is a stereotype. The focus on her utilizing the magic of the trident to change her body is upsetting. The antagonistic/transphobic force being an inanimate object isnt all that representative of actual phenomena. The epiphany scene with Flounder left me deeply uncomfortable; how would he know? That’s not exactly

“how it works, really. honestly most of this is forgivable except for the use of magic to attain a cis body thing. it wasn’t quite so bad with caneaus, because hed already had ways of dealing with it abd it was not exactly quite so narratively important but uh, i dunno! it’s just extremely uncomfortable in the ariel story not much can be done now that wouldn’t entirely change that fic but if you ever do a rewrite or something with similiar themes id consider, like, idk,“

“ Accidentally feminine and therefore unchanged name is a stereotype.” It was less “accidentally feminine” and more “purposefully feminine because the queen was meant to have seven daughters so she chose a traditionally girl’s name” (to all the people who mentioned that ariel is gender neutral, thanks! but in the story it’s more of a girls name 100% because i didn’t know it was gender neutral when i wrote it). however that’s something i’ll keep in mind for the future. Thanks for telling me.

“The focus on her utilizing the magic of the trident to change her body is upsetting.” Why? They don’t have science, but they do have magic. She can’t exactly receive hormone therapy to change her body, so she focuses on magic.

“The antagonistic/transphobic force being an inanimate object isnt all that representative of actual phenomena.” Yes, you’re completely correct. It isn’t. It wasn’t intended to be. 

“The epiphany scene with Flounder left me deeply uncomfortable; how would he know? That’s not exactly how it works, really.” I mean he didn’t know before her. Ariel knew she was a girl years before telling flounder. Why does that make you uncomfortable? I feel like I’m missing a piece here. Is it the idea that someone knew her body/gender than her? Is it the pressure to come out when she wasn’t ready for it? Please be more specific if possible.

“honestly most of this is forgivable except for the use of magic to attain a cis body thing. it wasn’t quite so bad with caneaus, because hed already had ways of dealing with it abd it was not exactly quite so narratively important but uh, i dunno! it’s just extremely uncomfortable in the ariel story” i am very confused. there are hundred of gender alignment surgeries performed each year in us alone. ariel doesn’t have access to a surgeon, but she does have access to magic.  i understand that not all trans people want to completely physically transition, for many reasons, but why is wrong for ariel to want to?

thanks for typing all those out!